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Hey guys, I've been on and off this sight for the...

Hey guys, I've been on and off this sight for the past four years following your stories and it's been a huge help. After seeing some of the success you guys have had and mustering up the courage, I've decided to share my story as I am starting my journey on removing my tattoo which I've regretted since the moment I got it.

I got my tattoo 4 years ago and like many of you I've regretted it since. I've been debating going whether to get a coverup/addition but since seeing the great results a lot of you have had with picosure, I've decided to go for complete removal. It's something that I've had a hard time dealing with and the fact that it has so much blue has had me feeling extremely doubtful until I've seen some of the success some of you have had with blues using picosure.

I know the process is long but I'm at a point in my life where I'm investing in my future by going back to grad school after the end of a long relationship. My tattoo removal is expected to take about a year and a half, or ten treatments for complete removal. By that point I should almost be graduating, the prospect of being done with my MBA but I'm almost as excited about having this tattoo gone. I don't feel quite as comfortable out in public with a short sleeve or my shirt off as I once did. I still do want a tattoo but I'd like something from a more skillful artist.

I hope this post helps some people as I know many of your stories have helped me. I've been told that this color of tattoo along with my skin tone will be challenging, however, I've done a spot test with the Estanza Eternity and the Picosure and both nurses said they liked the way it reacted. I'll be posting my progress for you to see.
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