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Well the time has come and this have been...

Well the time has come and this have been something I have wanted since I was a teenager, I am putting my big nose in Dr. Srours hands and going with my instinct, I have read all the reviews good and bad but I truly trust and believe that he is going to make me very happy, wish me luck????will update


I did it...

Cast comes off in one week, first day was painful and sorry to say but very bloody that's all I will say about that, second day a lot of facial swelling in eyes and cheeks UGH, can't wait till the swelling goes down. Will update again soon????

UGH 2 weeks post op...

hello, well I guess its time for my update and I can't say I'm excited to show, its kinda bitter sweet because I know I had it done but it still looks the same to me so I'm kinda sad. The only real difference is my nostrils are a bit smaller but that's about it. I know I will be swollen for some months but I truly thought I would see a difference by now. Ugh I pray this swelling goes down and this nose looks smaller. How long before it goes down and I can feel secure about myself because its not quite there yet. please tell me what to do, my doc told me to wait 6 months , seriously 6 months with a nose I tried to get rid of... I literally spent almost 7k on this and I'm not to happy , YET... Will it go down more or was it a waste of money?
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