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So I went back and forth with whether I was going...

So I went back and forth with whether I was going to write a review...I am exactly 1 week post op today, and just had to share my experiences over this last week, since all your reviews have helped me along the way. Thanks to you ladies, my experience was so much better, after having stalked your journeys for almost a year!!! lol..shouts out to all the ladies who kept posting updates after their procedures..dont you hate when update pics are not posted??? lol... I am the worse selfie taker, so I did do my best, if anyone has any questions, please ask or private message me, nothing is off limits. I live in Atlanta and am an out of town patient. 43 years old, 5'9. 160 pounds, tall, but have some meat on my goes...

1) I worked with Mindy, the patient coordinator from start to finish, actually to this She scheduled my Telephone consult with Dr Stanton in May 2016. He told me I could go either round or his new ovals, 500-600cc. he would decide when he saw me in person. I thought and prayed, and eventually booked my surgery in June for July 13. Paid $13,000 total, 9500 for butt implants and 3500 for lipo of my love handles. Mindy sent pre op instructions via email and all there was to do was stop drinking alcohol a week prior and to start vitamin c and multi vitamins 2 weeks prior. Mindy also called in my prescriptions meds to my pharmacy so i had them prior to coming to LA. I had my bags packed 2 weeks and lastly, I traveled alone! Yes I did it, and guess what, it is absolutely doable!!! I did great....who the hell has time to take a week off of work to accompany someone to LA for surgery...??!!

2)Trip Information-Booked hotel and flight as a combo on Price-line, for Tuesday July 12 - Monday July 18, for a total of $1538. I stayed at the Ramada Plaza West Hollywood, best hotel ever. It was 1.7 miles from Stanton's office. It was a suite, had a sitting area, mini kitchenette with fridge, microwave, and mini sink, and king bed. the room was perfect, it was so clean, i had that room a mess, food everywhere, spilled Gatorade and soup, lol, and not one ant or bug in site the whole week. the housekeeping staff were my saviors..they got me ice, and brought me whatever i needed per request. the hotel had a restaurant next door that had room service 24 way right??!! and the hotel was in walking distance of CVS, starbucks, and a drug store, and many other restaurants, in the heart of West Hollywood. The room was very nice, contemporary. I requested a room away from everything, which i got, but be careful what you ask for cuz my ass also had to walk to it the rest of week after surgery...transportation from the airport to the hotel was via a shuttle, its called Shared Shuttle, a blue van, which i booked on expedia, $17 one way, can't beat that. You walk out to ground transportation and look for the blue sign/van. A cab would have been way high, and Uber doesn't pick up at LAX. You can also arrange the shuttle back to the airport if you like, for $17 from your hotel. However, I arranged for a private driver back to the airport, he had an SUV, and was reasonable. I wanted to lie down. Private message me if you need his info.

3) surgery info - Pre Op apt was 3:00 Tuesday July 12, surgery was 930 July 13, and post op was 1030 Monday July 18, also when I flew out.

4) I arrived in LA Tuesday July 12, around 130, shuttled to my hotel, first, then Ubered over to dr. Stantons office. the Uber ride one way to his office or back to my hotel was $5.15 the whole time I was there. Arrived at Pre Op appt....Walked in, was greeted by Anna, who we have all talked to via phone by this point, very sweet, and kind. I did some paperwork then Nurse Jasmine showed me to my exam room, where I changed into a gown, with open back. Dr Stanton came in minutes later, I was not kept waiting long. He was very friendly, and nice, and yes I can confirm, very good looking. He was respectful and listened to my concerns as we talked. so he measured my butt, he told me I had a square, yes a square butt, didn't see that coming, i laughed out loud....because this was my natural butt shape, I was not even a candidate for his new ovals...and rounds were my only option...he said the new ovals were not for me at all..I was very happy because I wanted rounds from the beginning, I thought I was going to have to beg him to do rounds!!, but it all worked out. he recommended 600cc rounds!!! i was like yes Lord, show me the ass!!!! I left with instructions not to eat past midnight and to be back at 930 am the next day. I was also reminded to start the medication that night and or morning before surgery as prescribed. I later walked to CVS and filled my room with much needed items -water, gatorade, crackers, protein bars, soup, protein shakes, tuna fish, cherios cereal, and milk...i swear this CVS was a mini grocery store, it was perfect.

