15 months post op BBL...Dr.Bruno Beverly Hills :)

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Hi sexy ladies! Finally got the courage to post my...

Hi sexy ladies! Finally got the courage to post my own post...yikes, here we go: Im 24, very tall, 5'10" and probably 180 now (honestly i cant weigh myself, i used to be very skinny a few years ago, so just seeing that high number woould freak me out. I weighed about 155 to 160 6 months ago when i started having to gain weight in order to being able to do BBL.
Im gonna postpone my date for a week or two, oo much going on right now. But im gonna lipo stomack, flanks, lower back, inner and lateral thighs.
YUCK i feel so fat now and am wondering if i gained too much? I have a gut, love handles and huuuuge thighs :(((((
Im aiming for a heart-shaped butt, bubble butt w tiny waist.
Any other tall ladies here? Im sooo scared of general anesthesia? I didnt have to do an EKG but i feel like sometimes my heart skips a beat...
Did anyone do thigh lipo?

Had to postpone my date since my bf is out of...

Had to postpone my date since my bf is out of town, so had no one to take care of me. Probably gonna do it next week.
What exactly are lateral injections and can someone explain it to me?
Ahhh im getting so anxious but am really annoyed with being chubby, so it sucked i had to cancel today...thanks for your comments girls! Appreciate it! Xoxo

So i never had surgery in my life, not even wisdom...

So i never had surgery in my life, not even wisdom teeth removed, therefore never had general anesthesia...and it scares the heck out of me. I have insomnia every freaking night because im so excited yet nervous!!!
Ahhh also so confused, i think im gonna stop by my surgeons office and ask if i gained too much for the results i want...lol this site confuses me, i see girls that went into surgery slim and had amazing results and then i read about girls gaining a lot, so im confused.
ALSO, this is kinda TMI, but im expecting my period around 24 th and i have heavy and long periods...would that affect anything? Since i have bloodloss thru surgery too? Im trying to have my sx right before period...thanks ladies.

Just spoke to my consultant and since i had to...

Just spoke to my consultant and since i had to postpone, the only available date was dec 31 st...yikes ill be in bed in pain recovering on NYE! Haha

Hey girls! Today in 2 weeks i will be 1 day post...

Hey girls! Today in 2 weeks i will be 1 day post op and i just cannot wait! Im still super nervous and scared but he hopefully great outcome is outweighting the negatives/my fear! I took my before pics done due to privacy but will post the before pics they take before surgery along with my after pics once its dec 31st.
I didnt go crazy on buying things to prep for sx, just the necessary things and will just go with flow and try to not stress...
QUESTION: Should i start taking Arnica montanax30 and bromelain now? It says on my pre op a few days prior to surgery, but i was wondering if it will benefit me more if i start earlier? Its a little less than 2 weeks til sx

I took my before pics *DOWN i meant, geez, i cant...

I took my before pics *DOWN i meant, geez, i cant spell

So they deleted all my wishpics?!?! But since we...

So they deleted all my wishpics?!?! But since we can delete our pics now, i will upload new before pics of my chubby self! Ive been eating like crazyyyyy trying to keep he extra 20lbs on...feeling so gross, but next Monday is finally my big day! I still cant believe it! So scared and anxious! Anyways, have a blessed Christmas ladies! Xoxo

Hey girls, so my date is appoaching rapidly and im...

Hey girls, so my date is appoaching rapidly and im so scared! Mostly of general anesthesia...i stressed myself out so much that my period is late! They said its fine to be on my period during surgery? Anyone experienced that and has advice?

Just received my call from the surgical center to...

Just received my call from the surgical center to confirm my surgery on Monday! Have to be there at 6am! This is crazy! Its happening! Gained some more weight...stuffing my face like crazy lol, all for the sake of the booty!

Im a nervous wreck! I cant believe tmrw around...

Im a nervous wreck! I cant believe tmrw around this time ill be in surgery! My period still didnt come due to stress, praying that it wont come tomorrow! Running my last errands today but have everything prepped so far! Ahhhhh im so excited yet scared!
Where can i buy compression stockings?
Thank you soooo much to you lovely ladies for all the support, prayers and good luck!

Good morning ladies!!! Took tylenol pm last...

Good morning ladies!!!
Took tylenol pm last night and got some 5 hours of sleep even though i woke up about every hour to check the time...this is it, theres no going back...have to be there at 6 am....surgery around 8 or so...im very very nervous and scared...praying for beautiful results and minor pain...thanks for all the support, it means a lot to me...ill try to update once i get home in the afternoon.
My measurements are:
32 1/2(under boob)
29 (waist)
42 1/2 (hips)

Measurements before gaining over 20 lbs:


Hi ladies...finally able to even type something up...

Hi ladies...finally able to even type something up...i felt miserable after surgery, was in a lot of pain i even laid on my butt in recovery because i felt so sick and didnt care...its been a rough night, i had a lot of thigh lipo so i can barely walk...pain is managable with two vicodins though. Ive been peeing a lot and i swole up soooooooo much, a lot more than in the pics.
Dr.Bruno unfortunately didnt lipo my upper abs, he said not enough fat, so im a bit upset with that...besides that im loving my hips, im trying not to fall in love with my shape because it will go down a lot...from the side it still has to round out a lot, but i guess thats normal...sorry, im wearing padding around my waist and a bit on hips, so you cant tell much from the pics...those pics were yesterday, i swole up more...any tips for swelling? I do walk around about every two hours and pee...besides that sleep....
THANK YOU to all of u lovely girls for the well wishes and sweet comments! I appreciate it sooo much!
Ps. Before surgery he said i didnt have a lot of fat and he would only get 400 to 500ccs in per side. I told him i wanted more and he did his damn thing and put 880ccs per side :) im very happy about that.

