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Introduction Blog: Let me begin by saying that I...

Introduction Blog:

Let me begin by saying that I will be adding before and after pictures- I just want to wait until I have completely locked in my surgery date. =) So some wish pictures should make do for now.

At this point, it seems as if I will be having my surgery done by Dr. Ron Hazani.
I'd previously submitted a deposit of $300 to Spectrum Aesthetics for surgery with Dr. Mel Ortega, but ultimately decided that I did not feel comfortable with that decision. Afterwards, I did more research, even contacted the offices of some of the most well-known RS doctors in the Dominican Republic, but also decided that wasn't a route I was willing to take.

In the end, I was seriously considering the experience of three doctors- Dr. Rami Ghurani, Dr. Anthony Hasan, and Dr. Yaron Hazani.

They all have amazing work that speaks for itself, but I choose Dr. Hazani because: a) I was extremely concerned with how my abdomen would look after aggressive liposuction, b) both he and his coordinators seem to maintain a great standard of communication with prospective patients, and c) because he was close to home which made recovery seem less intimidating.

What should I document during my BBL journey? (before pictures)

So I've followed through on my promise; here are some 'before' pictures.
All of my fat seems to gather in the lower half of my body, which is good, but I want to restructure it!

D.O.S (Date of Surgery) November 24th, 2015


This section is pretty important to me, so please post or message any suggestions or questions you might have! I really want this blog to become a helpful resource for other ladies who are interested in having this procedure.

I know I have to upload more 'before' pictures, but what else should I take note of for those of you who are interested in this surgery? I've heard of taking tape measurements before surgery and a couple of times afterwards as well (for comparison). Posting plenty of 'after' pictures is a given, and I will really try to make a conscious effort to remember to periodically post updates well after I think I've achieved my final results.

About Me | Cost | Tips

---- About Me ----
Late-20s, no children, no prior surgery, 150 lbs, 5'3", no health issues.
Pre-surgical measurements: Waist: ~29 inch / Butt: ~40 inch.
Naturally heavy in the behind, thighs, and calves.

What I hope to achieve through surgery: I have some extra fat to spare, so I'd like my curves to be enhanced through liposuction. A nice bubble butt would be perfect- I don't want anything outlandishly big, but I definitely want the size and shape of it to be enhanced.

---- Costs, Travel, and Preparation ----
I understood that the cost for having a BBL wouldn't stop at just the surgical procedure alone, but I had no idea just how expensive it could get. Taking time off from work can be a hassle for some people, and depending on the kind of work you do, it could really impact your job performance even after returning to work. This list probably isn't going to be all-inclusive, but here are some things to take in account for budgeting (particularly so as an out-of-town patient):

1. Surgery - I suggest exploring package deal options, because some quotes don't include labs, garments, medication, etc. If you're traveling alone, look for caregiver options in the area (Carelinx seems to be pretty useful).

2. Lodging - For those of us who need to travel for surgery, this can definitely add up. I suggest booking as soon as you have officially locked in your surgery date and time off of work. Pay attention to how accessible your rental is, since it'll be hard to maneuver up and down stairs after surgery- does it have a kitchen, elevator, etc? Are there weekly rates, a security deposit, additional hosting taxes? Do check-in/check-out times coincide with your flight?

3. Transportation - The flight is most important (check passport expiration date, if applicable), but consider transportation after you've landed. A rental car might work if you have someone coming with you, but you can also consider the cost of using Uber, shuttles, taxis, etc.
WARNING: Many Uber/taxi drivers will REFUSE to transport you post surgery due to the bleeding.

4. Diet - Meal prep in order to save money. It's less expensive and you can control your sodium intake (important because salt isn't good for the swelling). Drink plenty of water, eat pineapples, and try to consume fresh fruit.

5. Supplies - Garments, linens, loose clothing, etc. The Realself Community has a BBL Supplies List that a lot of members use, so I highly suggest taking a look at it. Some of these items can be purchased after landing, like baby wipes, so you can save some luggage space if you wait to buy them.