5) Surgery Day, Wednesday July 13, one week ago !!! woke up, took my meds, put the medicated patch behind my ear, took an Uber over to the office. Oh and i took last minute before pics at the hotel...bye bye flatt wore a maxi dress, no bra, no panties, and had a small wallet for my cell and ID and cash to pay my private driver after surgery. Got there, finished paperwork. Nurse Mary was my nurse this day, she was with me from the beginning, while in surgery and after for recovery. I got to know her well..I didn't see Mindy much on this day. Nurse Mary called me back, I changed, peeed in a cup for a pregnancy test, and put my belongings in a plastic bag...I was like How the hell am I going to pee and I havn't drank since before midnight last I did it...LOL. Mary led me into a room, it was the pre surgery/pre-op room where i laid on the bed until it was my turn. There was a girl already there who had arrived before who was not done with surgery yet. So it was from 945 - 1105 that i laid on the bed waiting to go into surgery...this would be the time to panic right...but hell no, one of the meds i took before coming made me woozy and I really didnt care..I knew where I was but i was relaxed and calm, i talked to Mary and at one point, the anesthesiologist came in, Dr Flynn, i think, and kept me company. Nurse Mary put in my IV, she did great, it was not that bad. I went into the surgery room at 1105, I walked in and laid down…I remember laying down and looking at the clock on the wall…it was me, Mary, and the anesthesiologist at this time, then I recalled getting woozy and sleepy…they didn’t warn me before putting me out. Nurse Mary just told me to sing..and I started singing Beyonce…and then I was out…I wasn’t even in there 7 minutes I don’t think before passing out…

6) Ok now the good stuff—lol..I woke up back in a bed laying on my back, in the same room I was in pre-op, I was in recovery. Here is what I felt when I opened my eyes: Pressure, tightness, and soreness in my butt. I would not call it pain, it was just plain uncomfortable. I did my best to motion for something to help me, Nurse Mary was still there, and gave me some Percocet in my IV. I felt better and rested there for quite some time. I was not rushed out by any means. I know this was a concern by some girls, but this was not my experience. To give you a timeline, I went into surgery around 1105 and didn’t walk out of the office until I had plenty of time to come to and relax. The more I lay there, the more better I felt and more lucid I became. I didn’t have anyone with me day of surgery. Mary called the driver for me an he came to get me. The first time I tried to get up and into the wheel chair to leave, Mary and my drive friend assisted me. I was not able to do it my first attempt, I had to lie back down..again I was not rushed at all, I was clearly taking my time. Mary told me to lie down some more. I was able to get into the wheel chair a few minutes later…when my ass hit the chair, again, it was unlike nothing I have felt before. so much pressure and soreness…Mary had to tell me to use my legs to stand up, cuz I was scared to stand on them…so I was wheel chaired to the truck my driver had. I don’t’ even know how I got up and into the back seat..I do recall having to pull myself with my hands and slide myself across the seat. I laid on a pillow on my stomach back to the hotel. The hotel had a wheel chair!! Thank god, another reason to stay here, my driver was able to push me back to my room versus me walk, I was so grateful. Got to my room, popped 2 Percocets, and slept the rest of the day. I somehow paid the driver and I guess he

7) so this was part 1 of my review, leading up to right after the surgery. I will post the rest in an update later. I’m tired…lol….been standing up typing this, lol.!!.

