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I've always had a weak chin. Several docs had...

I've always had a weak chin.
Several docs had mentioned I was a good candidate for a chin implant and I've had people state that I have a weak chin or "no chin".

So I decided I would bite the bullet and get the chin implant, I remember stating that I didn't want the implant lengthening my chin or widen it... unfortunately, it did both.

After 4 painful months, I wasn't able to get used to my new chin. So I decided to get it removed.
I actually felt like it wasn't right after I got the surgery, I then had panic attacks and hated the way my chin looked, it was HUGE. After the 3 month mark the swelling reduced dramatically. But I still didn't see "me".

My chin implant looked decent, my roommate/guy best friend loved it, but my family hated it, and I wasn't satisfied. I didn't hate my old chin as much as I hated the new chin... but there were days when I loved seeing a chin. I almost felt guilty getting it removed.

Today I had the implant removed.
It wasn't as simple as others mentioned, I had to go through the entire prep procedure (gown and all), laid me down, cleaned my face, wrapped my hair, and numbed me... which took about 15minutes. Then he cut the old incision and there was a lot of tugging and I couldn't really tell what was going on... I didn't even realize he had pulled the implant out. They used a cauterizer(?) to stop the bleeding. He then stitched me up and now I have bandages on my chin to help pull the skin back together. Must wear for about a week. Stitches come out in about 7 days.

Well, my chin is still very swollen & squishy. It doesn't look too different, but I noticed my old chin immediately! It's not the prettiest site right now. I see dimpling, but my lip is back to its old curve and I already feel like I look younger. Deep down I've got a lot of regret since I wasted time, emotions, money and I wonder if I'll ever be happy with my chin. But I feel like my old self already!

Dr. Mayer and Nurse Francais were very great and accommodating. I'm very happy they understood my decision and were patient with me. They said if I didn't like the results after 3 months I can get the revision done, placed higher and with a smaller implant (ideal).

Chin is almost back to normal

I've been so much happier since I got the removal. I felt like the implant just made my face a couple millimeters longer, which made a big difference. The scar under my chin is still swollen, so is much of my chin. It's not bad, but not there yet! For the most part I think my chin will go back to "normal". If you hate your chin implant after 3 months, do not leave it in... I wish I removed mine earlier. I put myself through hell, even looking at photos prior to removal, I know I made the right decision. I do not think my doc spent enough time with me regarding the chin implant, but I think he did a decent job, but it didn't fit my face.

The old me is almost back!

All I can say is: WOW, WTF went wrong?!

Obviously, I had a weak chin, but that implant was completely wrong for my face. I do not recommend them, not worth the pain I've gone through.

It's been a month since I've got the implant removed and I'm so much happier. It's truly amazing how self-conscious I was with the implant. Plus, people are calling me cute again and saying I look younger than my age. I feel SOOOO much better.

The scar isn't healing perfectly, it'll take time. The scar tissue is still there and swollen. My chin is bigger than pre-op, so I know in about two months it should return to its original state. If not, I'll live, it does look better from the front.

I am slightly massaging the scar tissue, which might be leading to some skin breakouts.

Still swelling

My smile and chin are still not back to normal. I feel like I should've gotten the sliding gienoplasty to shorten my chin too.

Im just playing the waiting game. Wish I never touched my chin at this point.

Almost a year after removal!

So sorry for not updating! I have finally healed from this traumatic experience. I also ended up finding a great job which is keeping me preoccupied.

My chin is pretty much back to normal! I haven't had any issues, I still feel a little bit of the scar tissue. If you are having a lot of doubt and regret, take the muthafucker out!!!

Those were the 4 worst months of my life!
I suffered from a huge depression and it wasn't just because of a poorly placed chin implant... I have never been content with my appearance. I was under the impression that this would "solve" my problems and make me feel confident. Plastic surgery is not the answer, but it can help in many ways. I understand why we go under the knife, most of the time it actually helps and we all focus on the success stories... look at Kylie Jenner! lol

Anyways, I am much happier! I'm thinking about double jaw surgery (gummy smile and weak chin), and I have Kiaser insurance... still a lot to think about.

Hope I have been of assistance!
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