26 Years Old and Miserable, Life is over - Beverly Hills, CA

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I had a Brazilian butt lift and lipo in Feb of...

I had a Brazilian butt lift and lipo in Feb of 2014. I paid $13,000 to Dr. Kadz I. Beverly Hills, CA. He totally ruined my life and left me disfigured. I've had two surgeries so far for $7000, lipo in my arms and calves to put back into the areas he lipoed, the dr who fixed my legs said that he took all the superficial fat from my body and that's why my skin is loose on my stomach. I hate my body now. I was about 150 lbs before and I wanted to tighten up a little and have a little bit bigger butt. I've been dancing for the last 5 years and I gained a little weight, which is why I had this surgery. I just wanted a little trimming, but now I have dents in my body and feel disfigured. My legs are better now, but before in looked liked Someone scooped out the insides of my legs, like I was permanently riding a horse. I went to see dr. Kadz after my surgery and he wanted $7500 more to fix my legs and stomach, can you believe that? Now I'm lumpy, rolly, dented and holy, and scarred. Sorry my pics are upside down, I can't fix it. Help!!

My legs before surgery

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Horrible dr, and a money grubber. He spent 5 minutes with me in my consultation, rushed me out the door. Said sure sweetie, I can do that, you're going to look amazing cutie. Those are his endearing terms, sweetie and cutie. Made a bunch of promises and totally screwed me up. I paid a lot of money to a Beverly Hills Doctor and thought for sure I wouldn't have a worry in the world.

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