Hi girls, Sorry i havent got to update til now,...

Hi girls,
Sorry i havent got to update til now, i was miserable, in a lot of pain and extremely swollen. Im still super swollen but feeling better finally...it was a rough few days...my shape hasnt changed much, i will load up pics on monday when my padding comes off...i still pretty much sleep all day and get up every 2 hours to walk a bit...i take vicodin around the clock but went down to one pill at a time.
Im very happy w my results but just cant wait for the swelling to go down...im bigger than before in my waist at the moment but my contours look beautiful...again, new pics i will try on monday.
I wanna thank everyone again for the sweetest, most uplifting comments, really made me feel better! I dont have the energy to reply to each single comment, but u r all sooooo sweet! Xoxoxo

Hey girls! Feeling a lot better...only thing...

Hey girls!
Feeling a lot better...only thing thats bothering me a lot is that my swelling in my thighs wont go done...my thighs and knees are huge! And im 1 week post op tmrw and sometimes it gets worse! I had extensive thigh lipo, basically my whole thigh and inner knee lipo'd...did anyone experience this? Im still taking bromelain and arnica, walking every two hours, drinking tons of water and pimeapple juice but the swelling wont subside:/
Besides that i have some stiffness and my neck hurts from sleeping....slowly but steady recovering though....first day of having my appetite back thank god....loving my shape but cant tell all the way sonce my legs are humongous...tummy looks bigger again because i started my period...will post pics at Dr.Brunos office showing my nakeddd azz lol....thanks again, you all have been wonderful! Xoxo

Hiiiiii! Just got back from my 1 week follow up...

Just got back from my 1 week follow up and my ass looks even better! Its already rounding a bit more and its huge! Im still super bruised and swollen but my waist is shrinking and im in love w my body! Im ok w my booty going down lol cuz right now its huge but it has a pretty natural shape....im wearing this board triangle on my lower back so in pics it makes my ass look flatter but it dips in way more without...will finally try to post nude ones later tonight! Im soooo happy today...still very sore and stiff and i walk so silly but its all worth it! Dr.Bruno is theeee best! Lol i wanted to give him a kiss! He makes beautiful butts and contours! Xoxo

Ahhh, so my thighs and knees are still super...

Ahhh, so my thighs and knees are still super swollen but now i also have extremely swollen ankles, aka cankles yuckkk...so too much walking makes it worse...i do drink tons of water and eat very healthy...i need to elevate my legs but its hard to do so on your tummy...how can i be on my back and elevate legs? Anyone had swollen ankles? I dont wanna lay on my back, i already had to sit a few times because i ot dizzy, trying o avoid more pressure on my beautiful booty:( advice is appreciated! On another note my ass is getting even better every day:) natural looking but biiiiiig! Omg! *ALL SMILES*

I was wondering when the inner thighs, knees etc...

I was wondering when the inner thighs, knees etc soften after being lipo'd aggressively? As mentioned before most of my fat came from my legs but my inner thighs and inner knees are ROCK HARD! It feels so strange...did anyone experience this too?

Hi ladies! Im feeling a lot better today! I have...

Hi ladies!
Im feeling a lot better today! I have to admit, i had a pretty rough recovery so far but its soooooo worth it! Im sooo happy! My swelling went down a bit but my lipo areas are still rockhard eww. Still tons of bruising too but then again i bruise very easily. When i showered and washed my garment today i was dancing naked in the mirror lol! It was soooo much fun! And im a dork! I know my ass will go down so im trying not to fall in love w it, even tho i cant wait for it to drop a bit and round out.
Dr.Bruno is soooo amazing, i recommend him to anyone! Hes is the sh*t! I did have a decent shape before though, so i feel like he perfected my body and gave me a big ol booty!:)))))

Waist 27 (whooop)
Ass/hips 45


Ps. Tummy is still very swollen, so its not flat...

Ps. Tummy is still very swollen, so its not flat from the side yet as u can see in leggings pics, still retaining tons of fluids

So i think i need a new garment...mine is super...

So i think i need a new garment...mine is super loose on my tummy...i wear a binder over it but i think it would be good to have some more compression...my thighs are still very big though....which garment is the best? Preferably with less pressure on the butt...i kinda need it down to my knees though since i had thigh lipo! Suggestions and website links are appreciated!


Hey loves, So just called the office and i dont...

Hey loves,
So just called the office and i dont know if i heard wrong the first time...but i got 800 on one side and 820 on other, instead of 880ccs...my bad....
Im feeling A LOT better, thank god!:) my butt is going down a lil so im starting to obsess and freak out lol! But besides that im pretty much happy still...i walk a lot better and sleep through the nights...my butt is still hard and so are my lipo areas...stiffness is better, but still there....getting very annoyed w not sitting ughhh but i started to drive on a rolled up towel and it works OK, not comfy but my bootay is pretty much in the air...
Happy healing to you ladies!

