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I been wanting a big round booty for like ever!!!...

I been wanting a big round booty for like ever!!! I feel soo insecure when I wear tight skirts or jeans ect I really want a full round bubble butt!! I am sooo happy I am finally gona do something about it. well I hope soo I'm also nervous about my results n I hope they are what I expect them to be.. I think implants are the best choice for me because I do workout about 4-5 times a week n I've read many reviews on how my fat will most deff melt away with all that working out.. N that for me is a Big No No.. So butt implants it is! I am a week away n I can wait too see my results ahhh no more lil muscle bootty for me! Lol


Today I went to see my dr. We tlk about sizing.. I told him I wanted a kim k booty something noticeable. Big and round lol so we desided a round 330 cc implant would do the trick..know I dont really know if that's a big implant or to small for what I want but he knows n I trust my dr. He said a round implant would be a better choice bcuz if for some reason it would rotate it wouldn't change my bootys shape. He also told me that he doesnt want me to sit on my butt for 3weeks after surgury wich i think is Alot of time :0 but dr. Knows best..i guess ill be taking a extra week off work. Lol N.e ways I'm soooooo exited only 6days away!!! :D ( I will soon post a before pic)

one last time

So the day keeps getting closer n the only down fall for me is I won't be able to workout:( I alson love hiking. Me n my bf go every Friday n well today was the last Friday before surgery till idk when waahhh.. on another note I been searching for girls/ladys that have gotten around the same size & shape implants as the ones Im getting. . I'm kinda worried the results won't be as big as I want them.. I seen a lot of girls get the oval implant n like 450+ ccs n their results look great.. I will be getting 330cc round shape hopefully everything turns out great!:D


I'm gona share a lil bit more about myself.. I'm 5'4 n about 140pounds I am Mommy.. So everything started after my last pregnancy I looked at myself n said that's it enough is enough. I hate it my body. Everything about it seriously. . I had nvr had a nice bod even before my kids.. chubby no boobs no booty n now a wrinkle nasty tummy:( that's when I decided I needed to do something for myself.. I got in a diet n started to workout I was happy when I lost all the unwanted weight but wasn't done yet.. I decided to get my boobs done (by Dr.k) I was soooo pleased with my results I was feeling like a hole new person.. after that got more into working out getting tone but their was a big problem as much as I worked out my tummy was the same wrinkle n my abs no where to be seen lol soo the tummy tuck came along n omg I was the happiest! ! Everything was falling into place n my bod was looking even better than before I had kids.. my clothes fit me nicely I felt my confidence was in a nother level I didn't know existed.. I am soo glad I did all this Not for anybody not for attention but for myself becuz I cared about me n me being happy I didn't wanted to be ashamed for ever that is not a good way to live life u need to feel good about yourself ..be happy!! Many plp started to look at things the rong way that I was being selfish but none of that matter me being happy matterd more.. if theirs a solution to you problem then go ahead n fix it so that's what I did.. lol Now I'm taking the last step to be entirely happy with myself wich is having a big round bootay that can even me out lol my boobs are big n my butt is not soo that's a problem too me.so here i am counting down the days I am a bit nervous not about pain but about my results ahhh I can't wait for Thursday only 4 more days woop woop! :D

pre op pics

the office

Went to the dr.s Office one last time before surgery. . Got my pain killers prescription n I'm ready to go!! So excited... n.e who I spoke to the dr. About maybe going a lil bigger with the implants n he said its possible going up too 400cc :D wich I'm sooooo happy about.. will see what happens hopefully it fits well.. omg soo close to the big day

germ Free

So I bought a bunch of things to clean b4 Thursday. . Got sanitizer for my hand got sanitizing wipes n spray.. Clorox n so on lol I cleaned my hole bathroom n my room errrrthang! I also got bby wipes for when I gotta use the toilet.. By the way that's the one thing I been thinking about.. how am I supposed to
Use the toilet if I can't sit lol mmmm I guess ill have to figure it out.. n.e who got my comffy clothes to wearThursday n some slide in slippers to make things easier... just one more day to go :D


I made it!! I Will in detail post about my day tomorrow bcuz today I honestly can't baer the pain right now:( t2u all later


