Lipo abs, flanks, upper and lower back. 5'7" 167lbs - Beverly Hills, CA

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I was always thin and never thought I would ever...

I was always thin and never thought I would ever gain weight or be over weight but after 2 kids I'm at my heaviest. I have struggled with this gut for way too long. Over the last 4 years I started to get more fat on my back and sides. I had a breast augmentation 11 years ago before my kids and the experience was ok, painful but it went well and I got great results. I'm not sure why I waited so long to start lipo consults but I finally did and now I have my surgery booked for November 1, 2016.

So today is officially 30 days away from my...

So today is officially 30 days away from my surgery. I'm very excited and scared at the same time. I got my receipt for my deposit and I realized that they are breaking down my payment by parts on my abdomen, upper/lower back and flanks. I'm confused. I thought the flanks went all the way around which includes the lower back? Im kinda upset. Should I question this? Bring it up to the surgery coordinator. I already paid my deposit and it may be too late to meet with other Dr's.

Pre op labs done

So I went in for pre op labs today and I'm nervous that the results won't be back before October 21st. That's the day of my pre op with Dr ashjian. Also after I had my blood drawn I had a strange pain in my arm. I waited a few hours but then it got worse and realized that the phlebotomist must have hit a nerve? I'm a phlebotomist myself and I know this takes months to go away or it may never heal. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm upset that I can't do full range of motion with my right arm.

2 days post op

Hello, I had my surgery 2 days ago. I ended up doing my abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back. I had a conversation with the Dr during my pre op and I expressed my concern about the upper back fat not beign a successful procedure. He agreed to include the lower and upper back in one price. I agreed with no guarantees. The day of my surgery was very calm and mellow. My husband drove me down to bever hills early in the morning. My instructions were to be at the surgery center at 5:45am. I got there, I had to use the restroom badly. I always have to poop when I get very nervous. The nurse gave me some forms to sign, changed in to disposable undies and hospital gown with shoes and hat. I met with the dr, he took some pictures. I also met with the anesthesiologist and she started my Iv. She took me to the or and layer me down. As I layed there is guess and the nerves I had been holding in all these months came out in tears. I remember having tears rolling down my face. Next thing I know I'm waking up in discomfort. The nurse was so sweet, he helped me get dressed and took me to my car. My husband drove me home and it was the longest most uncomfortable car ride I can remember. I immediately asked for my percocet. I had to eat before and that was tough so I had no choice if I wanted pain meds. I pretty much slept all day. I woke in less pain. It's tough to get up but not too bad. I haven't taken my garment off because I have to wait 24 hours.

6 days post op

I went for my 1 week post appointment today. Everything went well, they finally took of my ab foam and girdle. The dr finally gave me the ok to remove the bandages and take a normal shower. He tried to massage my skin but it was so swollen and tender that he recommended that I go back on Saturday. My skin feels very tender, sore and tingling on the top surface only. When I remove my girdle it feels really strange. I'm still very swollen cause my old girdle that I used to wear pre surgery didn't close so I had to wear it on the last tab. My sides and back look better already, I just wish I had a flatter abdomen. I know I'm still swollen and it's only been 6 days but I really really wanted a flat tummy. Dr recommend pineapple and bromeliad tabs . I was taking arnica but I guess he doesn't like those. I thought they helped pretty good since I don't have many bruises. Will post more updates later.

Day 2 back at work.

Today was my second day back at work and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I work in a very busy medical office and my do a lot of walking. I'm more tired and sore than I usually am but I'm also wondering if moving around so much makes me more swollen? It's hard to bend and reach for things with this girdle on but it's not too bad. I feel like crap today cause I still feel and look big. my clothes feel differently but I'm starting to wonder if it was worth $7,000?

Day 2 back at work

With my girdle #2

2 weeks post op still big

I'm having a bad day. I felt really big and swollen. I'm not sure if the procedure took off as much fat as I expected. My stomach is still big and it's frustrating me. I never mentioned in my post but I never had any leaking after my surgery. I'm not sure if thats normal? I barely had any bruises and my Dr had me stay in the garment for 6 days. I think the swelling should have gone done by now but I'm not sure if it's swelling or fat. I want to work out so bad but my Dr said I can't until 6 weeks post op.

