Excited About my Tummy Tuck Procedure in Pasadena with dr casper

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My name is Isabel and I found Dr. Diaz on...

My name is Isabel and I found Dr. Diaz on Realself, send in my request for a consultation and got a call from a wonderful young lady Jessica who candidly answered all questions and quoted me a most reasonable price $5800 for a tummy tuck, I can't wait to meet dr. Diaz and his staff in person, I a most excited and look forward to my TT in first week of Juy if possible. Any comments, support and advice is greatly appreciated.

I will be having my tummy Tuck by dr Casper that...

I will be having my tummy Tuck by dr Casper that did my BA I feel more comfortable going with someone I already know and took such great care of me. I'm scheduled for 7/8/13 and I'm so looking forward to it, not as afraid this time around since he already cared for me I'm my recent BA. I love the work he's done on me and I feel peace stating with this wonderful surgeon, he tol great care of me once and will take great care of me again. I trust God do much & thank him for allowing me to met such a skilled and favor filled surgeon. Ladies seek Gods guidance & he will give you peace & don't let a lower price be the deciding factor. Wisdoms toe means no peace now means no peace later and peace with a well known surgeon equates to peace later. Dr Casper in Pasadena rocks!!!!

I just edited my last entry and dr Casper is my...

I just edited my last entry and dr Casper is my tummy tuck selected surgeon

I paid $6500, he did a great job and what made me...

I paid $6500, he did a great job and what made me decide to go with my surgeon was his 24 year experience & many satisfied patients. I love his caring mannerism & genuine concern for me & many of his patients. Jessica front desk also a happy patient really has made my experience wonderful. When I have any questions she's there for me & I've gotten call backs from surgeon, just really satisfied!!

Countdown to 16 days!

I'm so totally ready, keeping my mind on Gods favor so that I don't have it on freaking & stressing out channel lol. Well newme1984 & sunsets we are 16 days to getting to the flat side :)

Labs cleared yeah!!

I got my lab work cleared last week, took the order to Kaiser and they did my blood work there, I emailed it to my dr. and got a "Clear and ready to roll" respond. Im booked for my pre op on 7/5/13 and my TT on 7/8/13. I cant be more excited than this. Hows my July 8th buddies doing so far?

7 days away now

So Im on serious countdown time, a week away and excited, excited, excited and trying not to freak out lol.. so hows are my tt buddies Newme1984 and Sunsets doing at 7 days away??

Pre op went great!!

Had my pre op today, paid for my surgery, got my tummy marks, and I'm sooooo ready!!

Pre pix

Ok so here are my yukky pre op pix

More flabby pre ops

Marked up tummy!!

24 hours away :)

I'm laying here in bed thinking " At this time tomorrow ill be under and my TT that's scheduled for 7:30am will be starting" I'm 24 hours & 9 minutes away to the famous flat side, thank you Lord for all your favor!! Yesterday I nested, cleaned for hours & spoke to my beautiful sister Lupe that called me from New Mexico, spoke for 3 hours, so blessed to have her. Any house will be up & preparing fur church since I may not be able to attend next weekend i better make it today, worship & thank my Lord for making this possible & for protecting me & giving me favor tomorrow morning. If that's all I do today then I'm great!! Picked up small 4 packs if pineapple juices & organic apple sauces @ traders joes, soy protein powder (vanilla) flavored, & papaya/ pineapple enzyme tablets which contain bromelain as one of the main ingredients ( good for inflammation) for 3.99 a jar of 100 tablets. Gotta pick up fresh pineapples, & low sodium soups today & I'm set & ready to go :) soooo thankful for this site and blessings to my buddies that are going to the flat side with me tomorrow :)

2 hours left!

Gd morning my beauties, want to wish my July 8 TT buddies Gods favor over your surgeries this morning, I'm to arrive at 6am and they'll start in me at 730am. I've said a prayer for you each & for all those recoveries that have strengthened me through their postings. For those that are next i will keep you posted. As I prayed today I recieved that Gods with me and he wants me to go in peace knowing that. For all you ladies having yours today sunsets, my pasadena buddy, and newme1984 lets not forget he goes before us and has every side of us covered. Actually he's with you always!! My BESTEST to you each, please keep posting as we return to our homes later today, loaded (high) posts are acceptable given the circumstances lol...

9 hours post op

Hi everyone so I'm 9 hours post op and pretty loaded off the percocets :( hate the sleepiness that comes with it. Can't find my appetite just yet, been sipping pineapple juice & water for the cotton mouth. I'm in a binder & sporting 2 drains. Been able to go tinkle (bathroom) twice with some help. Pain is minimal so far thank God, my drains seem to be collecting. I see my PS tomorrow so ill post again then. How's my 7/8 buddies doing?

My PS called :)

My PS is the greatest, he called me to check on me & let me know all went fine during surgery this morning. He says he had enough skin to reach over without having to leave me with a scar from my old bb. I see him tomorrow at 130pm excited to see his artwork under this binder. Gd nite ladies

Post op 3

Still wearing my drains, seen my ps yesterday, he said my surgery went well and gave me a glimpse of my new flat tummy as he readjusted my binder. I see him agin tomorrow. I mentioned my feet swelling and he said it was common after a surgery like a TT. Anybody else have swollen feet? I'm keeping them raised for now. Been able to transfer to Tylenol as of this morning don't like the constipation or bloated feeling from taking narcos.

