26 yo, Male, 5'9, 135lbs- Slender build, looking to bulk up.

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UPDATE: I originally had planned on getting the...

UPDATE: I originally had planned on getting the procedure down here in Colorado by Dr. Grossman. I didn't change my mind because of Dr. Grossman at all, but because of the lack of experience with the procedure in the area. Although Dr. Grossman's work is outstanding in the areas that he specializes in, he has little experience in butt implants, or pec implants.

So I had a scheduled phone consultation with Dr. Ryan Stanton this afternoon. So far, he is an amazing conversationalist. Mindy and himself are very friendly and answered any questions I had. The best part is that they are very personable. They don't just get down to the nitty gritty, they ask about yourself and your life.

I spoke to the Dr about getting both Pec and Butt Implant done at the same time, and he added that it would really benefit the look that I want by adding in some body sculpting. Which I agree with. I am figuring out some finances right now, and planning on getting the procedure done in April.

I'm very excited I found this Dr. :-)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Mindy and Dr. Stanton were amazing to talk with. They made me feel very comfortable and I am very much looking forward to speaking and meeting with them again here soon!

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