Consultation: Reanimation Surgery Consideration - Beverly Hills, CA

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Dr Lee was the most congenial doctor I have ever...

Dr Lee was the most congenial doctor I have ever met and took a significant amount of time to talk to me since my situation is not common (thankfully for all you people out there). I had a rare brain tumor and suffered some long term facial nerve damage. I came to Dr. Lee to find out what options for correction are available to me. I took away a lot of information and confidence.

Dr. Lee is one of the nicest surgeons I have met...

Dr. Lee is one of the nicest surgeons I have met on my quest for surgery to droopy mid cheek. The problem is that she did almost no surgeries and of the two she showed me, only one was ok (not great). She kept saying that I had to trust the surgeon and personally, I agree with that (obviously, it is my face). I did not trust the minimal results she achieved for this procedure. It's great to like your doctor but I personally do not have to like them because in the case of your face, it is all about results. I am not looking to go to a club or have a drink with my surgeons, I am looking for RESULTS. I deem this surgeon as good at having fillers but no cutting/actual plastic surgery. Regardless, my advice to anyone seeking any face lift, mid lift, brow lift, etc.. is to make sure you see lots of results AND video. Run from any surgeon that cannot provide ample examples of both. I understand that a lot of patients do not want their photos published on the internet, most are very willing to have their photos shared in the office of the surgeon provided they achieve good outcomes. I think it's telling if the provider has little to show. Trust is earned through proof, not time spent and friendly demeanor.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

I did not have any procedure with this doctor for the aforementioned reasons. Additionally, the staff was exceptionally friendly and prompt. This office is run like a first rate operation and attention to detail is made (refreshing since I visited other surgeons in the area and cannot say the same). There is a reason that Dr. Kim has such confidence from patients.

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