Also, i have a little bit of a slightly "flat"...

Also, i have a little bit of a slightly "flat" part...any of u girls had that too? Did it round out once it dropped or got soft?

Hey girls... So finally received the garment i...

Hey girls...
So finally received the garment i ordered and its perfect! It has a "scrunched" butt part, making more room for the booty! But a lot of tummy compression....check out the pics! Its sooo comfy and super thin so u cant tell under clothes...the website is:
Click on "bodysuits" and on page 2 its the "ultra compression - zipper shaper thigh length"
They have it w shorter legs too, but i had inner knee and m whole leg lipo'd so i need the long leg.
It runs very small...initially ordered L but had to exchange for XL because i didnt get the L over my hips/ass...so probably order a size bigger than what u thought...im a giant at 5'10" though so maybe thats why lol! But it has adjustable zippers for the tall chicas. Definitely a great garment...the company actually delivers to plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.

On another note...i feel like my tummy is getting bigger?!?! I feel a bit "pudgy" ...i know Dr.Bruno barely lipo'd my tummy/flanks since he said i didnt have much fat there but yeah i still have some lil rolls...so the gym will have to do once i can!

Had a follow-up today...everything is healing...

Had a follow-up today...everything is healing nicely Dr.Bruno said...i feel like my hips went down a little though and waist up?! Wtf! My booty is still pretty hard...it didnt soften much at all yet...im kind of a perfectionist, so i will be definitely putting in some work at the gym once i can...Dr.B said i can start weights and squats soon if i like...and cardio at 6 to 8 weeks...
Had some creeps holla at me in the streets of Beverly Hills today! Ewww! Lol...i dont know if ppl look at me funny because if my ass or because i walk a lil funny still :/
I hope my booty doesnt go down much...thats all :)
Have a blessed day my bootiful ladies!!! Its a hot and gorgeous day in LA! Xo!

Hi my loves, Soooooo....ive been MIA for a...

Hi my loves,
Soooooo....ive been MIA for a litttle while, so its time for an update! :)
I am officially one month post op and i have to say this whole surgery has driven me a bit crazy! Lol! I havent had much shrinkage whatsoever....i just feel my shape changed a bit...my booty started dropping a bit and looking more natural, which is great...my only issues are that one cheek is bigger and that i have these flat/squarish dents....i read that a lot of girls have these same issues! My left cheek is smaller than the right but this was also my smaller side before sx....so im not really tripping that much....i do have on both cheeks towards the outer center these slightly flat parts, they are not that obvious but i am a PERFECTIONIST so they are bugging me a bit but i hope that it will round out once it drops completely :)
Besides that i had to learn to not obsess about this, afterall my body looks beautiful and all in all im very content with my results :)
People stare at me in public, its weird lol and do not necessarily like that attention but hey i guess they are noticing my booty ;)
Im feeling pretty much normal, my lipo areas are still tender and my butt still hard in the center....lipo areas still hardish too...i do still take naps but i feel greattttt! Ive been driving since day 10 but just recently started sitting w a pillow under thighs and kinda leaning forward to take pressure off....i havent really had volume loss since week 2....im still a 27 in the waist and a 45 around booty/hips...swelling went down a lot!
My advice to you ladies, dont obsess over this and be REALISTIC...you cant expect to look like a video vixen if you were overweight before, im not trying to put anyone down, just trying to say be happy with your results even if its not 100pct what u thought it was gonna be, after all, it will be a huuuuge improvement! :) and there is always the gym for more improvement!!! I will start hitting the gym soon to tone up and build my muscle back up!
Another thing, dont obsess over cc's!!! Ive done a lot of research and feel like girls w more cc's had more volume loss, again, this is only my opinion....and no one wants to be 50 w a big ol saggy donk lol! So think about the future!!!! :)
Thats all, best wishes to you all!
Ps...too lazy to proof read, so forgive me for my typos pls

Hey girls, Sorry I've been MIA but I've been...

Hey girls,
Sorry I've been MIA but I've been trying to not obsess about my BBL as much anymore and get back to normal life :) i had some days where i was kinda unhappy w my results but i guess i might have expected too much...i noticed tht im just a improved version of myself now, which is good i think...i still somewhat have the same body type just bigger booty...i havent lost much volume overall but my hips went down a lot!!! I have some litlle dents and dimples and my butt is still hard in the upper center...i keep thinking my butt is not big but ppl stare at it like crazy when i go out and i had people ask me if its real quite a few times lol!!! My boss said its too big :/ but he is a conservative older man so that opinion doesnt count...im working out about 5 days a week...light cardio like walking on treadmill on incline or doing stairs or hiking...im also doing weights, squats, lunges etc and i feel like it has improved my results....he didnt lipo my flanks which is kinda annoying because i have lil fatrolls there....and my belly is still a little swollen and my lipo areas tender.

Hey girls, Everything is pretty much the same.....

