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As a single woman of 55, living in Los Angeles,...

As a single woman of 55, living in Los Angeles, the land of pretty people, I found myself looking in the mirror more and more, thinking "Gosh, I look so old and tired, how can I compete with the beautiful women here in this city"...and it actually started to take a toll on my self esteem and my personality. SOOOOO, I decided I needed to take action. I started my research, watched YouTube videos on different techniques, went on a few consultations, some referrals, some just found on Yelp. But needless to say, i wasn't impressed or thrilled with any of the surgery centers I visited. I felt as if I was just another case, nobody special. Then, a friend of a friend suggested I visit Miko Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, CA. I called and made an appt. As soon as I walked in, I felt comfortable. Then as I waited for my appt, in the reception area, the TV plays the story of Dr. Michael Obeng...and his work outside Miko Surgery Center, where he spends a lot of time going to underprivileged countries helping those with extreme plastic surgery needs where he is literally changing peoples lives for the better. I was so impressed that this man goes to the ends of the world to help those who need it most. It was then I felt I was in the right place. I then met with Shannon Arman, the patient coordinator, who was so nice and helpful, answering all my questions, she goes out of her way to make a new patient feel right at home. She handled everything paperwork wise, I didn't have to do anything!! She was fabulous!! Then I finally got to meet Dr. Michael Obeng. First thing he said was, "how can I help?" This was the first dr. to actually ask me that. We then talked about me and what I wanted to do and how I was feeling. He actually made me feel like he cared and I was not just another routine case. But what really got me was what he told me he would do for me. AND THIS WAS A FIRST...out of all the consultations I had been on, he was the first to offer what he did. Out of all the YouTube videos I had watched, not one was of this technique. Most under eyelid surgery consist of cutting along the lower lash line, going in and cutting out the fat, pull the extra skin up, cut it off and stitch you up. But Dr. Obeng said he would do it from the inside of my eye I would have no scar on the outside...I had never heard of that, but it sounded great. So I made my appt. Two days before my scheduled surgery time, Shannon called and had me come in to pick up the prescriptions I would need for after the surgery, so I could get them filled and have them on hand so after my surgery so all i would need to do was go home and relax. That in itself was a lifesaver!! I arrived the day of my surgery at 6:00 AM, only to be greeted by Cherelle, Dr. Obeng's head nurse. She checked me in, got me set up in the pre-op room, she even brought me a warm blanket because it was chilly in there. The sweetest young lady ever, not to mention a experienced well trained nurse!!!! Then the anesthesiologist arrived and told me exactly what to expect before and after, he was very comforting, making sure I had no questions or concerns. Dr. Obeng came in...made sure I was ready..,and next thing you know, I was waking up! As soon as I woke up, I felt fine, no grogginess, no nausea, nothing! I felt like I just had a nice nap! Dr. Obeng came into the recovery room, said I did great, and that it was a total success...AND HE WAS RIGHT!!! It was like night and day...and the results were immediate!! All my bagginess under my eyes..GONE...the dark circles...GONE! I am still in shock. No downtime from work, and best of all, NO SIGNS OF SURGERY!! No scars!!! I get compliments daily now. Truly impressed with my results. I cannot say enough good things about this experience!! I highly suggest you visit Dr. Michael Obeng before you go anywhere else, it will be your last stop!! Did I mention he graduated from HARVARD!!! YES, HE DID!!! If you were even slightly thinking of doing any kind of cosmetic surgery, minor or must go to MIKO SURGERY CENTER!! Yes, it's in Beverly Hills, but don't let that scare of the consultations I went to was at a place in Pasadena..and their quote was HIGHER than Dr. Obeng, and I certainly didn't see any certificates from Harvard lining the walls!!! But it's not really about the cost, it's about the care and the results. And you will be happy with both!! Good luck!!!!

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgeries

First, to begin, I am 56 years old, but I feel 28! I am outgoing, energetic, slim, spend hours in the gym and overall feel fabulous! But I had one issue, MY EYES! I had horrible dark circles under my eyes, and extra skin on my upper lids. See my before and after pic! I’ve tried every dark circle remedy known to mankind, I spent countless money on products that people swore by, all to no avail.

That’s when I went to see Dr. Obeng at Miko Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, CA. The people in his office, from the moment you walk in until they escort you to your car after whatever surgery you are having, they treat you like gold, like you really are important to them, like you are family. First, the receptionist, Lynda, she will greet you with the biggest smile, like she has known you forever, she will already know your name because unlike other overbooked dr. offices, she knows you are the only one due at that time. While you wait, you get to watch the video about all the fabulous work Dr. Obeng does in under-privileged countries, he travels a few times during the year to help the less fortunate at his expense. Which makes you appreciate him even more! Then you get to spend a little time with Shannon, the patient coordinator, who makes filling out any paperwork a simple task. She explains everything from start to finish, she will help you with your financing or payment issues, she makes it such an easy process, she has answers to every question, she is the BEST. Then I met with Dr. Obeng and his nurse, Cherrelle, who by the way, is unlike any nurse I’ve ever met, this young lady knows her way around an office and surgery room, I’ve never felt like I was in such good hands before. Dr. Obeng decided that yes, my eyes were a mess and yes, he could help. He then made my plan, first, he would do the under the eye area where the dark circles were, but he would not do like all the youtube videos I’ve watched where they cut the skin from under your eyes, pull it up and cut it off and stitch it up to tighten the area under the eye. He decided he was going to cut the fat out from the inside of my eye, so there would be no stiches. After he did that, he used this special laser that tightened the skin under my eyes from the outside. It was amazing…I went to sleep with dark circles, woke up with none. I don’t even have to wear concealer any longer. I couldn’t believe the results! Then a few weeks later, it was on to my upper eye lids to remove the extra skin. When I arrived that morning, Cherrelle met me and got me all ready for my procedure. Dr. Obeng came in and said “We are going to do something different, I don’t want to put you under anesthesia, I want to do it while you are AWAKE! What do you think about that?” “AWAKE I SAID? No, I don’t think so, you are not cutting on me while I am awake, no way!” He just laughed and said “Do you trust me? It will be fine”. He acted like cutting someone open while they are awake is an everyday occurrence. BUT, I said ok, I trust you. He gave me a little shot to numb me in each eyelid and off to the operating room we went. This time his other nurse Oscar was his surgery partner, Oscar asked me what kind of music did I like, I told him, he found a station on the radio and turned it up. By this time I was numb and as I laid there getting my eyes worked on, we listened to music and talked about whatever. It was surreal. I mean really, who has surgery while awake talking about basketball? And I didn’t feel a thing. After the work was done, he stitched me up and I was on my way home, all in about 90 min. I am now all healed up, there are no scars and I have never felt or looked better. I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Obeng, for whatever type of surgery you may be thinking of doing to make yourself feel better. He does it all, there is nothing too big or too small. We all deserve to feel beautiful and what sets Dr. Obeng apart from most plastic surgeons, is the fact that this is not just a surgery center that has a revolving door, this place makes you feel you are family. Don’t believe me, go see for yourself! And if you tell them you’re a friend of mine…NO CONSULTATION FEE!! What do you have to lose, except years off your appearance and you’ll gain a whole new level of confidence!! DO IT! TODAY!! The picture: the top is after about 4 weeks of healing...they look even BETTER now, the middle is before the lower lid surgery, the bottom is before my upper lid surgery.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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