32 Years Old 5'8" 110 Pounds Want BA - Beverly Hills, CA

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I want to start my journey for BA. I researched...

I want to start my journey for BA. I researched online about most surgeons in LA county. I relied on real self and yelp reviews the most. So I found Dr Eugene Kim. I scheduled my consultation and waited for few weeks. Few days ago I went to his office. I think front desk I am not sure if her name is Stella. She is the sweetest girl ever. I didn't wait too long. Dr Kim went over my wants and desired looks. My fear is going too big or too small. I am skinny and tall so don't want to end up looking crazy ????
I will probably ask the sizes again on pre oo day. We talked abt moderate 375 cc or Hp 420cc. I will discuss my concerns with him next meeting which is ten days away. I wanted to post this journey for anyone who is considering breast implant surgery. I know I kept searching for someone with my stats and found couple. I will post a pic of the look that I want.

Confused much

So I now am thinking abt gummy implants. Its 1000$ more and less risk of CC. I keep debating abt the size shuld I go 420 or 380s I want nice boobs but not too big for my narrow frame.

Had BA today 5'8" 110 Lbs

Hello I had my surgery at 10 am and told the md that cc's do not matter as long as he gets me close to wish pics. I got out at 230 pm and was extremely drowsy and dizzy but I told my husband hurry up and get me up the stairs. Once on stairs I was super fast to get to bed before I faint. I haven't taken anything for pain yet and it's 1030 pm. I been in bed all day ate food felt dizzy. I am not in pain right now but lotttt of chest tightness and presssure. So I might take one Valium for muscle relaxant and sleeping. Fyi I received natrelle 415 cc in left and 385 cccin right. My doctor and nurses were great . I do not have one single complaint. I felt like I am in great hands. Now I am getting little dizzy again. Good night ????

2nd post op day

Hello , just update on last night I took Valium for chest pressure and to go to sleep at 10 soemthing and woke up at 330 in lot of presssure . I wanted to take Valium but instead took one norco because doc said alternate. I don't take pills often so everything I take makes me queasy. I forgot to mention I went with silicone smooth natrelle inspira. Pain is not there but right now it's 9 am and I took my message last night at 3 and can manage with pressure.


More one day post surgery pic

Anything to relieve the pressure off of my bra line

Post op day 2

So last night I was in pain/pressure. Took muscle relaxant at 12 am and woke up again at 4 and took norco. I went to sleep until 830 am. I had a bowel movement today which is always good news. I am feeling lethargic/tired . On top of it my bra band is killing me. So I sent me husband to get me some bra from Store. I cant take the digging in my ribs. I been eating really good. My husband was surprised how fast I was eating my dinner last night lol. I think I am gonna hold off pain pills till night one.

Must have Things for fellow real selfers

If u planning a BA please make sure u have all this:
Soemone to lift u in and out of bed for three four days for sure
Stool softener
Wedge pillow I bought mine at Walmart last min for 20$ I keep it with me in and out fo room. Pillow keeps u inclined I think better than regular pillows
Some candy for after taste of pills
Straws for first day of surgery .
Buying sports bra is hit or miss. I bought mine at target called champion but man that shit was digging into my rib cage . So sent hubby to Lorna Jane to buy me a bra. I bought myself a small cuz my rib cage is 25 or 26.
Buy some hoodies with zipper up front cuz it's a pain for button shirt. I have one from surgery day still on the third day. Sounds clean right lol.
Buy ginger ale
Bananas or soem nutrition bar if U wake up midnight in pain. So u can eat soemthing and take a pill.
Plz feel free to ask me.
I am willing to answer anything and everything for future augmentators lol if that is a word.

Post op day 3

As you can see I am so good in posting daily lol because I literally have nothing else to do. I better start doing my class work for online class. Last night was the first night where I didn't wake up in pain. Took micro at 1030 and that's it. Hubby woke me up at 745 so he can get me out of bed and go to work.i will post pics soon. I feel like I made some breast friends here with fellow real selfers lol

Boob greed

So I think I wish was 430 cc range. I have such small rib cage like 25 or 26 inches but boobs look ok not big or not too small. Hopefully feeling goes away but they look pretty good

Pre surgery pics

Completely forgot to post my pre op pics of my teeeny self after kids

Day 4

Well last one was crazy. I took norco at 11 pm and went to bed. But in LA heat I was up all night with hot weather and slight pressure and weird environment in the room. I been eating good and have no problems with constipation. I was worried I am gonna get sick with all the pills but I take yogurt before antibiotic and eat something prior to it and it's all good. Oooo almost forgot had my shower yesterday and hubby helped wash my hair. My hair was sooo tangled up . I just told him throw all the conditioner in there so he doesn't have to kill my by combing my tangles out. :) I am so ready to watch my favorite movie transformers as soon as I am a little bit better.


Here's 4th day

5th day post op

Hi so yesterday was a good day. From the day of surgery till today I been taking one Valium mid day before nap and one norco before sleep at night. I am going to cut down Valium maybe today or tomorrow. Today is my post op appointment. I am having such back pain form sleeping in same position in the bed. I can do range of motion in my arms now but not excessive. Not really trying out for excercise competition. So far I realize maybe I could have gone a tiny tiny 50 cc bigger. But doc knows best. They loook nice and I can't believe how normal thy look on my tiny tiny rib cage lol. I see some people with wider rib cage and less cc but look huge. Ooo well I am going to keep these babies hopefully for at least a decade if everything goes well. I will pray :)

Post op stitched removal

Hi I went to the doctor to get stitches removed yesterday but also I was running low grade fever from day or 2. I don't know what caused it it could have been my daughter who was running a fever on fri/ sat of 102. But I was so scared for past couple of days. Yesterday also I noticed hint of redness and told the doctor he switched my antibiotic to stronger one. I am sooo scared but redness is not worse. It seems to be flaking off . I don't know what to think of all this. The stitch area was pretty clean and free of infection. I don't know maybe my bra is causing it. I mean my bra is getting tighter and tighter. I am going to Wal mart today and buy some inexpensive bras. Fyi I wore Lorna Jane bra from few days but man it's not comfortable still. So doctor said u can buy any bra now. I will keep u guys posted.:( me so scared

Day 9

Picture of today maybe u guys cant see darker tone around my left breast Aerola which was previously reddish color now it's more dark shadow

Sorry first one is only left side

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He is great in being realistic yet trying to make sure you are going to be pleased with outcome.I advice anyone whose going to him, to take wish pics. Do not emphasize cc's. He will take care of it. His nurses and anesthesiologist are great. I was so scared once on operating table but I didn't even know when I went to sleep. I was never in pain after procedure but lots of tightness/pressure. I will update you guys as I recover.

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