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After conducting much research on doctors...

After conducting much research on doctors nationwide, I had my BBL done on August 25, 2016 by Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills. His impressive results were consistent across the board (whether a patient was 100 lbs. or 180 lbs.) and he was very patient, caring and professional during our phone consultation. Most of all, he was confident I would get the results I wanted. His staff is also attentive, kind and helpful.
As a result of my findings, I booked a surgery date with Dr. Dass. Our plan was to remove fat from my bra rolls, lower back, love handles, abdominal, and upper thighs. I figured the more fat I had removed, the more fat I could inject into my butt - and the better my results would be. My goal, of course, was to get the best possible results.
I flew to Los Angeles for the surgery (and for my pre-op appointment) with Dr. Dass. He explained what I could expect after surgery, which was the following day. To my surprise, I wasn’t nervous – maybe because the idea I was getting surgery hadn’t sunk in it yet!
During my pre-op appointment with Dr. Dass, he took pictures of me and gave me a "Dr. Dass bag," which included antibiotics, Miralax, arnica gel, and Phenergan for nausea. The nurse told me to get Neosporin, chuck pads, and Band-Aids. (Make sure to get a box of 40+ Band-Aids since you will have a lot of incisions to cover.)
I stayed at an Airbnb apartment that was luxurious and private. Thankfully, it had a washer, dryer, and parking garage. My aunt and boyfriend came along to take care of me. During the day of surgery, I had to arrive at 6am and the surgery took less time than anticipated. It was approximately three hours. It was so quick that my boyfriend and aunt were still food shopping and preparing things for me because the staff told them to come at a later hour. I waited in the recovery room for almost an hour.
When I finally made it into the car, I reclined the front seat all the way down and rested on my stomach – which is how I traveled throughout the whole trip. Thank god I had two people accompany me, and I really appreciated having them with me.
Once inside our rented apartment, I was dripping blood all over the floor. My aunt followed me around the house cleaning up behind me because I could not stay still. I wanted to walk around because my lower back hurt. Then I became tired. She placed chuck pads all over the bed. Then I walked around again. I was up and down. Fluid leaked out of me like a waterfall.
My boyfriend realized chuck pads weren't going to do the job. So, he went to Target and bought about a dozen large towels. In the LA traffic, he came back three hours later from the store. He was astonished over state of the apartment: He said "What happened here?" The whole floor was covered with blood. Hilarious! Fortunately, he also purchased Lysol wipes, Clorox and other necessities that he thought I would need. He also picked up a heavy duty yoga mat so I could "sit down."
The first few hours after surgery I wasn't in a lot of pain but I was nauseous and very sore. I had ginger ale and crackers. Then I had low sodium soup and a smoothie. I could barely bend over, and I was using my upper body strength. I was definitely eager for the two weeks of recovery to end. The second and third days were pretty much the same.
I took a shower the third day after the procedure. When I took off my garments and foam pads, I saw six-pack abs underneath. I had no idea Dr. Dass would give me six-pack abs, so that was definitely a plus. Thank god I had two people who could help me because during my shower I could barely wash my hair or move around. I was a little nervous that the foam pads would leave impressions on my skin. Beneath my subcutaneous layer was fluid and it was very sensitive. So I called Dr. Dass and made an appointment for him to show me where to place the foam pads. On the fourth day after surgery, I went into his office for some tips on how to handle the recovery process.
Fortunately, I was not alone during the whole recovery process. Dr. Dass gave me my second garment that I would put on after two weeks, along with scar cream. I decided I didn't need to see him for my scheduled post-op appointment a few days later because I was feeling fine.
By the fourth day, I wasn't taking any more painkillers. Dr. Dass's BBL procedure is very straightforward. It didn't require a lot of downtime, and I had no drains. I was feeling back to normal just a few days later. The only problem is sitting and sleeping, which can be very tormenting at times. I walked around Santa Monica pier and the Grove just a few days after my surgery. I didn't want to be in the apartment because I felt like being inside would make me nauseous and dizzy.
I looked up the price of the post-surgery garments because I wanted to buy an extra pair. I was surprised to see that everything Dr. Dass gave me came out to approximately $500 (I don’t think he charges for them which is a plus). The after-surgery garments he provides are of excellent quality. I love them (very easy to urinate and shapes your body very nicely. It’s not tight around the butt, so that it won't compress the new fat cells much). A quick tip about urinating: I bought a urination funnel, but the funnel was too short and sometimes the urine dripped onto my garment, so I used disposable cups instead.
My flight back to New York City was pleasant. I stood 90 percent of the way back and didn't feel tired. I played with my iPad in the back of the plane.
This is my review so far. If I missed anything, I will include the information in another post.

Almost one month post-op

I will be one-month post-op in two days. I'm not quite sure if I lost any volume in my buttocks because I never measured since the first day after surgery. My buttocks still feel a little hard, but it is getting softer day-by-day. My stomach is hard and swollen, but not sore. I can bend down and sit down more comfortably. I don't feel any itching or burning sensation around my liposuctioned area.

My biggest problem during these few weeks is having to bring my yoga mat everywhere and using it to sit down. It's slightly embarrassing for me in some situations. So sometimes I just sit gently on my bum for a few minutes, get up, sit back down and get up again. Hopefully, none of those minutes that I have sat directly on my bum affected the newly transferred fat cells. Besides that, I'm excited for my six week period to come so that all the restrictions can be lifted. My friend is hilarious. She said: "It's amazing, you have six pack abs and can't even run on the treadmill." I plan on going to the gym and doing abdominal workouts to tone up my six packs. Also, going to add squats, lunges, deadlift, and hip thrust to shape-up my gluteus muscles.

My before pictures and more...

Here are my before pictures that I promised a few girls I would post. I am 5'5 and was 160lbs. I currently weigh 155lbs (hope I didn't lose 5lbs of fat on my booty haha). I posted another picture with the same undies I had on from pre-op so that you guys can compare. Also, I posted a picture of the yoga mat I recommend. I previously got one that was regular with no extra padding and my boyfriend put a metal pole in between it and ducked tape it, but eventually, it lost it shape. I was slightly sitting on my booty in the car or on soft cushioned chairs. So, if you put a metal pole in the extra thick yoga mat, you will be a few more inches off your butt. Also, I posted a picture of my booty in scrubs. It seems like none of my colleagues realize anything different or maybe they don't want to point it out. Regardless, I'm so happy to have my butt projected in scrubs and no more bagginess in that area. Hooray! I'm hoping my bum does not get any smaller. I'm currently five weeks post-op. I plan on wearing a waist trainer to bring my waist in when my abdominals soften. I notice that if I eat a lot of high-fat or high-carb food, my stomach gets bloated, and my abs don't show as much. So I have to figure out a diet plan to maintain my abs, the tricky part is that I have to eat well enough to feed my fat cells in my butt but be able to keep my abs. Anyone have any suggestions on this matter?

3 month update

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I will review​ after my six month post-op mark.

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