4th day post update

Ok so I saw my ps yesterday, he changed my gauze over my incision and removed by bb gauze & covering and readjusted my binder. This thing itches so much, can't wait to take a real shower for now I'm using cvs disposable sponge bath mits, they come with a no rinse solution that makes it easier to just wash away & toss. Had my momma wash my hair in kitchen sink as I leaned over carefully ( loved it) I had bought some ROCKSTAR dry shampoo that works great for in between washes but nothing compares to a true hair wash. I go back to see my ps on Monday and I'm hoping my drains come out then since I'm draining minimal. These drains are the sucky part of recovery. Anyhow I removed the binder for a sponge bath and thought of taking some pix of what's going on under neath the binder at day 4 post op. lots of swelling but no where close to the blob of skin I tucked away under my jeans for years.

5 Th. day post op

Been taking Colace to help with the constipation that comes along with Norco pain meds. They finally brought me some relief yesterday and today. Don't mean to sound gross but since we all look to each other for tips & comforting advice, I thought this important to share. Other than that I'm coming along fine, tired of the soreness that these drains bring on but hopefully they come off on Mondays visit to my ps. Any ideas on bb care, my ps didn't recommend me to put anything on it but did remove the gauze & put my binder back on over it. Anybody cleaning with anything, I'm not cleared to shower yet so I'm only sponge bathing for now.

8th day post op

No more drains yeah!! So I seen my ps yesterday day 7 post op and since I was draining very Lil, he decided to pull my drains out THANK GOD! I'm to disinfect & oint the holes the drains left with polysporin for 48 hrs and he said i can shower on thursday, yippy!!! Anyhow I'm feeling alot better now that the drains are gone and the soreness is dissipating quickly from that drain area. I can see the swell everyone is talking about but I'm confident it too will be gone one day. I can't wait to get cleared to work out that's all I think about as I bum it in this recliner. I'm going nuts not working, or being as active as I used to be. Thank God it's only temporary. Well here's my pix of what my tummy looks like today with no drains.

10 dpo

Drove my car for the 1st time but was very cautious. Took my 25 yr old son with me to monitor me closely. It felt good but I will admit I returned exhausted. Also had my 1st real shower today since my drains came out on day 7 dpo my ps asked me to wait till today so the drain holes heal up prior to showering. Felt real good to have a real shower after all these days :) don't want to see another wipes for a while lol. Anyhow Im staying in my binder as instructed 24/7 by my ps. I've combined some before & 10 post op for comparison, the swell is definitely there but thank God the flab skin is gone :)

17 days post

Still got some swollen moments throughout the day, my bb is healing well and my drain holes are almost completely closed. Excited to see what I look at 30 days & as time progresses.

21 dpo

Preparing to return to work tomorrow bought myself some comfortable nursing scrubs & got my directors approval to wear them for a few weeks since I work in an outpatient rehabilitation drug program it won't look that weird I suppose or hope lol. I'm still wearing that huge white Velcro binder and don't see my ps until Friday so hopefully I am released to wear compression garments of sort just tired of this binder. I too have grown tired of this recliner & fear having difficulties getting up & down from my high bed sort of want to try it tonight to get a full nights rest before 1st day of work but not sure if that's what I'll get from switching since I read many return to their recliners sore. Anyhow other than that I'm recovering well, my incision & bb look decent, I might of packed on a few pounds sitting around eating & not exercising but soon I'm hopeful ill be back in that gym shedding off these unwanted pounds. I'm tired of being so in mobile and look forward to the extra movement work will bring, not the swelling part I keep hearing about. Anyhow happy healing my TT sisters & will keep you all posted.

25 days post op

Wrapped up my 1st week of work and glad it's Friday. Experienced daily swell especially one Tuesday my 1st day at work sitting upright was uncomfortable since I got used to the recliner, my binder got stretched out after using for 3 weeks it was bound to plus a sure sign of some swell shrinkage. I seen my ps yesterday & he fitted me in a small/ medium binder I had purchased earlier this week. Overall I'm so grateful to God for his immense favor in getting me through my surgery & 25 days of recovery :)

Almost a month

Feeling more mobile although still coming home beat & bit swollen from sitting at the office, it helps to get up & walk around to not put pressure on my incision by sitting too long. I can bee able to see good flat days & pretty good swollen moments too, overall blessed to be highly favored of God thru my recovery & more blessed to have each one of my TT warriors standing by me :) happy healing to all the new flat siders.

Nearing 6 weeks

Hi ladies I seen my ps yesterday really thought he'd say I can resume activity such as elliptical or light cardio, turns out not yet :( he said he'll see me in 2 weeks and for now Im to continue using my binder day & night & I can start using vitamin E on my scar :) I wrapped up my 3rd week back at work & feel great just wish I could of resumed hitting the gym, I miss it so much. I feel like I'm losing my butt tone & gaining a few pounds or is it all in my head lol. Is anyone else working out lightly yet? I know two weeks will fly by quick just want to hear from my RS supporters.
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Dr Casper did my BA and I am very Pleased with the outcome.

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