6. Post-surgical costs: Lymphatic massages, new garments, waist trainers, new clothes, vitamins, etc.

---- Advice ----
No matter how skilled a doctor might be, everyone's body is different and can react differently after invasive surgery. I researched complications (preventable and not), so that I could begin to mentally prepare myself in case something did go wrong. Burns, scarring, infection, and other adverse reactions can occur, so just keep that in mind.

Please, please, please take the time to walk yourself through your expected surgical journey so that you can ask your physician appropriate questions. Research is so important! I kept track of everything in Microsoft OneNote Online- it's still free, if I'm not mistaken.

Comment or message any questions! I really don't mind, and if I come across new information for this section, I'll add it in a comment below instead of creating an entirely separate update.

P.S: I bookmarked Hazani Dolls with 'before' and 'after' pictures, so if anyone needs them they can just let me know.

Hazani Doll in 7 Days!

------------------ Preparing for Surgery ----
I'm so excited to go through with this transformation!

I tried not to over do it, but here's a basic rundown of things I had/have to do in order to follow through with this commitment and actually booking my surgery:

1) Schedule a consultation for information and a quote. ? 2) Make sure job is okay with time off. ? 3) Put down deposit and lock in surgery date. ? 4) Complete bloodwork (about a month before actual surgery date so there's time to correct any abnormalties). ? 5) Go in for pre-op appointment and final round of bloodwork. ? 6) Show up for surgery the next day.

Note: For specifics on what to expect in terms of finances/budgeting, check my last update!

My pre-flight purchase list:
Compression stockings + sleeves
Firming Lotion
Abdomen board/lipo board
Arnicare Gel
Lumex's female urinal
Booty Buddy BBL Pillow

Next-Stop Purchases: I want to wait until I land in Los Angeles to go to CVS and Ross so I can grab some inexpensive sheets, clothing, pads for drainage, stool softener, and vitamins. I hadn't really planned on taking vitamins prior to surgery, but maybe I'll switch it up and buy some tomorrow! I just really hate taking pills. :( I was also hoping to have created my belly button mold right now, but I think I'll just make something simple and fast once I get there.

I will be taking Vitamin C, Iron, and Vitamin E (in wheat germ capsule form so that it may be applied topically). I also hope to find decent pineapples in LA in lieu of buying pure Bromelain. I might have to suck it up and add yet another pill to the pile!

I considered buying a garment from Leonisa, but I figured that I should wait until after surgery. I really can't predict what size I'll be so I don't want to waist money, plus the surgery special that I purchased already includes a binder, stage 2 garment, and boppy pillow.

Clothing: So far I'm planning on wearing lots of sweatpants, hoodies, and pajamas. I need clothing that is easy to slip on and off. I hardly ever wear dresses, but maybe I'll find some simple ones that cover up the arms and such. I'm bringing a hat so I don't have to worry about bad hair days, as well as some black slip-on shoes, and a robe (or two).

--- This Week ----
I decided to start sleeping on my stomach in order to ease the transition and it's actually not that difficult for me. I'm just using this week to knock the rest of the items off of my to-do list, such as compiling a list of post-surgery recipes and doing last minute research.

I'm going to add in a few more wish pictures for good luck. =o

I've been looking at Groupon offers to fill the rest of my days in LA. I might just turn this entire trip into a beauty trip and add in teeth whitening or something. Nothing too intense, I promise! I'm just in a good place in my life and feel like treating myself.

- - - - Side Note: Tattoos - - - -
I'm sure this won't really matter to most people, but I spoke with Dr. Hazani about my upcoming procedure and wanting to know if getting a tattoo would complicate the healing. He advised that I wait until after surgery to get a tattoo, because I can't have the surgery within a few weeks of getting the tattoo nor can I get a tattoo immediately afterwards due to healing complications. I'd have to wait a few weeks, especially considering the fact that I'm having aggressive liposuction on multiple areas. Just thought I'd add that in. =)

More Pictures + Packing (Less than 48 hours left)

---- Tonight's the Flight! ---
Here are some useful links, hopefully they show up. The first link is to a calendar for upcoming surgeries, which is nice if you want to find people having surgery on the same date as you. The second link is a general list of things people buy before having a Brazilian Butt Lift.