Hey girls,
Everything is pretty much the same...no shrinkage and Dr.Bruno said what you have at 3 months is yours. I did form some scar tissue in my butt so i have two hard parts in my butt...which is supposed to get better with time...you can only feel itifyou push on it hard...i still cant jog/run...it hurts...but if been working out about 3 to 5 days a week...stairs, hiking, weights etc and im slowly getting back to my toned self. Someone on here mentioned #bootygreed ...lol i definitely have that...my butt doesnt seem big to me anymore, i got so used to it. But other people say its huge lol. Anyways, i have my 3 month ollow up w Dr.Bruno soon...i still have numbness in my thighs from the lipo. I also need to go on a diet, ive been eating like when i gained weight lol...so i better chill out.
Wishing all you ladies good luck on your surgeries and in recovery!

8 and a half months post op...update/pics per request...it's been a roller coaster :(

Hi ladies!
Haven't been updating on here in forever...but since I don't see a lot of girls updating past 6 months, here it is...I'm two weeks shy of 9 months post surgery and it has been an emotional roller coaster!!! First of all, let me say you won't see your final results til about 6 months even though most surgeons say 3 months. My booty was HUGE up until 5 months or so...like I couldn't go anywhere w/o someone commenting or some thirsty guys hollering to the left and right. Yikes lol I didn't like that but I do miss my big booty:( after all I did it for myself! So after 5 months my booty kept shrinking a lot and the shape changed a lot! My hips basically absorbed completely and I developed some fat necrosis (hard lumps) on both cheeks, more on the right cheek...and my right cheek is bigger and rounder and has more of a slight shelf and then a little flat part and my left cheek isn't round to the side at all, is smaller and more a slope....so I was quite depressed at times, because I'm a PERFECTIONIST and had certain expectations...well most of it are just things that happen, doesn't really have to do w my surgeon, he's definitely very skilled and caring even though he could be more aggressive w the lipo...so long story short, he was very sweet and kind and agreed to do a touch up to fix my lopsided ness for free, only have to pay anesthesia/facility fee...told me I had to gain 10 lbs even though I had already put on some pounds, let me tell ya ladies, be careful! U def gain weight easily after sx if u don't watch out. I never used to gain weight easily so it sucks, anyways I kept eating to gain for touch up, expecting my quote to be no more than 1500 to max 2k...then I get a quote and they said 3800!!!!! Wtf! I was so upset since I had already gained weight and it all accumulated in my midsection/flanks yuck since he barely lipod there to begin with...it's ridiculous to pay 3800 for 1.5 hours...I'm so so sad because I don't have that amount currently and other surgeons charge about 1k for anesthesia/facility! It's crazy! Now I'm a fatty and can't do my revision yet:(((

Anyways ladies, wishing you girls good luck and speedy recoveries! Just keep in mind to be realistic. I lost about 50% I'm guessing...my measurements right now are 34-28-44 ...I was 34-26-46 for a long time ...lost booty and gained weight in waist yuck.

Touch up/revision

Hi ladies!
It's been a while...I'm scheduled for a touch up/revision next week to fix a dent due to my fat necrosis and some lopsided ness ...I've gained a whopping 15lbs over these past few months so that I can have enough fat for touch up. I feel fatter than ever and have def gained in weird areas due to previous lipo/bbl....most of my fat used to go to my thunder thighs, now belly/flanks/arms...overall I've probably lost 50% volume???I was a 32-25-44 at my best after surgery...then kinda slacked off and gained some weight...and now gained more in order for surgery....34-28/29-46 now....was a 42 in ass/hips b4 sx already tho and I'm tall at 5'10"...anyways, just wanted to keep u guys updated and maybe help ppl making their decision in choosing their surgeon...and answer any questions as a vet. Good luck to u girls!

Current pics 15lbs+ weight gain

Earlier post op pics per request

Added some pics from when I was still very happy w my results...ugh so depressing ,can't wait to have my small waist back

More earlier pics, all between 3 and 6 months po

Had my revision on Thursday ,only got 200 and 260 ccs...

Hi girls, finally feeling a bit better to do a quick update. Had my revision on Thursday and while I gained like 15 lbs he only got 260 in the smaller side and 200 in bigger side. Not a huge difference but my dent from the fat necrosis is filled in and cheeks somewhat evened out. Can't wait to hit the gym to drop these lbs. I had lipo to arms, abdomen and little bit back...but most of it from arms since it's "virgin fat" ...my other areas were previously lipod so it's hard to get the fat due to scar tissue. My stomach is swollen HUGE this time...and hurts super bad and so do my arms. Appreciate Dr.Bruno very much though for doing this for me. Will update soon once I look more human and less swollen.

Quick pics...

First shower today....

Finally showered today and while I was very nauseous this time around and threw up the first night ,I'm feeling a lot better this time, barely any bruising but waist is still very swollen but starting to go down...content so far, after all this was a mini revision, and what bothered me was fixed....now just gotta get this waist back to 26 at least....currently a 29 w all the swelling, 46 booty/hips. I stay away from too much salt and take my bromelain and arnica....cooked a chicken noodle soup today w very little salt and whole wheat noodles...usually eat oatmeal or a rice cake w almond butter for breakfast along women yogurt to avoid a yeast infection. Tons of water and fresh juices n smoothies. Important to eat super healthy after sx, so ur body can heal faster. And I'm actually loving it after all the pigging out I did to gain weight. Anyways, so far so good...attached some pics, I only had a little fat added to the side kinda under my fat necrosis...in some pics u can see the markings, my butt isn't hard and doesn't hurt. Most of my fat was taken from my arms. Xo

How things are going...

