1 year post op and still loving my boobies results!

I've always been self conscious about my body. I...

I've always been self conscious about my body. I am latina, so is a HUGE deal to have big boobs, tiny waist and big butt. I was gifted with a tiny waist, but the butt and the boobies def. need some improvement.

After a lot of considerations, I've decided to do both! I will have to do them separately though (Money reasons and I'm freaked out to mess one or the other on my sleep, sitting...)

Boobies are coming Dec. 20th. I will be getting a lift and silicone implants. I have NO IDEA what cc I want/ need, no idea what bra size... All I can say, is that I want boobies more or less the size my wish pictures are.

I'm not sure what to expect or what to buy. I'm scared of finding big bruises, or a random scar...

Also, my mom will be coming to town. I feel guilty to have her 24/7 trapped in the house when there is a gorgeous city she hasn't seen well outside. Is the recover too long? I would like to take her to Disneyland, but I'm scared so much walking (or sweating) will affect me big time?

Please share your stories/advice with me! I'm a little anxious and don't know what to do!

More Wish pics!

Papa don't preach… he now knows about my BA

I just told my father about my upcoming surgery and he almost wanted to cry. I thought it would be a good idea to calm him down by showing him one of my wish pics (the girl in the car with a black bikini), but it made everything WORSE. He thinks I will look ridiculous with huge boobs like that. My surgery is a little beyond a month away, and honestly, I now feel I will be living hell as we are in the same household. Has any of your family members reacted this way? I am a little teary. It hurts when family doesn't have your back the way you expected...

Before Pics 147 lbs 5'3 20 years old

Alright, I got the balls to update these pictures. I currently am 147 lbs with 5'3 and 20 years old. My dr. recommended getting me 300 and 325cc, or 325 and 350. I am considering just going for it and getting 400cc, under the muscle, and a moderate profile. What do you guys think with my bod and my wish pics? how many cc should I get?

Before Pics 147 lbs 5'3 20 years old

Oops! forgot to add current bra size

Pre Op measurements:

147 lbs
20 years old
barely 34 B

Life is good with a Bra on

I wanted to share with you guys how my boobs look with a miraculous bra on. This is 34B from Victoria's Secret. Is the Very Sexy Plunge Bra. I believe it adds two sizes up. Very sad when I have to take it off though! Can't wait to get them done! Any final questions to my Dr. for my pre op on Dec. 5TH?

Help! Having second thoughts with sizes :(

I could have sworn I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. But, now that my Pre-op is tomorrow, I've been freaking out about the size I thought would be great for me. Now, All I see (even some of MY wish pics) are boobs way too big. Am I just overreacting because my date is coming soon? Did you guys went through the same thing? Here I am now staring at my wish pics and debating what to do…Keep you updated on what happens at my pre-op tomorrow.

Final Pre Op Size: 350 R 400 L

Pre op yesterday went great! I got a huge Surgery Summary set, which contains all the things I will be expecting, what to do and not do, and just an overall guideline about surgery (I feel most Doctors don't give this. I guess they 'assume' us patients do know? but most of us we obviously not…) Doctor picked the picture of the girl on a white tank and her dog as the reference picture. My left boob is considerably smaller than my right, so it will be having 400cc, the other will be 350cc, we are hoping to make them both look 400cc. I am not concerned about my final bra size, I just want to have the hourglass figure and look hot.

Can't wait to have these two weeks going quickly, and get my boobies done. I will start taking my arnica soon and research a ton about taking care of scars and stretch marks (Dr. said even with small boobs, Stretch marks can potentially come out of nowhere :( sad…). I just know I am ready for this and can't wait to finish saving up money and get my brazilian butt lift next! Hourglass body here we come!

Lollipop Lift + What to do when feeling sick 1 week pre op

I am 6 days away from my surgery, and OF COURSE, I am feeling sick, dizzy, tired… All the things that NEED pills. I am battling not to do something stupid and take a pill, but geez. I've always been healthy and out of nowhere this is happening. Maybe is anxiety? I've also been concerned about getting a lift. I've decided getting the "lollipop" lift, which is a circular cut around the aureola, and another vertical cut down the middle. This will get my boobies up high and make the aureola smaller. I am just scared to death of the scar. I guess is either hanging low boobs, or perky up with a tiny scar… What do you guys recommend?

I did it! Merry Christmas to me! Boobies upgraded

I had my surgery on the 20th. In total honesty, I haven't had any discomfort or weird pain at all. Just soreness. I am already able to raise my arms all the way up, and tomorrow Dr. has approved to shower. And yes, I can wet the incisions too. Boobs are looking round and amazing. I already went to the bathroom (for those that know how hard it is to poo after surgery with all the pain meds…) My only issue is that I am sleepy and tired all the time. I guess is pretty normal. I can't wait to go forward a month to start to see the true results. Thanks for all of you that have been looking up to me!

