34, 2 Kids, 5'5"/102 Lbs, Always Been Flat Chested. Beverly Hills, CA

Hello, ladies! I have always been extremely...

Hello, ladies! I have always been extremely self-conscious about my flat chest, and I'm finally taking the plunge. I am reasonably confident in my appearance, but have always desired beautiful, full breasts. My husband thinks I'm perfect the way I am, but is very supportive. The closer we get to the procedure date, the more excited he gets.

My BA is scheduled for Friday, October 14. My PS is going with 340cc Natrelle Inspira SRX, sub-muscular placement. I had all of my blood work done last week and my meds are ready. Let the countdown to beautiful boobies begin!

Surgery's done!

My surgery was completed by 5:30 pm on Friday (technically yesterday). I have my post op first thing in the morning. I'm in serious pain; the Norco is not helping at all. Hoping it's just the bindings. Looking forward to seeing my new girls!

Post Op this morning

Got my bindings cut off this morning and into my surgical bra. Pain has subsided some.

Day 2

Swelling is going down steadily and pain is well managed.

4 days out

The last two nights have been rough. I've been waking up with pain in my breasts and upper back on the right side. This compression band is irritating, and that is putting it mildly. Breasts are still very firm to the touch.

Day 4

Looks and feels like right side (left in pic) is dropping some. Skin feels super tight and breasts feel heavy. Pain has lessened.
Side note: Nail polish remover is good for the markings. Just be VERY, very careful not to get too close to incision.

Day 6

Saw my doctor this morning. He put me into a smaller bra and tightened up the band. Incisions look good and are healing well. Next follow up is in 10 days.

Day 11

Implants are softening nicely
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