Post Op Day 1, day after surgery

Post op day 1 was pretty much me taking my Percocet as needed , eating light, and sleeping...all day. Little appetite but ate Soup and stayed hydrated. Took dulculox stool softer, but No bowel movement. I was nauseas but never threw up. Didn't even turn on the tv. Challenges on this day were getting myself in and out of bed. It was rough. Your arms and upper body are your new best friends. I went alone so that was one reason if any that I needed some one with me, but I managed and it was doable alone. Sleeping on my stomach. I found what worked for me was sleeping on pillows, I had 3 total under neath me, it helped. The biggest thing I noticed on this day was my implants position, they were so so high, almost in my lower back and I felt them lying weird. Wearing lipo garment, no drains. Peeing facing the toilet in a red Dixie cup, with my legs Straddling the toilet, I basically peed standing up. The Dixie cup was the best advise on the site...thanks!

Post Op day 4

The next time I took photos was 4 days after, on the Sunday.

Post Op Day 5

Post op day 5 was also the day of my post op appt.. Implants are settling nicely and have dropped considerably at this point..I do think this is because of all the walking I did over the previous Couple of days...I walked around the hotel on post op days 3 and 4 and took a walk outside post op day 4. I no longer felt the implants up high in my back, I could feel they had dropped. I had Weened Myself off of Percocet and wast taking Tylenol as needed. I was still wobbling as I walked, but it was better than post op days 1-4..normal appetite. Had my first bowel movement this day. Finally. Butt still bruised and swollen. I do see hip illusion at this point. Oh and I got my period post op day 4...I couldn't believe I had that to worry about too !

Post op day 7

These were taken exactly 7 days since surgery, one week post, July 20. I am walking almost normal. I am totally off Percocet, alternating between Motrin and Tylenol as needed, mainly at night to be comfortable. Normal appetite, but eating Better, since I just paid $3500 for lipo. Still sleeping on my stomach...on 3 pillows. lol...drinking lots of fluids. Spending the week at home in quiet, it's been nice. Bowel movements back to normal. Still wearing the lipo garment. Mindy Said to wear it as long as Humanly possible...even Several months out. Not sitting at all. Still on my freakin period...smh! My Butt remains tight, now it's as If had a good butt work out..I feel them dropping into place everyday. I am icing my butt daily. I am now getting some feeling back in my butt also, so the swelling is going away.

More pics

Helpful Information

So that's my review, I will post updated pics , but here are some final thoughts and info that may help you in your journey-

I do not wish to ever have this surgery again. This is not a procedure that you want to do twice...i say this to tell you to get the size you want the first time..!!! So many girls wish they had gone go big or go home!!!"lol...I am 8 days Post op. I am happy I had the surgery and love the size... God willing, I will continue to have a smooth journey from here. I would not trust this type of surgery to anyone else but Dr Stanton. Do your research, you want a surgeon that does butt implants several times a week...that should be your first Often does the surgeon do this type of surgery??? So far I'm loving my new butt. It is evolving on a daily basis. The struggles along my way have Been not being able to sit and sleeping on my stomach and the flight back home. Outside of that, I have done great! And I did it alone. I am back home and still don't have any's doable!

1) what to pack - not a lot! A lot of things that other girls took were not necessary. Clothes- 3 maxi dresses, wore one to LA, one to surgery, and one back home. After surgery, I alternated between 2 tee shirt dresses for 4 days...thats it. I had some extra comfy pjs short sets in case but I didn't use them. The only reason I had to wear panties is cuz my period came on. But really no panties was so much more comfy. Other stuff- Dixie cups to pee in, flushable wet wipes ( the best thing I took), extra strength Tylenol, mini size toiletries, and neosporin. And of course the prescription meds that were called in for me. That's it!! I didn't need extra bandages, band aids, latex gloves..nothing like that. No need to check a bag at the airport. Too much trouble.

2) airport info-- who wants to wobble through the airport?
your Airline carrier offers free wheel chair assistance. Post op On your way home, you can request Assistance to your gate and also assistance at the gate upon your arrival. I knew the flight from LA to Atlanta was going to be rough, so I arranged for a wheel chair to meet me at the gate in Atlanta. So glad I did, I couldn't make that walk to ground transportation on my own, and of course I sat on my booty buddy pillow in the wheel chair!

