Consultation review - fantastic phone consultation with dr. francis palmer! Beverly Hills, CA

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I had a phone consultation with Dr. Francis Palmer...

I had a phone consultation with Dr. Francis Palmer today and I just pretty much fell in love with him. I know that sounds a little funny, but I just thought he was the cat's meow. He was so friendly, knowledgeable and just really knew his stuff. I have had multiple procedures in the past (not with Dr. P) so I am not new to dealing with doctors. I can honestly say that his knowledge and understanding of how to make a face look it best is beyond anyone else I have seen or talked with. He really understands what it takes to make a face beautiful and doesn't just do procedures. He will look at you as an individual (I sent him pictures because I'm across the country) and he really dissected my face and let me know what would give me the look I wanted and what would make my face more beautiful. I am unsure at this time if I am going to be able to make it happen, but if I do I will definitely update this review. I just wanted to put this out there for anyone that may be in the early stages of deciding who to go to. Don't let the distance keep you from considering him. They are extremely fast and easy to deal with. I want to add that this is a real review from someone that has been on this website before it ever became popular. So don't question it's authenticity. Good luck and I hope this helps someone It's a big deal!
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