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Ok, so... There are obviously few reviews with...

Ok, so... There are obviously few reviews with Aftican Americans and Rhinoplasty. I have been researching for years on which doctor I would like to go to. I don't think rushing into this is a good idea. This is the focal point of your face we are talking about!!! Had an appointment with Dr. Paul Nassif for June the 2nd. It was a 300 dollar consultation fee (if you mention real self) and the estimated cost from the receptionist is upward 17,000 USD. That is so expensive!! Set another consultation on with another doctor (won't say his name) but then noticed that quite a few women had a crooked nose after being worked on by him. THEN!!!!! I found Dr. Jason Hamilton. I cancelled all other consultations and set my date with him for June 2nd!!!! It just feels right. His work looks consistent and not over bearing. Hopefully, the consultation goes well and it is within my means!! Here are some raw photos... Some with makeup, some without. I think it's really important that we have some examples without people being scared to show their face! You know.... The whole concealing of the identity by removing the eyes!

"Love yourself"

Blah blah blah.... Lol This is just a rant but I think it is an important one. I understand and read the comments on other people telling one another to love themselves the way they are and all the other sorts of things... I think that's ridiculous. Just because I don't like one physically attribute about myself, doesn't mean I don't love WHO I am!!! We live in a day and time where, if you don't like it, you can change it! So BAM!!!! That's what I'm going to do! We all have to remember that it isn't how we see other people, it's how they see themselves. **Butterflies never get to see the true beauty of their wings.... People are the same way** So when you're out here today leaving comments, remember to encourage people to do whatever it is that will make them feel good on the inside, because that is all that truly matters anyway!! Have an amazing day everyone!

Consultation COMPLETE!!

SO I flew out to Cali and had my consultation with Dr. Jason Hamilton. The office was running a little late due to a late surgery so I had to wait an extra hour. I didn't have a choice because I DID fly out there for that reason alone. So, when I did get back there to talk to him, I was nervous but he chilled me out (because a doctors job is to make you feel comfortable) and I asked him "Whats the first thing that pops out to you about my nose" Then he went on to explain that he thinks my bridge should be narrowed, we need to take some of the cartilage out of my tip (the most bulbous part of my nose) and take a smalllllll little hump (that I didn't even notice) off the bridge of my nose. All things that I agreed with. Come to find out!!! When I blink my left eye, my left nostril moves!!!! hahahahahha I thought that was pretty unique, but he said that he would have to weaken that muscle so it doesn't affect his work and the future of my nose. I also let him know that I wanted a subtle but noticeable change. He has very natural looking results, which I like, then I saw some of his work that was natural but there was a clear difference in the way that person looked and that's what I wanted. OH! I also made it very clear that I didn't want a white persons nose. I'm not white....I'm black lol
During the consultation, he looked in my nose and asked me where my family was from like 400 years ago. The answer? ---> I had no idea but my mom is extremely fair with freckles and my dad is black. He told me that I had skin and cartilage of that of a Hispanic person which was right in the middle of the spectrum. Perfect for working with. That made me happy =] So after the consultation, I set my appointment!!!! August 11th!!! So excited....and nervous.... and second thoughts keep popping up but that's normal. I've had a breast augmentation before and I remember feeling this way but I wont be able to put a bra on my nose soooooo yeah it's also different lol oh just incase you guys wanted to know....the price came out to about $8700. And this was a price with him saying I needed very little work for a nice change.

Delayed Surgery

Hey guys! It's been a while but here to just update you guys on everything.
As you know, I'll be flying in to L.A from Atlanta. I would just like to remind you guys of the reason WHY I chose to fly to California. In my mind, if you're going to get anything done in your life...you should shoot for the tip top of the mountain! I've seen quite a few people be so eager to jump into this that they don't take their time to save and research!

So the surgery is now set for a week later than originally planned. That's ok though, It gave me another week to save money! =] I fly in on a Monday so my pre-op will be on this coming Friday over Skype. Weird, I know, but it's kind of how I have to do it. By pushing my surgery back by a week, I'll be recovering in the first week of school starting this semester So, the start of the 2nd week of healing for me.