3) the flight home.....was probably the worse part of my whole journey. It was really rough. I had 4.5 hour flight back to Atlanta. I would not have made it without my booty buddy pillow. I highly recommend this pillow if you are an out of town patient. Basically your butt never touches the seat, and you sit on your thighs. This did work, however I was still getting uncomfortable every 20-30 minutes or so and I had to stand up. I stood most of the flight. Really I only sat at take off and landing...and I got it was bad. I had not threw up all week, luckily I didn't, but almost did. When I got off the plane, I was so happy to see that damn wheel I guess if you can stay longer than 5 days post op, do it, I don't feel I was ready to fly at 5 days. :)

Pain levels

So I have gotten several private messages asking about the pain level and recovery. The entire time since surgery my pain level has not been more than 5 out of 10. I was not in my hotel room dying, or crying, or vomiting, nor was I in any kind of excruciating was just very uncomfortable and I had to get adjusted to having 2 objects in my butt. Everyone's pain tolerance is not the Same. Do not let the 10% of girls on here who had bad experiences with pain discourage you. Go for it. And I did this alone as well and am still standing!

10 days post op

Had a few requests for butt cheeks!...

3 week post op update

Well ladies, it's been 3 weeks. I was driving at 12 days post op, I use my booty buddy pillow to drive. I am walking totally Normal. The average person does not notice that I walk funny any More. I am completely off all pain meds, including Tylenol an Motrin. I am still sleeping on my stomach on 3 pillows, only cuz I am being extra careful, but it's ok to sleep on your back, I just don't want to. I am eating a normal diet, just more healthy, since I also had my lipo of the love handles. I still wear my lipo garment 24 hours a day, and the lipo scars are still visible and scabby. The butt Incisions are still dark and scabby, the scab has not fell off yet. Per dr instructions, I am using biocorneum for scar treatment twice a day. I hand wash my Incisions in the shower. Yes yes yes I still feel the implants..I am very aware of them and have not gotten to the point where I forgot about them butt is very tight and hard and it it's tender to touch. I can say they feel like I did a hundred squats now...I'm not uncomfortable any more. I feel great. When I watch tv, I kneel on my knees or lay on my stomach...still not sitting. As far as size and shape, I do feel them shifting and moving's weird..still some bruising on my butt but it is getting better. so far so good, I'm happy. Any questions just ask!

Rounds versus Ovals?

Big decision, I know...for anyone who is torn between rounds or Dr Ryan stantons new can clearly see differences In the 2...I'm biased I guess, I still feel like there is more projection with the rounds....I don't feel like my bottom is flat or empty at the bottom at all with the Rounds, which is the main complaint..I don't agree that the projection is the same for both. Just my opinion. In his office, I did hold both the 600 round and the 600 new oval...truth is the round had more projection all the way around the implant as a hold of this makes sense..and the oval implant's projection only gained projection toward the center..does this make sense? So the round was thicker from the edges than the new ovals..look at reviews of both, there is definitely a difference! Good luck! And of course ultimately your surgeon will make a recommedation..but I am team round all the way!

Rounds versus new ovals

More on the shape...I held them both,
600 rounds and 600 new ovals that Dr Stanton patented...can you see what I am saying? Notice the round is thicker starting from the edges, more projection overall....and the ovals are thin at the edges, and don't get projection until you move toward the center of the implant..hope this helps with the discussion threads I keep seeing on which has more projection.

1 month post op

Quick update--I'm in love with my new's still sensitive to touch, still very very hard and firm, I still feel it when I walk, the sensation that something is lnside my ass is still very much there,
I am aware of the implants every time I move. I went back to work this week, I drive around for my job, so I had to use my booty buddy pillow and I was fine. Still not sitting 100% of the time, I could but its still uncomfortable. I am still sleeping on my stomach, but only because I choose to, I'm quite sure at this point sleeping on my back would be fine. I'm now Sitting down to pee and poop, this week was my last week using the red Dixie cup to pee in, going to miss that damn!! No more pain meds or Tylenol or Motrin. Oh good news, my incisions are looking so good, thank god that ugly scab fell off, it fell off around week 3, I was so grossed out by it and glad it's gone. I still hand wash my incisions in the shower and let water run down them. Even at 1 month,
My incisions are sensitive to touch. I have been using biocorneum for about 2 weeks now for scar treatment. I had lipo of my love handles, so my lower back and top of my butt are still numb from the lipo. I'm Doing great, Any questions just ask!