I'm a week post op tmrw and while I had that crazy nausea and vomiting first day....compared to my first surgery, this is a breeze...I'm not taking anymore painkillers in day time since yesterday but do still need a Vicodin at night due to stiffness and my back and neck killing me laying on tummy only plus it helps me sleep thru most of the night. Also I wanna clarify that I did not have a round 2...merely a minor revision/touch up to fix a dent and some size difference in cheeks....I also wanna explain that Dr.Bruno only uses pure, viable fat, minus all the blood and liquids....in order to perform tumescent liposuction they have to inject a fluid (don't know what it's called) into u to be able to suction the fat out...he makes sure all that fluid and blood is filtered out before he re injects the fat...therefore the cc amount might b less but it's PURE FAT so it won't absorb as much as when surgeons don't use pure fat because obviously "fluids" won't graft...and just be absorbed by your body. So Dr.Bruno's 300 cc's , might aswell be someone else's 500 cc's...hope u guys understand what I mean...just making an example. So ladies, no need to obsess over cc's :) anyways, my waist keeps shrinking and hopefully I'll be back at a 26 soon...I'm also planning on losing a bit of weight because my face got chubby...and when u gain weight u will also gain a bit on your organs which is not able to be liposuctioned...very unhealthy. I'm very much into healthy eating and fitness so I'll be back in the gym soon, can't wait...

Some more pics just for fun...

Threw something on to show booty in clothes...he fixed it perfectly, hope it stays filled in the little dent...my booty is big but very natural looking heart bubble shape...

10 days post op...

Hi girls,
Quick update...I'm feeling great, only lipo areas are tender and still swollen but went down a lot...besides that feeling pretty normal...I drive and run my regular errands...waist is 27 ,booty still 46 (but plan on losing some weight) , since only a bit was injected to fix dent, my butt is obviously still "dropped" and mostly soft and jiggly...good thing since it was such a minor revision and minimal fat added, I know most of my fat is already permanent since it's been 10 and a half months since my initial BBL....I love how it looks so natural yet really big...I'm more into the heart shaped bubble butts w fullness at bottom than into the donkey butts w shelfs, just not my thing, but everyone has their own preference:) but my projection is great...pics always make it seem smaller, why is that ? Lol. Anyways, I'm eating super healthy and drink tons of water and go on daily walks...I also didn't stop working out before surgery, I think that helped immensely w my recovery.not supposed to work out til 6 weeks po but will prob start at 4 weeks w some squats and lunges to not lose too much muscle tone. Xoxo

17 days po minor revision and almost 11 months since initial BBL:)

I'm feeling back to normal aside from some tenderness in lipo areas when I touch them...my revision wasn't very invasive since it was such small areas to be fixed, I think that's why I recovered so quickly...I felt pretty normal less than a week post op...probably also because I worked out up until sx and are super healthy after sx. I lost some weight just by eating normal again and not pigging out like pre op...my waist is at a 26 1/2 and my booty/hips lost an inch now down to 45....I do think my results are mainly still from my initial BBL and the only reason I had to had a revision was because of my fat necrosis causing a dent ...before my revision and weight gain I was steady at 34c-25-44, so I'm guessing once I drop a few more lbs and all swelling is gone I'll be back at those measurements which are perfect for me at 5'10". Ladies, working out won't make u lose your butt! Mine got actually bigger when I worked out...I just don't do much cardio, only stairs and uphill sprints ...squats, lunges, weights etc...and it made my butt poke out more because I was training my gluteus. I will start working out in about a week...I'm also only wearing my waist cincher now in a size small which is getting big so I'll have to order XS. I don't need a faja anymore since I didn't have leg lipo this time and no compression is needed on butt, only on lipo areas. Compression garments are mainly for swelling and skin contraction, they won't magically "mold" your body or change your body long term. Your results depend on your surgeon and if u stay of your butt...anyways loves, about to go on a walk (very important) ...good luck to y'all and happy healing!xo


Oh I'm also sitting because no fat was injected where I put pressure while sitting...

Before revision pics...

Just to show what I had fixed...u can kind of see how it's big up top...that's where the fat necrosis is on right cheek, so under that lump it kind of dented in...now that the lil dent is filled in it gives me more of a slope which I love (don't like shelf) so yeah that was the little issue Dr.Bruno fixed for me:)

25 days post op

Hi everyone!
Things are going well recovery wise, I don't even feel like I had surgery less than 4 weeks ago, revisions (minor) are definitely sooo much easier to recover from than a "full" BBL. I feel totally normal, slight tenderness to touch in lipo areas still but mainly just arms...which were the most painful part this time. Last time it was my thighs (full thigh lipo) ...my fat necrosis on right cheek is poking out a little bit again since swelling is gone and I also think fat grafts not as we'll in areas where there is fat necrosis since it's "dead" scar tissue and therefore less blood supply. So I still have a bit of a "flat part" under fat necrosis but I'm hoping with my fat necrosis going down more over time that sticking out lump should diminish and with working out (which I will start on Thursday at 4 weeks po) it should round out more. Booty/hips still 46 and waist fluctuates between 26 and 27...expecting booty (and waist also) to go down a bit w weight loss n working out. I only wear my waist cincher but I ordered a faja by "Salome" in size large which is pretty tight and squishes my butt down ...it has short legs and I only wear it from time to time if I feel like it. It's a nice garment w great compression but due to being 5'10" it kinda cuts into my crotch giving me weird camel toe which I hate lol.