4 week follow up

So I had to miss my 4 week follow up due to work. I can't take any days off this month and my doctors only available limited days due to the holidays. Imy concerned about my abdomen, it's still big and I still have suture material in my incisions. Luckily not lumps or pain but I really wanted to discuss a few things with him.

I had to make myself feel better

I had a bad day today, I felt big and my abdomen doesn't look much diffrent but I looked up old pictures and I noticed that there is a difference from before. This was from last year in cancun. Same weight

6 weeks out, able to resume work outs

Today is my 6 week mark and since I'm still feeling bad about my abdomen Im starting cardio again today. I understand that it takes up to six months to see the final results but I really don't think my lower abs will get flatter, which sucks cause that was the part of my body is really wanted to change. $7,000 is alot of money to pay and still be unhappy . Don't get me wrong my clothes look better and I do see a difference in my shape but Its not as good as it could have been.

Bathing suit update

Sorry I didn't know how to add this photo to the original post

12 week post op

Im happily relieved that I went in for my 12 week follow up and I expressed my concern to the Dr about my abdomen still beign big and said that if in November when im 1 year post op he will do more lipo if that area doesnt get flat. Im happy and very sad/stressed. I waited so long and paid so much money for this surgery. My biggest concern was my abdomen and it still not flat. I had dreams of having a flat tummy fir years and somehow after everything I did to get this surgery im not 100% satisfied. Yes, my body did improve overall, I did go down 1 dress size but I still have a lot of fat that hangs over my jeans or when I bend over. I know its only been 3 months and my dr continues to say that it can take 6 to 12 months for the final results. Im keeping my fingers crossed for somekind of flat tummy miracle. Will post pictures later : (

Anyone have experience with revision surgery?

I went in for my 12 week follow up. Very interested in revision surgery but my Dr said I need to wait until im 12 months post op. I just need some feedback on the process.

More 3 month update photos

Im very sad to post these photos. Very little progress/difference.

Disappointed and sad over lipo results

I have been patient and trying to stay positive for the last 3 months but today I had confirmation that my lipo didnt give me the results that I had hoped for. I had been avoiding my abdominal area when I shower, pass by mirrors or have to try on clothes. It was so important to me for my tummy to be flat but it looks like my Dr didnt or couldn't remove all of my belly fat. I had to try on a dress today for a event tomorrow and I left the mall in tears. I LOOK THE SAME AS BEFORE SURGERY. I going crazy over this, im so upset. I NEED a revision surgery ASAP. I asked my husband to be completely honest with me and give me his opinion on my results and he confirmed what I already knew, I look the same.

One more 3 month month photo

My back looks the same

6 month update

Yesterday was my official 6 month mark and im still semi satisfied. Yes I look better in clothes and yes I dont have that much of a gut or love handles but my abdomen is still not flat and I still have a large amount of pinch able fat. I still cant wear a bathing suit and I cant wear a form fitting dress : ( its so sad that I spent all that money and went through all the recovery only to disappointed with the results. This summer I will still be wearing a compression garment and hiding my gut. My Dr did offer a revision surgery but im not sure if hes still going to do it. At our last appointment he said we will determine that in June. Im hopefull that my next surgery will give me the results that I really wanted.

Before front view

Had a lot of lower belly bulge and love handles.

My Dr changed his mind.

I met with my Dr for my 6 month follow up and apparently he decided to change his mind about my revision surgery even though he was the one that had suggested it in the first place. Im so upset, I clearly still have a lot of lower belly fat. My stomach still sticks out and theres a lot of pinch able fat. He claims that its just loose skin and if he does more lipo then there will be ripples and I would never be able to reverese the look. I dont understand how he decide all this when the last 4 times we met he kept telling me how all he had to do was use a small canula to lipo out the left over fat. Im so upset im going to speak to my surgery coordinator about my regret in booking my surgery with this Dr. I should have picked a better Dr who has had better results. Ive been working my butt off dieting and exercising and I actually lost 9 lbs but my belly still sticks out. This $7,000 surgery should have fixed that.
Glendale Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr Ashjian and he told me I was a perfect candidate for lipo. He explained everything to me and gave me honest and realistic expectations. Iris, his surgery coordinator was so helpful and friendly.

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