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I am at a lack of words to describe my experience...

I am at a lack of words to describe my experience during and after this procedure. I can just say that in complete contradiction to what was described during the consultation meeting at the doctor's office, this has been the absolute worst experience I could have ever expected.

First and foremost, unlike what was discussed, this procedure was very painful, which I was completely unprepared for. It involves capturing different areas of skin with a special device, and then injecting a numbing solution in each and every area. This was a painful part of the procedure by itself, following which, an aggressive action of pushing a needle and moving it while under the skin, was conducted. This stage of the procedure was even more painful, perhaps due to not waiting enough time for the numbing material to work. While I can understand that this could be a part of the Cellfina procedure, this was not disclosed when I initially discussed Cellfina with the doctor and I think it should be, as overall, had I known that it would be such an aggressive treatment which would involve such pain, I would have chosen to not go through this particular procedure and go for a much less invasive one, or give up on the whole idea.

At the end of a painful treatment, while trying to get up, I realized that I was dripping blood from the incisions and holes that were created during the procedure. When I asked if my legs could be wrapped or if any first aid could be applied, I was surprised to realize that no proper equipment for that purpose was at the clinic. The nurse then went to a neighboring doctor’s clinic, and returned with few bandages with which she wrapped the fresh wounds, while the doctor had already rushed out, not knowing or caring if there was an adequate solution found or not. Needless to mention, no follow-up calls were initiated.

If these are the guidelines/instructions for doctors to do Cellfuina, I believe that those must be re-evaluated and revised, as based on my experience, they are far from giving adequate treatment to the condition patients may be in after the procedure.

A week after the procedure, I had my follow up meeting with the doctor, who was seemingly surprised at the severe bruising evident on the treated area. The days and weeks after the procedure were, and still are, very painful, with scars and extreme bruising all over my legs. Although my goal was to improve my appearance and bring my legs to look as good as possible, I have reached a situation where my legs have been in the worst condition of all time. To this day, almost three months post procedure, I still suffer from pain and hematomas all over, and have not been able to operate normally or expose my legs at all. It is obvious that what I currently have on my legs is not going to disappear in the months to come, and that long-term scars will stay on my legs.

Overall, while the procedure was intended to improve my appearance, it achieved the opposite results, has caused me severe damages and has definitely not justified the significant amount I invested in it. At this point, I am just hoping that the pain, bruising, scars and hematoma will go away as time goes by.

My experience with Dr. Moradzadeh has been...

My experience with Dr. Moradzadeh has been absolutely the worst I could have ever expected. From providing selective information during the consultation meeting, to not honoring the fee we agreed on the day of the procedure, to insisting that I would pay before rather than after the procedure, to letting me leave the clinic without applying adequate first aid on my treated area, to no proper follow up after the procedure. As per the results, this has been the worst part of this whole ordeal. To date, three months post-procedure, I am still suffering from pain, bruises and scars, and while this was a cosmetic treatment that was supposed to improve the look of my upper legs, it has achieved the opposite and my legs have never looked worse. I believe it is unnecessary to mention that based on my personal experience, I would not recommend this doctor to anyone at all. There are plenty of great plastic surgeons out there, with an impeccable reputation and the ability to offer their patients much more!
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Not professional is an understatement...

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