~ BBL Calendar:
~ BBL List:

Important tip: Complete your lab work four weeks before surgery. Lab results are only good for 30 days, so you won't have to redo them once you get there if your levels are fine. On the other hand, if your levels are off then you'll still have about 30 days to correct them if possible. =)

* Also, remember to ask for your prescriptions during your pre-op appointment so you can fill them before surgery.

I've been cleaning and packing all day! I had to keep making mental notes to clean out the fridge since some things will expire before I get back. I also made sure to take all of the things I use on a daily basis- hygiene products, hair supplies, study material, etc. I figured recovery time is as good a time as any to study!

I took some more pictures! I have a dress that I'm excited to try on once I return- hopefully it still fits! It'll be a good way for me to see how the surgery has really changed my body. You can see that I do have some stomach fat to spare in the dress photos, but honestly I expect that my thighs will provide most of the fat. I did notice that it doesn't look like I have any in most of the 'before' pictures without the dress, but maybe I was unintentionally sucking it in for the pictures. D: It's there- I promise!

Well, well, well... I do have to say that I'm happy with how things have gone so far. I'm not too nervous about the procedure or Dr. Hazani's skills... I just hope that recovery doesn't have me so weak that I'm cooped up in the house for several days. I love the support and information that other Realself dolls have been able to offer me. I think that's the main reason of why I've been able to document this journey the way I have and conduct ample real-person research- it definitely took a lot of the pressure and uneasiness away.

I figure that I'll post one more update before surgery, and from then I'll be telling the tale of a woman who has officially gone under the knife and (most hopefully) lived to tell the story!

I'll be dancing all the way to the airport, very much the way Drake danced in his 'Hotline Bling' video. Haha, don't judge me! =) It feels amazing to follow through on a decision that is 100% about me and what I want.


It's hard to type with an IV in your hand. Update you guys sometime after surgery!

1200 cc!

Still a little out of it! I'm convinced that Dr. Hazani is a wizard, because he worked magical wonders on me. I'm extremely sore, and I feel guilty because I was kind of rude to my nurses after surgery and I'm never like that... I was just so tender and cold. I told them not to touch me several times, so I owe the ladies some chocolate or flowers. :( They were such sweethearts! I will describe things in more detail when I can gather my thoughts and strength, but I am so happy I made this decision!

Pre-op, Surgery, and Recovery!

This update will probably be a little scatter-brained, I'm trying to concentrate on my laptop screen but it makes me dizzy.

My pre-op consultation happened a little later than expected because Dr. Hazani was still doing a procedure when I arrived! I didn't mind at all. When I saw him, I was worried that I might be rushed since he had another procedure to get to. I had my little notepad with me so I asked him all of the questions I needed to ask. It was very comforting! He told me I had good projection all ready, and that he wouldn't be able to add a dramatic change in it because my skin won't stretch much more! It was a little disheartening to hear but I would rather a doctor tell me the truth instead of what I want to hear. I told him that I trusted him and that I wanted as much of a change as I could get. Little did I know, he would manage to give me what I wanted and then some!

I arrived a little early and secured a parking space by a meter, though I had to guard my spot for about 30 minutes since technically I wasn't supposed to park there until 10 AM. The paperwork wasn't too bad, mostly initials. I was taken back very soon after filling out my paperwork. There was an issue with my labwork, so I had to resend a digital copy to the head nurse. I'd definitely say it's important to have copies of your paperwork just in case something is misplaced. After a few hours, Dr. Hazani came in and marked me up. I still wasn't nervous at this point, just ready. Eventually I was walked into the operating room, where I proudly told the anesthesiologist that I was going to fight the anesthesia and that she was going to have to put in work to take me down. I passed out literally seconds after saying that- those drugs are strong!

