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I'm very young, but have always been SUPER self...

I'm very young, but have always been SUPER self conscious about my full, round face and nose and on my 16th birthday, my mom promised me a rhinoplasty once I'm 20 and still want it. Hell yes, I do! Since I'm already doing the rhinoplasty, I've decided to change everything I dislike - full cheeks, undefined jaw line and the rather large space between my upper lip and nostrils. I've researched for months, spent nights and days on RealSelf and finally settled with Dr. Fleming in Beverly Hills. It'll be an out of town trip, but if somebody's gonna cut on my face, it better be worth it!! I'm really excited, but also really scared obviously. I've had a BA before and it wasn't bad at all, but I also had my mom with me and this time around, I'll be by myself in an unknown city. I'm mostly scared about excessive pain and that it turns out completely different than expected…I'm not going to post pictures just yet as it's still far away, but I will later on.

Had to postpone + not doing chin implant & lip lift

My dad got into an accident and therefore I had to cancel the original surgery date and postpone it for 2 months :( I also decided not go get the chin implant and lip lift because I want to try out chin filler first to see how I like it and I'm terrified of the scar and complications with a lip lift. I've since researched more surgeons, but keep coming back to Dr. Fleming because he just seems so incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely cares! I am now scheduled for Aug. 24th and my mom is coming with me now so I won't be alone. Yay! I'm so excited, but also a bit scared because my worst fear is having an obvious nose job, but I trust Dr. Fleming's skills :) Can't wait!
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had a consultation with Dr. Fleming and he was extremely friendly, easy to talk to and answered any and each question I had. I felt VERY comfortable around him!

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