Tummy Tuck and Breast Aug-- Need Encouragement! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm usually a very private person, so posting...

I'm usually a very private person, so posting anything like this is definitely outside of my comfort zone and I don't feel comfortable posting pictures either. But I am in need of encouragement from anyone who has been through these procedures, specifically the tummy tuck. I had full abdominoplasty— new belly button, muscle tightening, and all. I'm only 2 weeks and 2 days post op, so I know it's still early. But I'm feeling very discouraged about my results now.

I feel like my stomach doesn't really look all that different. It started to swell shortly after surgery and now pants are tighter on me and it looks like I have a pregnancy belly. Plus the end of the incision goes up higher on my right hip, it already looks like I have dog ears forming, and I see what I think is a little ledge of fat right above the incision. I just feel like my tummy looks so huge. Even though I know it's swelling, I feel so fat!! It doesn't help at all that I can't exercise and feel my muscle tone withering away.

I feel like my waist and hip contour really hasn't improved at all either. But I'm not a candidate for lipo because my skin is so thin and would show indents too easily. Plus there is a weird little fold over the ends of the scar, like it's indenting the flesh there.

I've also had trouble with my belly button healing. My surgeon said he rarely sees the issue I'm having and it looks like the sutures possibly separated. I will most likely need revision on that because it may heal with a much larger scar than desired.

My surgeon has all sorts of prestige, awards, credentials, etc. I'm sure he and his staff will do everything they can to give me the best results. What I'm not sure about is if those best results will be what I was hoping for. Was anyone able to achieve the results they desired after initially being disappointed?

Thanks in advance for reading and responding!
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