What seemed like seconds to me was really approximately four hours of time passing, and I woke up in a different room on my butt. It was kind of painful, and I kept trying to fight through the anesthesia to tell the nurses in there to flip me. They wanted to wait a little while, probably for me to stabilize, but I kept saying it over and over until they flipped. I was extremely sore, so I grunted a little while they were flipping me because I had to prop myself up on my newly-lipo'd arms. I'm not sure if it was before or after the flipping, but Dr. Hazani came in to check on me before he headed out. It was like 7:00 PM- no wonder he doesn't squeeze in like 3 or 4 BBLs per day. I found solace in knowing Dr. Hazani takes his time on his patients and doesn't rush or fight to fit his procedures into certain time slots. I don't remember if I had the strength to actually say anything to him when he came in, but I mentally thanked him!

Over the course of the next 30 minutes of the nurses putting my binder on me and trying to get me up and ready to be transported home, I was very irritated by how tender every inch of my body was and how cold it was in the room. I kept telling them, "Don't touch!" I cringe when I think about what a brat I was being, but I didn't feel like myself.

They finally had my binder on, pants on, shirt on, and placed me into a wheelchair. A nurse wheeled me into the lobby, and I faintly remember asking her to stop talking. I truly hope I didn't say that. :( I do remember her telling my friend that Dr. Hazani had put 1200 cc into each cheek, plus some for the hips. I couldn't believe it.

A male nurse helped me from the wheelchair onto my stomach in the backseat of the car. The ride home wasn't too bad, but my friend was nervous driving in LA so I had to use my free arm to prop myself up in case of an abrupt start. We made it home and she guided me up the two small porch steps and through the house to my bed where I spent the next three days confined to my bed.

Standing up was a feat because I would instantly get dizzy and have to lie back down. My period started as well, just adding to the mess. So far I've only been able to stomach small amounts of plain food, sips of water, and some handfuls of pineapple. I made myself get up and walk down the hall- I don't want to end another full day in my bed.

There was a lot of fluid drainage from my abdomen up until today. The hardest thing to deal with is the swelling in my arms and hands because I have to use them to prop myself up. I haven't been able to really see my butt yet, but my friend says it looks huge. I have my post-op appointment in two days. =)

Post-Op Appointment + Still Recovering

I wanted to upload some more pictures! My phone's picture quality doesn't seem to be the best, so maybe I have to re-adjust the settings.

The swelling in my hands finally died down yesterday, and it felt really good to be able to make a fist! My recovery progress slowed dramatically because I was too weak to enforce my own fluid and calorie intakes- I just slept, took my medicine with some gulps of water and pineapple, and ate one to two really tiny meals per day. I barely got up out of the bed until the night of Day 3- I was exhausted and sore! I wish I'd been able to force myself up, but that wasn't the case. :(

I did run a fever a couple of times, but I think it was a combination of me lying down all day under the covers, blasting the heat, staying wrapped up in my binder and bandages, and not eating or drinking nearly enough as I should've been! Another thing that Dr. Hazani mentioned was that I wasn't breathing correctly, which I knew- I'd been taking in short, sharp bursts of air whenever I exerted myself by moving. I had no idea that would have an adverse effect on my health! I think I was scared of deep breathing because of my abdomen liposuction and not wanting to 'disturb' anything, or make things more sore, or pop a stitch.

The sorest part of my body would whave to be the sides of my abdomen. Even light pressure makes me cringe in pain. The part that seems to have healed the quickest would be the arms! Bruises are visible, but the soreness doesn't bother me. I do have to say, the arm bandages are so uncomfortable for some reason! I remove them frequently throughout the day.

My butt is pretty firm and warm (as expected), and all of the other distinct lipo'd areas are warm as well. When I try to stand up straight, I feel a lot of pressure applied to the crease between my cheek and thigh and it's very sore. It makes walking or even just standing up straight extremely difficult for me. I also have a hard time keeping my feet aligned because of the soreness of my butt and thighs, which explains my waddling!