So yesturday was my surgery day.. Iwent in really early morning I was soooo nervous! I met the crew very nice plp n their was many of them it kinda made me feel more safe.. the facility was soo nice..eveverything seem good until I woke up.. ughh I felt the sooo much pain:( I don't think I've ever felt this type of pain. I know its different for everyone n I'm not trying to scare you guys but omg it was bad! They gave me pain medicine but still I was not in a good place (pain wized) when I got home I was soo happy finally in my soft comfy bed! But still I had pain I took all my meds n tried going to sleep.. no luck all night I keeped waking up. N the worse part I had to pee soo often:( going to the toilet nvr been so difficult in my life!!! Ughh this totally sucks. . I just hope I get better soon n this pain goes away.. I can literally feel my booty muscle streaching out. .

day by day

Soo today i feel a lil better. . I'm able to get up from bed a lil more easily. . The dr perscribed me some muscle relaxers n I think that's what's been helping out with the pain n keeping me more relaxed. . I haven't really been able to take pics cuz I havent been feeling good I been in bed all the time since I got bck.. but as soon as I start feeling better I will most deff post a few.. one question I do have is my butt gona stay the size it is right now?? Or is it gona pop out a lil more with time wich I really hope that's the case.. n.e who ill be posting more as soon as I feel a lil more better. .

day 3

I guess it is getting a lil better NOTHING compared to friday ooh lawwwd thank you for putting me out of that pain lol
Right now I have minor pain n Im actually in a better mood.. n.e who here's some pics I'm actually very pleased with my scar looks like everything is coming along well.. also I want to thank you ladys for all the support it trully makes me feel wayyy better :D

ok stage

I finally feel a lil better.. I was in soo much pain n in a bad mood.. now is all better yay.. its way easier to get up n go to the bathroom n I finally got an appetite.. I try to get up n walk also to get off my tummy n bed ugh it really sucks laying in bed All day:/ thank god I've had plp come visit lol my daughter also sticks around to help mommy:) soo everything is going good just waiting on my dr. Follow up check up


So its been a little over a week n I'm feeling really great compare to the first few days.. I'm very surprised because I thought it would be way longer to get better.. i do feel my muscle a little tight still n kinda sore but I can get in n out of bed now walk around a lot more but the one thing that's driving me crazy is these drains!! I can lay more on my side now but since I have the drains right on my sides it some what hurts n it sucks, being on ur tummy all day is not kool at all so I try to be on the side once in a while.. I saw the dr on Thursday n he said he will be removing my drains next wed. Cant wait!! Besides that everything is going well my scar is healing up. I just can't wait till I'm 100% good to go bck to normality:)


His drains are driving me crazy :( everything else is great I feel almost bck to normal I can walk n clean up a little.. feels good not to be in that bed ALL day. I been wanting to sit like I see everyone eating sitting one the table n I'm like yea ok ill just stand here lol I guess ill just wait a little more. N.e who can't wait for tomorrow drains are coming out!! Cuz theirs nothing leaking anymore lol yayy

bye bye :D

N their out!! Thank god!! I'm free lol
Soo my dr. Took my drains out. N he's very happy with my healing aswell as my results.. & I'm allowed to sit on my brand new bootay yayy lol never thought ill be this happy to sit lol :) thanks to all the ladys whos been following my journey I really appreciate the tips & support & ofcourse all your well wish.. I'm happy to know their is women out their supporting each other!! It truly makes a difference..?


So I feel normal now but I'm still trying to get used to sitting on this booty. I'm in no pain but I do feel a lil sore sometimes n idk if this happend to any of you guys but it kinda feel a lil heavy back their lol everyday I think is Getting a lil bigger wich I'm more than fine with that :D n.e who the implants still feel a lil on the hard side when I touch them but the dr. did say its a process.. so yea I mean I don't feel the implants their it feels like a part of my body just waiting for them to soften up a little.. sorry it took my a while but ill be posting more pics as the time goes by so you guys can see the full process in effect lol;)

new booty


So I guess sitting down is a hole different view of the behind lol I still can't believe this is mah butt :D I am very pleased no I am superrrr pleased! !!

new booty pics

Sooo far sooo good.. went bck to work today I gotta say things are going bck to normal;)

side pic

Sorry u guys but I'm really bad at taking pics standing up n with this phone:/
Hopefully this is good enough for a side view pic:)

I've known Dr.k (khosravi) since 2009 he is a B.Certified plastic surgeon. . I had my breast n tummy tuck done by him and I am very happy with my results. . He always makes me feel very comfortable he explains every single thing I needed to know and he always answers all my questions.. I can honestly say I will keep going to Dr.k for any of my cosmetic needs.

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