43, and Ready to Get My Curves Back - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello, all - Like most people, I've been lurking...

Hello, all -

Like most people, I've been lurking on this site for quite a while; reading about other people's experiences and feelings has been great, so I thought I'd contribute.

In my early twenties, I was a living Barbie doll. I posed for Playboy on a lark back in college, and I loved my body - why wouldn't I? It was great. Cut to 20 years later: a career spent sitting on my progressively-growing butt, battles with my weight, and chronic back issues have left me flabby and saggy, with enough loose skin to make me deeply self-conscious about how my stomach looks. (I spend a lot of money on shapewear.) My husband is extremely supportive and loving, so this isn't to please him - it's to please ME.

I so appreciate the "before" pics that people post; it's comforting to know that others are dealing with a lot of the same circumstances and feelings. I'll definitely post my own photos in the coming weeks.

After a LOT of research, I've narrowed my choices down to Dr. Hughes or Dr. Ghavami (both in Beverly Hills, CA). My experience with Dr. Hughes has been very positive thus far...he's super-responsive by email, and quick to answer questions as they arise. I'll also consult with Dr. Ghavami (just to see if I prefer one personality/approach over another), but both have excellent reviews, credentials, and before/after pics. I want a tummy tuck and BBL, and Dr. Hughes quoted me $16k...pricey, but this is one time that I'm not looking for a "bargain." I'm surprised by how bothered I am at the prospect of a scar on my stomach, but it's not like the loose belly is doing me any favors either. I'm planning to have both surgeries in December of this year, and am already really nervous about balancing my job with recovery, as well as managing perceptions about "having some work done." Thanks so much to everyone who's shared their experiences on this site - it really does help. I promise that I'll let all of you know how things go, and provide plenty of pics! :)

Updates to follow...
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