Watching me walk around is a horrific sight to see- I waddle and cling to the walls, lots of heavy breathing... not sexy! -_-

I saw Dr. Hazani for my post-op yesterday! He is brilliant and charming, but what I love most about having chosen him for this procedure is the pride he takes in his work. He said, "Look at your shape! Look at it!" I had to laugh, but he really does have skill beyond words. My leg bandages were removed, and I received my boppy and garment at my post-op appointment, but the binder was strapped onto me right after surgery! I also asked him to give me a letter for my airline, to see if they might be able to accommodate me better. They may not be able to, but never hurts to try!

I underestimated the quality of the boppy- I'd assumed it would have been one of those soft airplane/neck-style pillows. Instead, this pillow looked similar to the BBL pillow I'd purchased before surgery, just not as big/fluffy- which actually fits me more in this stage of healing because the change of elevation decreased the strain on my thighs (my thighs were also lipo'd).

So something strange happened in the lobby for the few minutes that we were in there! There was a family in there, and I'm sure they were nice people. When they were done with their appointment, Sarah called me back. The family stood up, but they didn't leave- they just watched me! I think it was a man with a baby and two women. Haha, I swear that they were waiting for me to come from behind this little desk/business area in the back of the lobby. It was so awkward for me, because I didn't look or feel my best- I wore the same oversized and baggy pants as the day of my surgery and a lose t-shirt. My lower half was obscured by the desk area. I was caught in a weird blip in time in which the family had their eyes on me and I was kind of just waiting for them to move. So I forced myself to waddle from behind the desk over to Sarah and down the hall. It was such an odd experience, just a few seconds in time, but I know it definitely happened because when we turned into the hall, my friend grabbed my arm and burst out laughing!

Hopefully I didn't leave too much out! I am so glad my best friend came with me, because she has seen me in ways nobody has seen me before! She wasn't shy about helping me or judgmental about my decision.. she just wanted me to heal up well enough before the flight back home. I couldn't have picked a better person to help me!

Short Update + Garment Pictures

I wanted to add some sort of update since it's been a little while. =) Still healing, a lot of swelling went down, and I am not sure about volume loss at the moment.

I hate typing reviews on my cellphone, but I love my shape- it looks super bubbly, which is what I wanted!

Here are pictures in my large garment, which I can finally put on myself! I did not cut the butt out, as you can see, but I might before transitioning to a medium-sized garment.

That's it for now. I am anxious to see my shape after all the swelling goes down and it softens!

3 Week Update! (Pictures)

I am so sorry that it took me forever to give an update! :o

Measurements: Waist: 27 in | Hips/Butt: 41.5 in

I kept telling myself to stop being lazy and give an update, but I think that after sitting on Realself dayin and day out for months literally up until the day of my surgery, I was honestly so relieved that I'd actually gone through with it that I needed a break from the pressure of looking at pictures of butts!

Hopefully you guys see the difference- I do! My pre-surgery butt looks quite small in the 'before' pictures that Dr. Hazani provided, but in real life I've always been told that I'm a little heavier in the bottom than average. The 'after' pictures... well, there is a lot of swelling and bruising, but you can definitely see the difference in the shaping! Plus, my butt looks gigantic.

Now here we are.. a few weeks after surgery, and the swelling has gone down a lot! There is still swelling in my lower back, like right above the butt, and on the sides of my abdomen. Inner thighs and back of my arms are tender too. I see some bruising left on my left buttock and on the back of my thighs.

The biggest difference I see is in the shaping of my lower body, which I love! My butt looks fuller and my hips are more prominent- which makes the biggest difference for how my plump my butt looks.

I am very happy with my results! Recovery was definitely a struggle but well worth it. I am so impressed with how Dr. Hazani managed to maneuver the fat on my small frame. :)

7 Weeks After! (pics)

I wanted to leave some time in between updates- hope you ladies didn't mind too much! =)

Still some bruising, but my butt feels fine! I love my results... I am so pleased with Dr. Hazani. Even almost two months after surgery, he is there to check up on how I'm doing and answer any questions I have. I know I'm going to sound crazy, but looking at my Before and After pictures sort of made me want to do a second round with Dr. Hazani! He made perfect improvements on my body- so perfect that I kind of wanted to see what he would be able to do a second time! I think it was a clear symptom of the well-known 'booty greed'!

