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I need to post. I am looking at Dr. Daniel, Dr....

I need to post. I am looking at Dr. Daniel, Dr. Frankel and Dr. Mayer for my revision. I am hesitant to post my photo, but i've been so helped by you guys. I went to a famous doctor in the media and at first it looked great. it was a strong nose but uniform. Then, when the swelling went down, the tip started to curl and the bridge dropped. So now I have a deformity. I'm an actress and it has been devastating. The overall look of my photos is an improvement from my badly broken pre-nose, however it looks done. and that is something actors can't really live with--or anyone at all. I went to Rivkin for filler and it looks so much better but now I can't breathe. And i mean--at all. Rivkin's work was good, but it doesn't solve the drooping sides or nostril issue. The issue with my nose is it's too big and too small. Like he left it long and over projected but then carved off any flesh and cartilage surounding the skeleton. So, i have a saddle deformity. A weird pokey thing on the tip. Over carved sides of the nose, yet it is still long? Tiny and Long? it's so gross and I've been meeting doctors. I love Dr. Torkian. I love him, but I'm afraid. I think like everyone, i don't want to keep doing this. Can anyone give me photos of Mayers work, Frankels work or Dr. Daniel? I know there are good and bad reviews on here. But, i just want to feel normal again. Thank you.

Going Forward with Dr. Frankel

Hey guys,
I met with Dr. Frankel and he's my doctor. I heard he was so expensive but is actually less than two other doctors I met with. He was easy to deal with. Checked my nose and does plenty of revisions from the original doctor, which was Dr. Kanodia. He can harvest cartilage from my nose so I don't have to have rib or ear grafting, thank goodness. He's a lot closer to where I live than Dr. Daniel. I'm scheduling with him in early February. As for Dr. Kanodia--he gave me a pretty nose, it just collapsed over time and the tip is carved out---please if you are considering Kanodia, he has a difficult personality, but I don't think that makes him a bad doctor. I just think in my case, whether due to healing or technique, it has issues. Dr. Frankel gives you anesthesia IV style rather than general and I think for this kind of thing, that makes me feel a bit more comfortable. I just wanted to give you an update. While I LOVE and I mean LOVE Daniel, I'm thinking Frankel is closer to my place. does many revisions from this same doctor and kind of knew what to do. Dr. Daniel can do it too, but he didn't give me a quote yet until he sees Kanodia's original report. Kanodia's nose changed my life. I had an unfortunate nose due to a few breaks. it was so pretty. In photos it was so much better. But, in three years it was gone. I can't tell why. Frankel knew what I needed instantly, I ididn't have to describe it much. He's just fixing the original work. It's not a full reconstruction. He isn't seeing it like that. He thinks it's kind of an easy fix. I'll post photos, if I can. I'm a writer and an actress and I don't like to do that sort of thing. But, due to all the sad people on here, i want to share my original work from Dr. Kanodia and show you what happened to it, then give you a view of the fix so you can make easier decisions. Trying to be brave!! thanks for following my story.

Going Forward with Dr. Frankel on the 29th.

I'm going to have my revisionw with Dr. Frankel. Something about him made me feel super comfortable and he does lots of revisions for the guy who did my primary. i booked it and paid and am now going through the process of having my filler removed, which is harder than I thought. I'll keep you guys informed.

Surgery this thursday with Dr. Frankel.

So, I'm very nervous. I thought Dr. Frankel would be building up my nose with grafts, instead he is deprojecting the deformity. I'm kind of confused and feel scared now. mostly because he won't let me show him photos of what i want. I think most girls want to look like a model. I'm pretty, and just want my nose fixed, but it's a bit hard when the surgeon won't allow you to show a photo. Dr. Kanodia did this to me too. So, now I'm very scared. I think he is a skilled surgeon, but I don't want a tiny nose. Yesterday was very hard because I didn't feel heard. I have seen his work and I know he is great, but I feel like a rat in a maze. and like crying. He told me Dr. Kanodia trimmed by outer cartilage, that is why my nose is collapsed. So, I thought all the cartilage was missing, but actually it's just folded in from the outside. The tip is up and I have covered it with filler. Most of the filler is gone now and it looks okay, but not great. Not like before the collapse. Please send love my way. I'm terrified.

Revision with Dr. Frankel

I had my revision last Thursday. I just got my cast off today. Things seem okay so far. I have trouble breathing, but I think everyone does at first cause there are stitches inside the nose. I just wanted to give and update. I really want to post before and afters for you guys but I have to find out how to put hearts on my eyes like my friends do on here.

So Far So Good with Dr. Frankel's Revision

Hey guys. I'm still scared to post photos. My surgery was on the 29th of January and the results look so much better. But, I know the swelling hasn't even subsided. I'm photo documenting everything and when I get brave, i'll put stuff up. My nose is bigger, which is what I wanted. And it looks so much younger on my face!! my other nose was a wreck. I'm trying to post photos! be patient!!

ALSO--It was Way less than I was initially Quoted. 14,000. NOT 17,000.

I really wish they'd let us update the original!!!
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have to say if I am doing a review, I'd rather do a positive one for Dr. Torkian, who hasn't done my nose. But, his compassion and kindness made me feel he cared. He also felt some noses don't heal properly and have issues over time. I need a graft to hold up the sides. I need my nose bigger and smaller. HOw awkward to explain that. Some of the better ---or more well reviewed doctors have this weird ego where you feel like they hate you for just asking a question. Dr. Torkian is amazing. But, I'm still meeting with doctors because I'm not a rich person and this is the absolute last money I have on earth.

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