Thin Girls, Don't get Brazilian Butt Lift! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I had fat grafted from my abs and flanks injected...

I had fat grafted from my abs and flanks injected into each cheek, but only 250cc's made it in. That's like a coke can of fat in each butt. The lipo looks great and I like the fact that I never gain weight in the areas, but my ass is still flat. So if you're thin, forget about having a Brazillian Butt Lift. It's not worth it!

I really need to get implants, but it seems no surgeon is willing to do this procedure yet. I found one in San Francisco Bay Area where I live, but a bad review on Yelp scared me (Dr. Shahin Javaheri). He got a bad review here too!

I will spare no expense when it comes to plastic surgeons. It is important that I am in the best hands possible and have the greatest outcome.

I suppose I should fly down to Beverly Hills like I did for all my other surgeries. I heard Dr. Ryan Stanton is a good one to use for Butt Implants. Are there any others I should consider? My two doctors in Beverly Hills refuse to do butt implants stating that they are literally "A pain in the ass!" Maybe I should wait until the technology gets better. Help!

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