Will 400cc's or 450cc's Get Me Where I Wanna Be?...- Beverly Hills, CA

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I'm 5'7,and Thin. I'm getting High profile,Saline...

I'm 5'7,and Thin. I'm getting High profile,Saline Implants,Under the muscle.
At first I was going for 375 (R) & 350 (L) Since my right breast is slightly bigger then my left.
My goal is to become a FULL C cup. Now I know you do lose some what when going under the muscle and I know implants look a lot smaller then natural breast with the same size Cup. I'm and A cup right now, and after doing some research and before and after photos I realize that my first choice is rather small, I'm now looking at 400cc's-425cc's, I would like to know if I can pull off 450cc'ss that would be my limit.

12/21/12 Hey everyone ! Well my...


Hey everyone !

Well my consultation was Nov.28 and I tried on the 375 Moderate implants because he didn't have HP at the time.
But after looking at before/after photos of girls that are thin and same height as me with 375 HP saline implants that started with and A cup I realized it was just too small,plus I didn't really like them when I tried them ,i should have said something then but I don't know why i just didn't.
and I know implants look smaller then real breast with the same size cup.

I had emailed him saying I wanted to go bigger then planned and if I can try on sizer's again when I go for my
pre-op which is Jan.8th and discuss size, I was thinking of buying a 38C cup Bra and taking it to my pre-op and tell him if we can find the implant that fills that bra haha and maybe go 25 more cc's because I'm going under the muscle and you lose a bit more.
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