4 weeks since my revision...

So it's officially been 4 weeks since my little revision, first day back in the gymmmm and I feel amazing. I mainly focus on strength exercises and while I did break a major sweat I won't do "real" cardio for another two weeks as advised by Dr.Bruno. I focus on booty and legs a lot, squats, lunges, dead lifts, hip thrusts etc...ladies don't be afraid to hit the gym after sx, w the right exercises u can actually furthermore improve your results...I plan on losing about 10lbs and getting back in fit, toned, athletic shape. Felt great to workout...anywayssss, saw Dr.Bruno today for my follow up, he is truly soooo nice, he was funny today, we were laughing about how I couldn't get my leggings over my butt and how I can't lie flat on my back cuz my booty is in the way lol. And the girls working at the office were super sweet and complimenting my bawddyy. My lil dent did indeed come back a bit but not too bad.Dr.B said everything looks great and that I can work out but wait for "hardcore"cardio another 2 weeks ...I'm eating healthy but not dieting but already lost almost 10lbs just by eating healthy and balanced...I have a little bit of sweets everyday and I do eat carbs but whole wheat, brown rice, whole wheat pasta etc...even though I overdid it w the sweet potato pie for thanksgiving. Thank god my metabolism is pretty fast. Have a little lump in my tummy but I'm massaging my lipo areas w baby oil in the shower. Aside from that only my arms tender, everything else back to normal and I'm feeling very energetic. My man keeps on squishing my butt at night though putting his legs on my butt in his sleep (they are heavy) , hope he didn't do any damage, and he also jiggles/shakes it all the time lol, weird I know but I think I'm straight by now, I've been sitting for a while already, since sitting doesn't put pressure on the small grafted area but still sleep on tummy even though I wake up on my back at times. Alright ,that's about it. Ttyl ladies

1 month post revision (11 months, 7 days post BBL)


1 month 2 days post revision/almost 1 year post BBL...

Sooo...I love my corset by fajate, I had it for almost a year, it's size small and I've been wearing it a lot so it got stretched out etc, my small is kinda big now, so I ordered the same one again in XS and oh boy I thought I was gonna faint...took me forever to close all the hooks and it made my leftover fat squish out on top giving me a lil back roll ew....I took it off after 10 mins, I couldn't take the tightness. Kinda sucks though because the small isn't tight at all and sx too freaking tight but in love with this corset...my waist fluctuates between 26 and 27 , so hopefully I can fit my sx soon without pain lol. But I do definitely recommend this one, it has a built in thermal layer and has those metal wires but still pretty comfy and also long so it reaches lower tummy almost pubic region for compression, that's all I wear, haven't worn fajas for a while. All my hard lumps in lipo areas are gone yay and I haven't really gotten any professional massages, I just massage myself morning and night in the shower w baby oil. Getting back in the rhythm of working out (oh how I've missed it) at the moment every second day but at 6 weeks, which is very soon, I will go back to 5 to 6 days a week....that's it for now. Ttyl ladies.


Oh and booty went down a lil it's like 45.5...but I'll be ok w it if my measurements end up being 32-25-44 again like before because I'm still losing weight.

Fajate corset

Oh I forgot...this is the corset I've been wearing, love it. Ordered from bodyimageshop.com

6 weeks post op revision..

So it's been 6 weeks and one day since my revision and going to be 1 year post op BBL on NYE...I've been a bit lazy w my workouts and the holiday season has a lot of temptation food wise, so I haven't been as good as I want to be diet wise but that's ok, just gotta be consistent w the gym, that way a few treats will be fine even though I ate a huuuuge slice of banana mascarpone cream cake yesterday and been snacking all day. I have theeee worst sweet tooth but overall balanced diet still....still wanna drop like 10 lbs and will start more cardio now since it's been 6 weeks and I hope these lil cellulite dimples on booty n thighs will get better...I finally fit my XS fajate corset w/o feeling like I'm gonna pass out but it's still tight as heck and I only wear it a few hours a day...I sleep w no faja/corset and wear my S corset most of the day but take it off a lot since I don't really need it anymore at 6 weeks but will try to get my waist smaller w the XS...I still fluctuate between 26 and 27 inch waist, so it hasn't gone down in a while...booty 45.5 ...I sit normal and sleep on my back but have been for a while...that's it for now...wishing everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Xoxo

13 months since BBL (almost 3 months since revision)