Some concerns: 1. When I got a breast augmentation back in 2010... I went through a weird depression state. I really hope that doesn't happen to me again because I don't have the same support system I had back then. 2. Not that I'm second guessing myself but I'm just getting a little nervous about this whole thing. -What if my old nose looks better than the new one?: What if something goes wrong?- I don't let these thoughts sway me but they do pop in my head every once in a while. I just want to make sure that Dr. H gives me exactly what I'm thinking in my head lol If only I could draw!!! lol I just want a noticeable change...that's natural!! I'm guessing we all want the same thing in that sense lol

What is to be done: When I had my consultation, he told me that there really isn't much to do to my nose. We will be: straightening the bridge of my nose (narrowing), correcting the "droop" when I smile, removing some of the cartilage from my tip to give a more refined tip with more definition. He says that he won't have to move my nostrils but I told him that if he needed to, he should.

okayyy welllll...That's it for now. I fly out in exactly a week and a day!!!! Then, the rest of my life starts ;-)

It's almost here!!!

Soooooo, I leave tomorrow!! For all of those people out there who are traveling for any reason, especially plastic surgery and can't really afford the hotel prices... Try airbnb.com !! awesome for last minute requests also!

Ummmmm....super nervous... I'm also really sad. I think this is just my body and mind handling what is about to happen. I've been crying a lot today. I'm saying this so if anyone else starts to feel the same way out there, you aren't weird... you're human. I think it's perfectly normal to be human.

For now, looks like I'm driving myself to the airport. Really wish a particular person would go with me but it probably won't happen. ummmm what else....

Oh, had a Skype session with Dr. H on Friday... He told me that his main concern is going to be my bulbous tip (As expected and wanted) so now I'm really excited to see what happens.

That's it for now! Talk to you guys after surgery!!!

Drum roll pleaseeeeeee....

I feel so selfish because I know you guys have been waiting... so here it is!

Surgery was on Monday at 7 a/m sharp. I took an uber from the shared room I was renting. it was literally walking distance from the doctors office but I felt like I was running behind. So I get into his office and no one is there! So now Im freaking out, thinking..." Was I supposed to be in a another building?...Where was I supposed to go"....so after running around for 10 minutes from building to building, I get redirected to go back upstairs because Dr. H does all of his surgeries in the room connected to his. (Didn't know that).... I wait a few moments and in walks everyone lol So!!!! to anyone who has an early surgery, sit in his office.. he'll be there shortly lol Typical surgical procedure started. We took pictures, answered some last minute questions, I asked my nurse where she got her eyebrows doneeee....you know, the typical stuff. lol The guy who was working with me for anesthesia, James, super hot.... I mean... super!!!

After surgery, the nurse took me back to my place. This is a nurse that I hired through the office. so for anyone traveling alone, this is suggested. It only cost me 160 dollars. whats 160 dollars to the 9k you are spending? lol I felt pretty good afterwards. Oh, get your prescriptions filled at the nearest CVS. The pharamacy downstairs from the doctors office will price you at 180 dollars....but when you go to the CVS, it's only 61 dollars. My now Ex, came into town so we packed my stuff up and went over to his room at the SLS where we had the most horrific experience, ever. That hotel is too expensive to be have had such a bad experience.

After the surgey

Day 1: It was okay, just a little sweeling. I still had the drip pad under my nose and had to change it pretty often and plus breathing through my mouth sucked pretty bad. I didn't sleep very well through the night and I threw up once. It was pretty violent. Took all my pain medication as needed but still felt pretty out of it. Stayed in bed most of the day.

Day 2: Walked around the hotel and the city a bit. Nothing major. Watched t.v.... felt like I was in Disneyland while on the medication. Nurses called and checked up on me. Everything was fine.

Day 3: I woke up looking like a chipmunk. lol So funny looking and I still haven't gotten my eyebrows done smh

Day 4: Ex left to go back home, came to stay at my friends house. so I've just been sleeping all day

Today!---I go in for my check up!!! so we'll see how everything goes and I'll be sure to ask a million questions.

