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I been on this site for about a month now. Looking...

I been on this site for about a month now. Looking at all you ladies. My surgery is today and I am super nervous. I live in Las Vegas but my surgery is in Beverly Hills with Dr. Kapoor. I'm 23, 5'4, 180 lbs. A lot of people say the pain feels like you have been hit by 2 buses so this makes me nervous, but my pain tolerance his high. I think I have everything I need for recovery which is my boppy pillow maxi pads, stool softners, and maxi dresses. I seen that everyone on here has chux, gaurments, ect. But all the rest of that stuff is going to be provided by my recovery center I am going to after everything is all finished.

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It's Done!!! Right now I'm swollen. I have left my recovery center. When I first got to SLS I was shaking really bad from anesthesia wearing off. I had to sleep on my side which was very uncomfortable. The nurse was trying to feed me and every time I would take a bit, I felt like I had to throw up. I also felt my throat was very sore so I text Dr. Kapoor and he said it was from a breathing tube because my surgery took about 5 hours. That's one good thing about my doctor. I can contact him anytime and he's very informative.

I has been 4 days already

I has been 4 days already and I still haven't went poop yet. I usually go like click work after I eat. I haven't taken my garment off yet. But I'm going to have to after tomorrow because I haven't taken a shower since the surgery (4 days). I know it's going to be hell getting the garment back on. The pain is not as bad as it was the first day but I still take my Norco every now and then.
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