Hi girls!
Haven't posted here in a while, so here a quick update...it's been 13 months since I did my BBL and I'm a week from being 3 months post minor revision. My butt didn't really shrink after revision since most my volume was fromBBL still and I only got 200ccs anyways...the fat necrosis dent is back a little bit but still better than before. I think it's just due to bad blood supply from the necrosis/scar tissue, makin it hard for fat to graft...my measurements are still 34c-26/27-45 ...my waist fluctuates and I want it def down to 25 but I love food too darn much, I eat clean and balanced most of the time but I eat A LOT! I'm always hungry grrr...I also have sweets/dessert here and there but I eat a lot of lean protein, whole wheat carbs and healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, almonds, olive oil etc...but I've been working out consistently now for about a month, 5 days a week...mostly doing strength training incorporating my own body weight and dumbbells...squats, lunges, dead lifts, kick backs, hip raises etc for booty and legs...and then do V-ups, Swiss ball planks, crunches and reverse crunches for abs...also do arms a bit but not too much. I only do cardio for about 15 to 20 mins but my strength training makes me already break a major sweat. For cardio I do incline walking (highest incline at 3.0 pace) or I do stairs/stair master ...I also do uphill sprints or plyometrics...for those ladies who are scared to lose their booty from working out, just focus on strength and only do a little cardio but remember u will actually build ur booty muscle, so ur booty will get rounder and bigger under the fat. Also, just eat a good balanced carb/protein meal before u work out, that way ur body will burn the food first...and make sure to always have protein after ur workout so ur muscles can build and recover. Haven't worn corset or faja since 6 weeks post op...also wearing your corset all the time can actually make ur stomach muscles weak because ur corset is holding it in...this is my opinion(have asked doctors and read about it) so everything in moderation, don't overdo it! It's better to workout and eat healthy. Good luck and happy healing to all of u...I attached a few recent pics..butt got maybe a little smaller, but not much, but the fat on my flanks/waist gotta go smh...got about 8 more lbs to lose. Xoxo

14 months+ (4months since fat necrosis revision)

Hi :)
Haven't really been on this site much lately, so I thought I'd do a quick update since a lot of lovely potential Dr.Bruno patients have been contacting me.
Things are well, me being such a PERFECTIONIST, I go through my phases where I freak out about little things, for example that I have this lil part on the outer bottom corner of my right cheek which is different than the left...but I guess it's not that noticeable anyways, I just drive myself nuts at times, analyzing my body and finding the smallest thing...BUT I've been trying to hit the gym consistently (I slacked off a few times) about 5 days a week...I have a workout plan I follow, focusing mainly on legs and butt...then I do about 15 to 20mins cardio afterwards...I really should be doing more, but I HATE cardio. Also my eating habits could be better, I can't stay away from cake and sweets for the life of me SMH...so here I am still trying to lose a bit of weight so my waist can be back to 25...but my butt is holding steady at 45, even 46 at times, I think thanks to working out...so ladies, get to squatting, lunges, kickbacks, all that good stuff and trust me, your butt will get bigger and Perkier, it works! I see/feel a difference in muscle tone in my butt already and as I said I haven't even been eating super healthy, so once I will, I'm confident I will be where I want to be :)
Also for those girls considering Dr.Bruno, I can say that he will give you more of a bubble butt, heart shaped w great projection...where as other doctors might be giving more of a wider shape w more volume at the top and putting the hips higher, which in my opinion doesn't look very natural...so Dr.Bruno is def the guy for natural looking results...and I can't say this enough, I know we all obsess about cc's , I did too, but that's nothing but a umber, remember, too many cc's can compress your fat cells and not giving them enough space to find blood supply, so they can die and absorb causing volume loss!!! Also every surgeon is different...800ccs might look huge w one surgeon, and then like not much at all w the next one...it's all about PURE FAT being used and the surgeons technique...anyways ladies, attached a few recent pics. Xo

I will post before pics soon

Sorry I keep forgetting and the pics are on an old phone or in my emails somewhere, so will do that soon for those who asked

One more thing...

...this is kinda bugging me...it seems like there is some competition going on on realself between my doctor and another doctor here in LA, meaning competition between patients , not the doctors personally...BUT I can only speak for myself and my observations and my results. Yes, Dr.Bruno tends to give more of an upside down heart bubble butt shape w great projection and that was MY preference...I don't like butts that have the hips very high and are fuller at the top than bottom...again that's my preference and my ideal of a "perfect butt" in my opinion....and everyone has the right to make their own decision , that's what this site is for, so girls can look at results and then decide. More cc's doesn't mean better or necessarily bigger...I've had someone post in my comments that they were not happy w Dr.Bruno and to go to Dr.Hughes...I'm sorry that person wasn't happy and I'm happy it worked out w Dr.Hughes for her, but don't post it on my page , post that on your own...anyways, don't wanna sound rude in any way, just stAting my opinion , and I tell girls, choose what's best for u and what your ideal of a butt is, some girls like a natural looking projected bubble butt whereas other girls might prefer a more shelf like butt etc....that's all, xoxo

A few more pics...

I'm currently still trying to lose some of this weight I had to gain though...not at my "ideal weight" yet...wanna drop 8 to 10lbs...measurements fluctuate 34c-26.5/27-45.5/46 at the moment ...hoping to be back to 34-25-44

Forgot pic from the front...

15 months post op BBL (almost 5 months since fat necrosis revision)

Hola ladies...
Everything's been pretty much the same, was super busy, then had a cold, so worked out for first time in 2 weeks today finally smh...been eating healthier again though ...it really gotta tone up this cells jelly on my thighs! I wanna be slim like I was right after my BBL but I'll get there soon...I still have a bit of that dent where it's a little flat part because of the fat necrosis but I stopped obsessing....surprisingly I'm not even obsessed w wanting my butt to be really big...I just want to look fit and toned w a nice butt, that's all...butt is 45 now and waist 26...once my waist will be 25 I'll be happy...and booty 44 is fine...anyways that's all, okkk byeeee lol, xoxo



Been working out...