8 week Update

Well I'm 8 weeks post op, 9 weeks this coming Wednesday. So I'm doing very well. I don't really see much difference visually since my last post..I'm sure they have dropped, I just can't tell.

I am pretty much back to normal with a few exceptions- I still feel the implants when I walk and move..some girls say they don't know they are there anymore...I'm not there yet..I am very aware of them. Strangely, at almost 9 weeks, I still can't sit normally, directly on them..I have to lean forward in the chair, with my back off the chair. If I don't, my butt is very sensitive..and its uncomfortable...

Today was the first day I drove without my bootie buddy, I did fine, I just can't sit back in my seat..i figured it was time to wean myself off that pillow, I had become used to it!

Sleeping- I am now sleeping on my sides and sometimes still my stomach...sleeping on my back still bothers me and its uncomfortable..again there is something about when I put direct pressure on my's still very sensitive. And I guess I am still healing too..

The numbness has almost gone, I say about 80% is gone..I got lipo on my love handles, whose is why I have the "S" curve in the that the swelling has gone down, I really can notice the difference in my love handles..I'm glad I did that,
It really helps to define your butt..never knew how important that Lower back was..

Gym- just working upper body..not ready for lower yet...cuz I can't even put direct pressure on it, so that knocks out most leg exercises..leg press, leg extensions..etc..oh and I can't run, my butt hurts when I try...:(

I am happy overall. I got 600 CCs and I still feel like that's it?? That's all I got with 600 CCs...! So I can surely understand the girls who really didn't see any difference in size after..thankfully I see a huge difference but I thought that 600 would be bigger..I'm happy though. It looks natural like its my butt..and I heeled fine with no problems, that's all I can ask for.

Incisions scars- still there and visible..I have been using biocorneum since 2 weeks post op..honestly I don't even know if it's doing's been 7 weeks twice a day..I don't see much change.

Only regret...not doing it sooner!

Girls who are considering this surgery, your surgeon will not tell you about the shrinkage you experience after the swelling goes down around week 3/ please get a large enough size that you will still have some left..that's the biggest complaint I see on this site..and even I'm saying it after having gotten 600ccs!!

3 1/2 Month Update

Hello real self sisters and brothers..I pray that all of you are healing well and doing great and loving your new bodies, with whatever you had done! I have enjoyed getting to know many of you through your individual journeys...Muah! I figured it was time for a quick update. Surgery was July 13, so I am about 3 1/2 months post op, 600 cc rounds, and Lipo to love handles..age 43. ****THE GOOD****I am leading a Normal life. I have put my booty buddy pillow was the best thing I ever bought. I walk normal. I am almost, but not quite, beginning to not notice the implants Any more when I walk....before I felt them all the time while walking, now I forget they are there at times. My butt has dropped into place nicely, i really feel like this is pretty much it, i don't foresee any more major changing from here. I have not noticed much change since my last post. My butt is still quite firm, However I can tell it has softened up some, it's not rock hard anymore, it's just firm now. I'm working out again. My diet is normal. My clothes and jeans fit amazing. I am happy in general. Dr Stanton did an amazing job.

*****THE BAD****The "fluffing and getting bigger with time" that we all talk about hasn't happened to I don't like my scar. I used the biocorneum scar revision cream like clockwork for almost 3 months and I don't see a difference. Photo attached. I'm back in the gym, but I still can't run for shit...I have tried and tried and it hurts like feels like my implants are rubbing up against my skin or something. I have had to do cardio in ways that I don't move my Butt as much and it's been a struggle. The best thing for cardio that works for me is the Stair stepper where you are climbing the stairs. I also can't do alot of stuff Where I'm laying on my back and butt like most of the abs work outs that we do on floor. I've had to find Alternative abs exercises, it's quite frustrating. I still can't sleep on my back. I have just decided that because my Implants are 600 ccs..they are just big and it's just uncomfortable to be on my back. I guess it's not rocket It is what it is. Sitting is still not back to 100%..I still find myself leaning forward versus sitting straight up with my back to the chair. Whenever I am directly on the implants, it is still uncomfortable. I still get stiff when sitting down for a long time and have to get up and shake it off. Right now as I type this review, I am not sitting with my back against the couch..I am leaning forward. It's still a little sensitive to touch...a guy friend smacked it one day...OUCH!!!

