Seeking Feedback About E-Matrix for Treating Acne Scar - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello all, I had my first appointment with a...

Hello all, I had my first appointment with a (quite well-known with good reputation according to reviews) dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles yesterday. I have been suffering from acne for more than 20 years of my life so far, from severe, moderate to weak but with lots of scars remained on my face. Accutane has been the last efficient medication which I have been taking ON and OFF for years until keeping the low dose of 5-10 mg once a week.

I have stopped it from 8 months ago for some other reasons. Since then, my skin seems to have been maintained itself to few acne during the week.I thought that resurfacing treatments would give me some better skin which was the motivation to see my doctor. She recommended e-Matrix due to the olive color of my skin for possibly 5 treatments of $750 each. Unfortunately, most of the reviews on the web are about laser treatments, and less information is available for e-Matrix mainly for scar removal. It seems that it is more used for wrinkle, etc. I appreciate if people could share their experiences mainly if they have used it for treating acne scar. Thank you very much.

I had my first eMatrix session today, just few...

I had my first eMatrix session today, just few hours ago. I was feeling burning starting about half and hour after the treatment. It became better but it is not gone yet. I will update more.
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