44 Years Old Los Angeles Upper Arm Liposuction in One Week

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After years of pilates and weight training my...

After years of pilates and weight training my upper arms were muscular but still a bit saggy, particularly on the underside (triceps). Big arms just run in my family, sadly! I never go sleeveless, ever. I decided to consult with Dr. Cat Begovic in Beverly Hills. She took her time, explaining in detail what my options were. I had her look at a couple of my problem areas, and we had a long talk about each.

Before photos

Two days post procedure: so far so good

Procedure was last Friday, and everything went smoothly. Everyone at the surgical center was very kind. Dr. Begovic spent a good 20 minutes marking up my arms so she knew exactly where to reduce volume. Honestly the worst part for me was coming out of general anesthesia: I just hate feeling so groggy and out of it. I also leaked a lot the first 24 hours. Fortunately I'd read all the paperwork Dr. Begovic's office had given me, so I had laid down trash bags to protect the upholstery in the car and at home. I would also recommend having some junk towels and/or paper towels handy. All the tumescent fluid has to come back out, so you're going to be drippy for sure! My pain is quite manageable. I took one of the prescribed pain tabs when I got home, but the last 36 hours I've just been using Tylenol. It basically feels like I did 300 push ups and now can't reach over my head. The compression garment is annoying but bearable. My arms are a bit swollen, understandably, so they feel like sausages in a casing! But I know the garment is key to a good result so I'm not going to take it off even to photograph my arms. I will post some photos in a week or two after the swelling and pain have gone down a bit more. Fingers crossed for a happy outcome!

Two weeks post: a few photos

Ok, taking a few photos while the compression garment is in the dryer. My arms are slowly starting to look better, although they are still swollen. You can still see some of the marking pen used the day of surgery, but just ignore that.

Two weeks posy: photos

At six weeks: so far so good

Sorry it took so long to update: been traveling a lot for work.
I reached the six week recovery mark last Friday. I have opted to wear the compression garment for two more weeks, or eight weeks total.
The arm skin is smooth, with no weird lumps or bumps: I really think that's due to wearing the compression garment religiously. The skin still feels tight in a few spots, but I know I'm still healing. The only side effect other than that I've noticed is that occasionally, out of nowhere, even on hot days, I get goose pimples up and down my upper arms, like I'm standing in a freezer. It only lasts for a minute or two, though. I suspect the sensation may have something to do with the nerves under the skin still healing.
My arms aren't tiny now: they were never going to be because of my build. But I can see better muscle definition and a lot of the "wiggle," particularly along the triceps, is gone. Will try and post some photos soon.

Eight weeks: 1.5 inches off each arm's circumference

Yesterday was the eight week mark, so the compression garment is officially off. Yay!
For me that compression garment was the worst part of the whole experience, as I tend to run hot and it made me even hotter. And it's been 100 degrees plus this summer in LA! The only thing I might do differently had I known was to schedule the surgery in winter so it would have been more comfortable. But that's a minor issue. I also could have taken off the garment at the six week mark, but I chose not to so I could maximize my results.
For the person who asked, the garment was made by Design Veronique and was provided by Dr. Cat's office.
At my last appointment we remeasured my biceps and I've lost 1.5 inches off he circumference of teach arm.
My arms still aren't tiny, but as I said before I went in knowing they wouldn't be. As you can see from the photos the arms are tighter, the skin is smooth, and the muscle definition is definitely more visible now. I have a tiny scar (approximately 1/2 inch long each) just next to each shoulder blade. I'm currently wearing Embrace Scar Strips to minimize those as they continue to heal. The scars in the outside creases of my elbows are not noticeable at all.
The healing will continue for the new few months, so I probably won't see the final results until late in the fall. But I'm definitely happy so far!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

A lot of doctors' consults are "wham, bam," but Dr. Cat takes her time. I have decided to go ahead with upper arm liposuction with general anesthesia. Surgery is one week away. I'm not looking forward to recovery, but I'm otherwise excited for the outcome.

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