P.s--- my nose is so clogged with dry blood I hope they clean it out today. I cant take it... I feel like someone is laying bricks down to build a house in there.

My tip!!!

It looks so huge :-( he hasn't taken my bandages off yet but the little tape that went around my nose came up.... My tip looks so hugeeee. Omg!!! I'm starting to think I made a mistake guys. I'm so nervous about what my nose is going to look like...

Headed home

Headed back to Atlanta and I figured I'd post these pictures before my flight took off... My nose is so swollen :-/ give me your honest opinions!


Today is my birthday and decided to put my face on and go out.... I'm loving my nose ladies

uh oh!! Trouble in paradise?

ok...soooo I've been doing the exact opposite of what I was told by Dr. H. My nose looks a little crooked ladies. To be fair, my original nose had a little more cartilage on one side than it did the other. Dr. H pointed that out to me and said that he would correct it....buttttt it's not looking like that happened. Also, one of my nostrils looks smaller than the other. He did NOT move my nostrils so Im not too sure what that's about. Take a look at the photos and leave your thoughts!...please! lol Oh....and I like people to give me the truth exactly how I like my liquor...straight up! lol

Things are coming along.

In 10 more days, it will be my 2 month post op. Everything is good. I called Dr. H about the uneven of the swelling and of course I was told to just relax and let my nose do it's thing. I'm starting to get feeling back in my nose now. Slowly but it's still making its way.

I've been reading some of my comments and not to give energy to the negative stuff but I would like to address a few things. 1. I did choose a doctor I liked and wouldn't have chosen another one. 2.There is a difference in my nose and if you can't see it....try taking another look? or don't look at all? I don't know lol 3. My money was well spent. I wasn't going for a drastic change in my appearance. I wanted a subtle but noticeable change in my nose! I've notice someone say that I basically wasted my time, energy and money bc the difference is hardly noticeable....well...isn't that the point? The only way people know I've had plastic surgery is if I tell them. THAT'S THE ONLY WAY. I've researched for years before I got the procedure so trust me...nothing was a waste. My doctor believes that black women are beautiful and that's important when choosing a doctor. If you go to a doctor that believes only Indian/White/Native American/Chinese features are beautiful...and you're African American with African American features... be careful. why? Because based on what THEY consider beauty, your nose (or anything I guess) will be constructed in that image. Get it? I don't want to look like anything else other than an enhanced version of myself. =]

Here's another picture from yesterday =]


It's almost Thanksgiving and I hope everyone is doing great!!

Ok! So I didn't say this before but my nose used to run a lot after the surgery. So I sniffed a lot. I'm not sure if this has happened with anyone else but that sniffing has stopped. Stopped about a month or so after the surgery.
Everything is healing great! I actually missed my last Skype appointment :-/
One thing I'd like to also say, make sure you buy LOTS of nose strips!!! You're going to need them! Your nose will get really oily and this will help with all the build up!


Thanks for all the comments under my posts! I'm really happy that people are finding my posts helpful! Here are some more photos. Had a little photo shoot at home lol tip is still swollen but my nose is getting smaller! Can you see it?

It's been a minute.

Here I am. Just did some head shots and here is one of them. My nose looks completely different but my tip is still swollen. I still can't feel it completely.

Side by side

Before and right now

My nose is crooked!!

My nose is crooked as I had suspected in the early stages of my healing. I may have to go to a new doctor to get it taken care of. I spoke with Dr. Hamilton and he said that my nose hasn't finished healing yet but the point of the matter is that my nose is not even. Check out my updated review titled "Trouble in paradise?" I mentioned how I felt like things were healing unevenly and that's because my nose is uneven. Dr. Hamilton told me to give it another 8-9 months to see the actual results. I don't want to wait that long. Im coming up on my 1 year, next month and I've already scheduled a consultation with a new doctor for some different work but I will be inquiring about a revision for my nose. Updated pictures coming soon


Soooooo a few pictures. I haven't looked into getting my nose redone. I guess I just kind of left it alone for now but I can still notice a little bit of the unevenness.
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