So I got 600ccs...I was so worried I would look cartoonish..However they are not as big As I imagined they would be for 600 ccs. While I do miss the big hips and swollen ass I had for the first 4-6 weeks, lol, I am still happy with my size. I thank God that I at least got 600ccs. Dr Stanton is an amazing surgeon and he did His thing on me, and I still recommend him.

Is anyone else this far out and still cannot run or sleep on their back? I am wondering if I will ever be able to run or sit like a regular person....Thanks for reading.

Waist Training? ...

Can anyone recommend a good waist that is not cheap and nice quality. Going to start waist training. Thank you.

6 Month Update

Ok so I'm 6 months this month. Surgery was in July. 600 CCs round. Dr Stanton.
Age 43. PROS- Dr Stanton did a great job. I am happy overall. Zero complications. Incisions have healed perfectly. My implants cover my whole butt unlike the misconception that rounds leave the bottom empty. Thankfully I went with a size large enough to still see a difference after the swelling went down. CONS- I Still can't run, Not even a slow jog. Still have to do cardio that doesn't Involve my butt moving that much..settled for the stair master where my butt doesn't jiggle. Still can't sleep comfortable on my back. The implants are hard as hell still..hard as a rock. I am paranoid around men who try to touch it.
I do think this is the worst part of it all is how they feel. When someone feels them, they will know it's fake. That's the worst. I thought 600 ccs would be more dramatic in size. I'm considering a revision because I feel like I can go a little bigger. I got 600 Ccs, but I lost some size after everything settled and after the swelling. Does anyone else think I'm smaller or is it just in my mind? I think I can go 700/750..I'm tall. I think I can go that size and not look cartoonish. I would love your feedback on if you think I look smaller than my last update. Also Any Stanton girls considering a revision and with whom? I would love to go back to Dr Stanton but it's my Understanding that he will only use the Spectrum brand implants which is what I have and they are hard and unnatural feeling. And I will be in the same boat as I am in now as far as how they feel. I have been looking for anyone who has done a revision after Dr Stanton and I don't see anyone...of course we all love Dr Grawes work, and she uses the AART brand implant which is softer, and her butts look amazing, BUT at least 3 patients on here who went to her this year had problems with their Incisions...ain't nobody got time for that..!!! that's the please.

7 months update.

Still hard as a rock. Here are some recent pictures. Any questions just ask.

1 year next month

1 year mark is July 12 (or 13 i forgot) I'm doing fine. I'm finally where I forget they are there..but it took a year to get There.

I walk fine, sit fine, sleep fine on back.

I still cannot run, at almost 1 year, it is still tender to run. It's like my implants jiggle or something and it's uncomfortable. I will probably call my doctors office and ask if is is normal.

Sex is fine in any position.

Incisions still visible and quite noticeable but I've come to accept that, there is nothing I can do about that. No man has ever questioned me about them, because truthfully they really don't care.

I wish I had gone larger. I have lost some size over the year. I do think this is due to me losing some weight. I'm Considering round 2. I would only go to Dr Stanton again. He is that good, I would not dare do this Surgery with anyone else.

That's it, any questions just ask thanks.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I could not have chosen a better surgeon. Dr Stanton and His staff, Mindy, Jasmine, Mary, and Anna were beyond wonderful. I was treated with nothing but kindness, courtesy, and respect. Not to mention, Dr Stanton's knowledge and expertise resulted in me having greater results than I ever imagined. No regrets, highly recommend! Team Stanton for life !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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