I've since come to my senses, because apparently my booty is a little bigger than I realized. It attracts quite a bit of attention... I've had random people try to sneak and take a picture of it. Now I usually cover my butt up with a backpack or something if I'm going to be out for a while.

I don't even think my butt is gigantic. I just think it's the shaping that makes it look so nice, if that makes sense? It looks pretty bubbly- especially if I wear my garment with the cheeks cut out.

I've lost weight since my last update- five entire pounds! I've been focused on getting back to work, so I haven't actually been paying enough attention to how much (or how little) I've been eating. I'm trying to slowly change that!

Measurements: 41 inch around my butt/hips & 26 inch around my waist.

I've been lazy with waist training because I am satisfied with my shape, but I haven't given up on it! Just doing it on my own time. I'm also due for a small garment because the medium one doesn't do much in the way of abdominal compression anymore.

I want to start hitting the gym. I've been dancing in order to incorporate a little bit of cardio into my daily routine, but I want to add some weights and tone my body from top to bottom. I'm hoping it'll enhance my projection a little...

Hopefully this helped! It'll probably be a little while before my next official update, but I'll be here to answer questions and watch other people embark on their journeys. :)

Three Months + Sex? (caution: bad lingerie)

So I officially hit my three-month mark this week and I figured it was time for an update. =)

I bought this HIDEOUS lingerie set over a year ago. I don't know why I bought it, but maybe it looked nice on the mannequin? I put it on and felt like a mixture between a Dalmatian and a dominatrix. I was getting ready to throw it in the garbage, but I figured I'd try it on my new booty to see if it made it appealing to me.

The answer was nope! However, I thought some ladies would be able to appreciate the shaping underneath the bad lingerie.

Sex is such a hot topic when it comes to having this procedure, and I definitely understand why! I haven't been intimate since forever, so I can't really shed any light on this but I believe the wait period after surgery is 6 weeks before comfortable intercourse?

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Now that I'm at Month 3, I think I can give a pretty accurate breakdown of good and bad things I experienced on this journey.

- I didn't experience noticeable fat loss. I was petrified that I had celebrated my booty a little /too/ early, and that I'd wake up on the 24th with two blank spaces where my butt cheeks had been.
- The shaping stayed! I thought that as the fat settled in, the bubbly shape I'd been loving would kind of soften up into... I don't know, mushy fat humps? Thankfully they didn't. :)
- My waist is still small,and everything seems to have pretty much healed. My arms were taking forever to heal- they were still very sore when pressure was applied a few weeks ago. They're better now.
- My butt is soft and looks natural. It moves, it jiggles- IT'S ALIVE!

- The bruising on my left cheek cleared up A LOT, but it hasn't completely gone away. :/
- The little scars from where the liposuction tool was inserted are taking a very long time to heal; particularly the one on the upper back because it has some hyper-pigmentation that came with it. I scar very easily and I knew that, but I was hoping it wouldn't be a problem. It's only the third month, but I am ready for it to go away.

Overall: Totally worth it!

You can post whatever other questions you may have. =) I'll answer to the best of my ability.

I Deleted My Pictures. :(

I just moved to Texas a few weeks ago, and I kept telling myself that I needed to post an update.

I know that a couple of people were wondering why I deleted my photos. I'll leave out details and sum it up into one sentence: some people have a lot of time and energy to put into being messy and miserable. I blogged my journey on this site in order to help other people, but not at the cost of being able to keep my personal life to myself.

I wish you ladies all the luck in the world. =) I may pop on to offer help or words of encouragement, but I no longer feel comfortable posting pictures. Hope you guys understand!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr. Hazani used his skill and expertise to give me a better version of my dream body than even I thought I could obtain myself. That is why he is truly a 5-star doctor. I would recommend him to anyone, because he is absolutely magnificent at what he does. He is there for his patients even after surgery, plus he has a great support staff to back him up.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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