1 Week Post Op! (Before and After)

I am so happy with my decision. My Dr. did an amazing job. After surgery I had no pain, just chest pressure. I was able to sleep on my side after day 4. I took a shower on a Monday (Friday was the surgery) and I was allowed to wet the incisions (obviously not the point to sink on a hot tub…) After the shower I was allowed to use deodorant and I am already off pain medication. Best recovery ever. I used the restroom on day two (those of you that have been through this, know how hard it is to go to the bathroom with all the hardcore medicine. I only had two pills to take though.) Yesterday I was all day shopping with my mom. I do get tired really easily though. My back was killing me. I feel my boobs are humongous! I thought they were 400 425, but he ended up using only 350 on the left and 325 on the right. I did have boobies in there. They were just saggy. It was a good decision because they look the perfect size. Glad didn't push the cc to more. I can go bra shopping after a month more or less. Will update better after pics later. I am so tired!

1 week Op! one more thing...

ohh btw. On day two I had to try to raise my arms all the way up and down and to expand the torso forward and back. I can drive since yesterday when you are done with pain medication and can do the movements. so happy!

Beautiful boobs! 1 week post op

Tried on my old bra. Looks waaay to small on me. On the right (left) side looks a little loose, boobs need to drop a tad more. 1 week post op

Loving my boobs more than ever

Planning on getting your boobies done? Do yourself a favor and take before pictures. Why? Because once you get surgery, our minds play nasty tricks and makes us forget to realize the HUGE improvement we've just made in our bodies and self-esteem. Looking at my before pictures makes me wonder, How did I tolerated looking at those Every.single.day in the mirror? Best decision ever.

I am happy that they look very natural (at least to me), they are at a normal rise level, they jiggle and move up and down if I move. Very few times I feel uncomfortable sleeping. When I do, I fix myself to sleep on the side and that solves the issue. The only thing I am hating are the damn stretch marks. If you know any treatment that was worked, or heard it works, send it my way asap!

Scars are healing very well. I've had a "lollipop" surgery, meaning: they cut around the areola and straight down the middle. I'm surprised how well the cuts are blending in and every day they are less noticeable.

My boobs have looked fantastic since the minute I walked out surgery. I wish I would have been more consistent to show you all my progress, but I can guarantee you that it was seamless for me, so far I have no complaints, and I've got exactly what I wanted: natural looking boobs, as compared to the playboy prominent boobs style.

Very very happy

6 months mark on June 20th See pics

I cannot emphasize more on how much I love my new boobs. They look and feel real. Perfect size for my frame and they are everything I wanted them to be and more. Nobody has even questioned my boobs since I got them done. I guess is because I've alway wore a padded bra. Couldn't be happier!

Wish Pic VS me now!! Before and After Updated

I wanted to share with you the HUGE difference I've seen in my body. Are my boobs perfect after procedure? No. Nipples might not be perfectly aligned. Areola might not be perfectly rounded. Size of boobs are not the same. But then, when I compare my before and after pictures, I realize what a big step I've taken and how much better I look. Best part of everything is that I look natural. When I take my clothes off, my boobies do fall a little bit, just like normal boobs. They move. They jiggle. It's like I was born with them. Will I consider taking another surgery? MAYBE. Just to pick them up a little bit. But quite frankly, this is not my priority anymore. I feel accomplished.

Anyways, If you guys know any treatments for stretch marks and scarring let me know! I am currently using the cocoa butter formula from palmer's. Seems to work, but if there is anything better I will take it! (Checked laser removal for these issues, and they want to charge me min 2,000 heck no...)


I really needed to post these pics. I remember last year how awful I've felt after I took these pictures. I was embarrassed. "How Could a 20 year old have boobs like that?" I thought. Quite frankly, I didn't know they looked THAT BAD until I actually saw them. I've felt hopeless and ugly. I loved myself, but I knew I could do better than that. I don't understand why most people are against surgery, and somehow associate that with low self esteem. Honestly, I always thought I was gorgeous, but that level of 'inside prettiness' needed to match up with what I THOUGHT, let me repeat: I, MYSELF, YO, thought exterior pretty was and still is. My body didn't reflect what my mind thought about my overall loving self.

I'm pretty sure there's women out there, with a similar body than mine, freaking rocking the world and not even thinking about surgery. Their mind and body match, and that's absolutely OK and I have nothing to argue on that. BUT, sometimes life gives us things that we later on realize we do not match, or belong in (I.E. being born in a family, city, society, religion, culture, country, that as much as you try, you do not belong with them. Or something much more simple as being born blonde, and realized black hair suits you better! or vice versa). In my case, I've realized my body and mind did not match. And, instead of giving up, I decided to fight the fight, be smart about it, research a ton, and find a doctor and timing that matched my needs to the dot. And I did.

