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I was born with a deviated septum & bad allergies....

I was born with a deviated septum & bad allergies. My allergist told me that I should see an ENT surgeon to fix the septum. The ENT collapsed the septum and I was not able to breath at all through my R nostril. My allergist then suggested I see a plastic surgeon who worked on noses to once again fix the septum + damage from the ENT surgeon. I had the second surgery NOT BY Calvert two years later. This PS came out in the middle of the surgery to tell my mom that he took cartilage out of the tip of my nose to use to try to fix the deviation but it was not working. He left my nose crooked & the deviation was still not fixed. I am so happy that I found Dr. Calvert! He fixed my septum & I can breathe for the first time out of my nose! He cut scar tissue out of my nose from the prior surgeries and enlarged my drainage tubes. He straightened my crooked nose and shortened it. I healed in 7 days from hyperbaric oxygen treatments (Advanced Hyperbarics in Newport Beach) and Arnica Forte.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Calvert was great and exceeded my overall expectations. The night before the surgery he called and talked to me for 20 minutes and after I talked to him the anesthesiologist called and talked to me for 15 minutes. He fixed my deviated septum which was crooked from birth and was damaged further by operations done by two different surgeons. He cut scar tissue out of the inside of my nose and enlarged my drainage tubes. He made my nose straighter and more symmetrical and shortened it using cartilage from my ear and rib. It looks much better than before and I can breathe for the first time out of my nose. The breathing is incredible! He also did liposuction on my tummy, love handles, and outer thighs. I am a size 2, but after having a child I had a few pockets of fat that I could not get rid of with diet and exercise. I had a private home nurse for 10 hours after my surgery and she transported me home. Calvert's office arranged for her and I highly recommend her - ask for Afsaneh Tesolin. She stayed up all night and iced my face every hour and checked my vitals. She gave me shots of Demerol (ask ahead of time if you want this). She set up a medication chart for my mom to follow to make sure the meds were rotated correctly. She crushed the medication up and put it in yogurt so it would deliver faster and she SPOON FED me the yogurt. She was my angel! My surgery was in Beverly Hills, but I stayed in Newport Beach and did my follow up at Calvert's office there. Since I was so close, Dr. Calvert came to the house to see me the next day and released the nurse. He actually cared so much that he made a house call! He took the time to sit down with my husband and explain how bad my breathing was and how it was more about fixing my breathing than plastic surgery. This meant the most to me because I gotten so much disapproval from my mother in law over having this surgery and hearing Dr. Calvert explain this to my husband made me feel much better - if only my MIL could have been there! I had no bruising in the ear, rib, or liposuction sites, only bruising around the eyes. I had swelling in the nose and lipo areas. I healed so well and never felt any pain, only discomfort after I stopped the pain meds. The pain medication rotated with valium made the first 6 days go by without any pain. My bruising was gone on day 7 and I stopped meds completely on day 8. I am exactly one month after surgery and I am doing great! Only a little swelling in nose and tummy. My ear has no scar. My rib has a 1 inch scar. The lipo incisions are tiny red dots. The incision areas will improve over time. Please see my tips below for preparing for and recovering from surgery. Surgery Tips: If you need rib cartilage taken I would discuss with Dr. about taking it from the inframammary crease in your breast. Typically it is taken from the 9th rib, but I had mine taken on the curve under my breast and you cannot see it when I wear a bra or bikini. When I am nude my breast slightly hangs over and you cannot see it unless you lift my breast up. I am very happy with my decision to have it done this way and I do not feel that any scar in this area changes my appearance at all. Dr. Calvert will supply you with Arnica Forte - make sure you take this after surgery. It is a mix of Arnica Montana and bromoline. This helps reduce the swelling and bruising and heals scars. When it runs out I used Repair Gold which is high in Bromoline. I am taking this for 3 months after surgery. Increase your vitamins a month before and after. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments - You will be under pressure and given pure oxygen to breathe. The combo of the pressure and oxygen saturates your system and your body needs oxygen to heal. You will heal faster with these treatments. For me I feel I healed 50% faster. I did three treatments in the two weeks before the surgery to prepare my body for surgery and I did 10 treatments after the surgery. The first treatment I had after surgery took 1/3 of the bruising away as soon as I finished the treatment. It was amazing! By day 10 nobody I knew thought I looked like I had surgery. I went to Advanced Hyperbarics in Newport Beach, CA. If you are in Beverly Hills Dr. Calvert can tell you where they have a center. These treatments can be costly, but worth it. If you can only afford 4 treatments I would do one a few days before the surgery and three the week after the surgery. Tape your nose as much as you can after surgery using Calvert's taping diagram. I do it every night and will for at least two months and I will continue to tape when I am able to start exercising because it will prohibit swelling. Wear your compression garment if you have lipo - wear it often and for months after the surgery and continue to use it when you exercise. This will make the swelling go away faster. Buy an extra garment from the Dr. before your surgery so you can rotate from clean to dirty. Get facial acne wipes for after surgery. It is painful to wash your face after nose surgery and gently wiping this on your nose two times a day will help with breakouts Take a strong painkiller at least an hour before you see the doctor to remove stitches and the interior and exterior splints. These appointments will be painful without them! Be carful with your meds and do not drive on them! These are strong narcotics and are highly addictive! Get off them as soon as you can. I did experience a "let down" physically when I stopped on day 7. It doesn't take long to get addicted, be careful! Don't forget to pray!

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