22 Years Old, 1 Child, Wanting BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

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So i have been creeping on here for quite some...

So i have been creeping on here for quite some time and i have finally decided to go forward with the procedure in January. I have a consult with Dr. BBL and a consult with dr. Smaili . Both are out of state. So i not only have to pay for the procedure but have to pay for accommodations. Im soooooo confused on who i want to go with. Im confused on how to search things on here so please feel free to stop by and help me out ????

Consult with DR BBL

Yaaay a consult today with the doctor! I have soooo many questions to ask!

Scheduled a date!

Im getting my BBL on January 16th 2016 God willing!!!! Im going with Dr Balgobin (aka Dr BBL) he was so so so so so so so so nice and very accommodating to out of state patients. Where dr smaili wasnt. Im so scared. But this journey is about to begin.

Wish pics!!!

Id love a mixture of these lol. I want it noticeable but to fit my body like how these ladies booties fit them. Nothing too big like kim K or anything. More of a natural look. I have thick thighs and bigger hips so it should be easy to make it look natural, i hope lol


I get sooo scared sometimes and then sometimes im super stoked. I just realized how much this procedure will be including meals, flight, hotel, rental and aftercare. I didn't think it through much but i will make it work. Idk if im just talking to myself on here lol but hopefully ill be helping someone along the way
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So far i have had good experiences with both

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