Now, at a young 21 years old, I feel more comfortable with myself. My life is still the same. People and circumstances have not changed. This was a battle between me, myself and I. A beautiful body won't buy me happiness, and I'm pretty sure it won't buy you happiness either. BUT, now my body suits me. I feel identified with it. Don't you hate it when someone gives you clothes as a present, and you hate the clothes? We all know, clothes identify us. It tells a little about ourselves. We don't wear clothes we don't like. We might wear it occasionally, just to make the other person happy, but deep inside we know this is not us, is not who we are. So then, why are we on a body we don't like and WE KNOW IT? Just because we were born like that, we are entitled to look like this forever?

I'm glad I made the switch. Haters gonna hate if they want to. At the end of the day, I am happy, loving myself, and taking control of my decisions. Don't ever let other decide what you know is best for YOU.

How to pick the right Doctor and have a happy ever after

If you are thinking of getting a breast augmentation, or lift, or both, really analyze your Dr. pictures. Listen carefully what he has to say about his style. Run away from Drs that will do whatever you ask them to do. My Dr. always kept talking about how he didn't like boobs that looked like two balls attached to the body. If I wanted really out there high profile boobs, it would have made most sense to just find a Dr. that DOES like and DOES believe in making gorgeous high profile boobs. Be honest with yourself about what you want and need, and make sure your Dr. also loves what you are trying to achieve. I think most girls don't get what they want, because they pick their Dr. based on a cheaper rate, is closer home, recommended by a friend, etc... But then, what they want to achieve, is not what the Dr. believes is the 'ultimate' look. So, because they are asking the Dr. to do something out of his comfort zone, he might not understand the vision. OR, he gives them what HE thinks is a better look, and then these girls are upset that their results didn't turned out as wished. Beware of that trap and don't fall into it! Your Doctor needs to feel like a match. Believe me, if your Dr. and you are on the same page, you both love the wish pics, and you are both confident and eager to see amazing results, then you know you are well on your way to be a happy Post Op patient!

7 months Post Op with the best boobs ever. No regrets

Today I tried on this bikini. I couldn't believe my eyes on how good my boobies are looking. I'm so grateful on finding Dr. Minniti and having him create the natural looking boobs I could have never even dreamed of. I feel that if I were to step out to the beach right now, no one would be second guessing my body. I now understand the meaning of: the best surgery is the one no one can tell you got!

New pics! 1 year post op with Dr. Minniti- breast augmentation and lift

First off, I want to thank all the gals on RS that were here before me. Without your blogs and reviews, I would have gone crazy! My experience with Dr. Minniti was phenomenal. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. He is the natural looking boobs maker God! For those of you about to venture, or currently recovering from sx, have patience and trust to your surgeon! Every day will be getting better and better. Boobs will drop, will be soft, and will feel as if they were there since always! I promise month 6 will be the most fun of all months!

About me, I'm very satisfied. No round 2 on boobs until is time to change them. I'm currently on my journey to get my BBL (happening in less than 2 weeks, see my other blog http://www.realself.com/review/unknown-brazilian-butt-lift-hourglass-body ) I'm very happy and excited. I feel a new Bootie will level the game up to the boobies standards lol. After the BBL, I will take some time to pay all the bills and get my financials on track. I do plan on getting my legs and arms lipoed later on (2016?) I will probably have dr. Minniti do these as well. Overall I feel very happy. I feel my body is finally matching up to my standards. By no means I believe changing my body will make me happier. I just feel more comfortable in my own skin. Kisses and hugs to all you gals! Follow your doctor's instructions and happy healing!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Minniti is amazing. The minute I went to meet him, I knew he was the one. He takes all the time needed to answer my questions. I never felt rushed. He is honest. He is against ball shaped boobs, which relieved me, because I did not wanted to look like Pamela Anderson. NOBODY, I mean, NOBODY, has argued on my boobs. No comments. No staring with suspicious looks. Nothing. They look and feel natural. If I want to show them off, I absolutely can, but If I want to hide them, I CAN TOO! Best of all: once I take off my bra, they still look AMAZING. I feel confident again. I now buy bras by comfort, as opposed to padding. I can go out without a bra, and still look fabulous (which lets me avoid that annoying fat from the back that shows off with Bras! Ughh!) This Dr. does not only does an amazing job, but I can tell he takes pride on his work. I would even put my mom under this Dr's hands to do her breasts. That's how much confidence and trust I have on him. 100% recommended.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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