4'11", 105 Lbs, 300 cc... A/B hoping for C/D

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I am so ready to finally fit into my shirts! I'll...

I am so ready to finally fit into my shirts! I'll be getting my BA along with some inner thigh lipo in December and I can't wait. I was originally scheduled for July but the thought of wearing all the compression garments in the middle of summer sounded awful.

I had my first consultation last November and decided on 275 cc but now I'm thinking I might want to go with 300 cc. Reading everyone's reviews confuses me so much because I'm seeing tiny people with 500 cc that don't look huge but that just sounds crazy. Being so short, I definitely don't want to look top heavy.

I can't help obsessing about size right now and I still have 7 months to obsess over what size I should get, but in the end I think I'm going to show my doctor my wish pics and then let her decide. Other than her impressive background, I picked Dr. Begovic because she is a beautiful woman who has had work done herself, and I like her aesthetics.

Getting closer!

I scheduled my BA over a year beforehand and it felt like the day would never come but now it's less than two months away and I'm starting to get nervous/anxious/excited... it's a mix between "OMG is it time yet? Hurry up i want boobs!" and "OMG I'm freaking out it's almost time!"...

Can't wait for my pre-op in 3 weeks so I can finally pick a size. Didn't have any wish boob pics when I first went in but I found some here (thanks to whoever I stole these from). I'm not even sure they're all the same size but they're all beautiful.

Pre-op pillow shopping

I was trying to figure out how to make myself comfortable after the surgery and it looked like wedge pillows were hit or miss. I found this awesome adjustable wedge pillow set from Relax The Back called PureFit. It's pricey at $250 but it's super comfy. Hopefully comfy enough to sleep in when I'm in tons of pain.

Dr. Begovic is so easy to talk to and she has a great bedside manner. Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful as well.

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