Yay so I'm finally back to my workout routine...20 mins of cardio (incline walking or elliptical w high resistance) and strength training ...about 5 days a week and I've cut out refined sugar for a little while...so no sweets for now ;( lol I o have some vegan chocolate chip cookies though or I eat apples w Justin's hazelnut butter (healthy "Nutella") as a treat...I do eat carbs but only whole grains, and I eat lots of protein (chicken, yogurt etc) and healthy fats (avocado, nuts etc) ...I take a multivitamin and fish oil every day and dropped like 6lbs in less than 10 days :) 4 to 6 more lbs to go...my butt did shrink a little bit but I'm a lot more comfortable being on the slender side again, I don't like to be too "thick" , makes me uncomfortable in my skin...but yeah it was so easy, I don't even diet, just healthy food and no refined sugar...and working out of course, but nothing too intense. Posted a few pics, u can see my butt went down some but I'm overall leaner so I'm happy....as I mentioned before, I'm not really into that really big booty look anymore, kinda got over it, so I love that I look so natural now and I'm fit and healthy...I love slim yet curvy bodies w a nice bubble butt...my fave person is probably Suelyn Medeiros, she has a dream body...slim, fit w curves...or Claudia Sampedro, amazing booty omg, she works out a lot and actually built her muscle booty...so yeah I'm working towards that, toning this booty up more...that's all :) xo


From behind...

...I naturally have it that that outer thigh part is bigger...no matter what my body wants to keep it's natural shape, so my sides up top tend to not graft and always absorb...but better than as if it looks weird and fake...so I'm fine w it, just trying to round it out a bit more and lift w working out...squats squats squats (hate em) I guess ughhhhh

A few more...

...I'm actually happy My booty went down, it's such a natural look now and actually clothes fit better...just trying to post here and there since I think it's so important to look at results that are at least 6 months out...you're butt will change so much over time so my advice to girls looking at pics and wish pics, keep in mind taking pics that are very "fresh" results won't necessarily be accurate...it's not just volume loss but also the shape changes when it drops, working out can change your butt (to the better) etc etc...have a lovely evening ladies!





Anyone of you ladies ever done velashape before and does it work and after how many treatments? I have a bit of stubborn cellulite on my right outer thigh and a bit on my back of thighs...working out def improved it but I'm being impatient and was wondering if velashape works...I wanna be celly jelly free for bikini season...also has anyone does those body wraps before? Do those work? I know it's just water weight but wondering if it does make a difference...I don't really believe in stuff like that and also not really in waist training....it's all about eating heLthy and working out but I wouldn't mind trying out a lil quick fix ...xo

Just got done at the gymmmmm....

...and sippin on my protein shake. Ladies very important to have a minimum of 20grams of protein right after your workout to else you won't see progress building that booty muscle...whether it's a protein shake or fish, chicken breast, eggs...just make sure to have it within an hour after working out. On another note, saw pics of Draya and ummm she looks kind of amazing!! Love her body! I know she is very petite and skinny but beautiful curves...and jealous of that tiny waist...then Kim K on the other hand kind of overdid it w her "booty fill ups" ...she went overboard and she only looks good in her high waisted skirts and crop tops, in pants she looks horrible (in my opinion) , so sloppy and her legs are way too skinny for that butt...skinny legs and a big butt = not cute. Anyways just my observations, while browsing these gossip sites lol. Don't overdo it ladies...after all it's fat, eventually gravity will take it's course and a huge butt will get saggy :/


This one didn't post I think...it looks so strange at the bottom of butt

For pudgie13...

Hey girl here are a few pics in jeans u asked for...sorry don't have many that fit anymore...it's hard to find some that fit...the low rise ones suck...I just ordered some high waisted ones so once I get those I will post those too. Had to pull my thong up to cover tattoo lol. Xo


I prefer leggings though...I like to be comfy...Zara mKes really great ones and my all time favorite basic black leggings are by Marciano...recommend them for all the booty ladies.

Just for fun...

...tried on a dress I just got in the mail...anyone else have that dilemma with dresses where the part above butt, like by the flanks sticks out and is loose? So annoying, I don't feel like getting dresses tailored unless it's like a very nice and expensive one...I'm mostly a medium because I'm so tall but in the waist I'm a small so it's annoying, I prefer high waisted skirts to avoid that problem...



,,,whyyyy won't certain pics post? Annoying


...why does Suelyn Medeiros look so amazing? And she just had a baby and looks the same as before...she is definitely my motivation to get in tip top shape...she had supposedly her butt done though, or at least there are some before photos circulating...I'm not sure, in some pics it looks really big in others just a nice lil perky butt...
Had to hit the gym today to get closer to my goal, had too many cheat days in a row. hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Love Dr.Bruno...sweetest plastic surgeon ever, takes his time with you and explains everything. Had my BBL w him. He cares about his patients and is very knowledgable...and gave me a big ol bubble butt!!!;) lol

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