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Hey guys, I've been on and off this sight for the...

Hey guys, I've been on and off this sight for the past four years following your stories and it's been a huge help. After seeing some of the success you guys have had and mustering up the courage, I've decided to share my story as I am starting my journey on removing my tattoo which I've regretted since the moment I got it.

I got my tattoo 4 years ago and like many of you I've regretted it since. I've been debating going whether to get a coverup/addition but since seeing the great results a lot of you have had with picosure, I've decided to go for complete removal. It's something that I've had a hard time dealing with and the fact that it has so much blue has had me feeling extremely doubtful until I've seen some of the success some of you have had with blues using picosure.

I know the process is long but I'm at a point in my life where I'm investing in my future by going back to grad school after the end of a long relationship. My tattoo removal is expected to take about a year and a half, or ten treatments for complete removal. By that point I should almost be graduating, the prospect of being done with my MBA but I'm almost as excited about having this tattoo gone. I don't feel quite as comfortable out in public with a short sleeve or my shirt off as I once did. I still do want a tattoo but I'd like something from a more skillful artist.

I hope this post helps some people as I know many of your stories have helped me. I've been told that this color of tattoo along with my skin tone will be challenging, however, I've done a spot test with the Estanza Eternity and the Picosure and both nurses said they liked the way it reacted. I'll be posting my progress for you to see.

Ready for first treatment

Excited about my first treatment. This photo is 2 months after my spot tests with the Estanza and picosure laser. As you can see on the left, the picosure is much more effective on the blue and green. I'd like to have gone in for the treatment sooner but things have gotten hectic my first semester of grad school. Beyond excited to get this treatment done and see the results once it's healed.

Just had first treatment w/ picosure

Today I had my first treatment at Dr.Dass' office in Beverly Hills CA. The treatment was done by the nurse who was very kind. I had lidocaine injected before the procedure which was included in the price of $700. There were moments of discomfort but no extreme pain. I spent less than an hour total in the office. Here is a photo immediately after covered in aloe. It was painless at the time but I'm starting to

Night one, post treatment 1.

Slight moments of pain. Been icing it as much as possible. Surprisingly painless so far. I have Tylenol, gauze, aloe, Vaseline bandages and an extra ice pack to help take care of the healing process.

Two days post tx.1

Blisters are getting bigger. Trying to moisturize every half-hour,

Type of bandaging.

Just wanted to post about the bandaging that works best for me. After trying the ones that were given to me by the nurse and several roll-on bandages from Walgreens, I've found that what helps protect the tattoo and blisters best is packaging tape lined with gauze. As dorky as it looks, it has some major up sides. The tape is rather thick therefore it provides structure which keeps the gauze directly off of the blisters which in tern keeps the clothes(sleeves)off and allows it to breathe better. It also makes putting shirts on much easier since it just slides over the bandage.The tape also prevents the ointment from seeping through my clothes. It has a very slim profile which makes it hard to see when you're wearing a long sleeve. I've found that this bandage moves the least and lasts the longest. I hope it helps anyone who has a tattoo in a similar situation.

11 days after treatment 1

Still a lot of redness but the blisters and scabs have come off on their own. Feels good not worrying about it as much.

19 days after first treatment

Feeling good about the results thus far. The skin is returning to its normal texture and has no more sensitivity. Excited about the next treatment, until then, just trying to stay positive and focus on what I can change today.

After talking to the actual Doctor he said he predicted 10 or more treatments, however, the nurse that actually did the procedure said she feels like it may take less and that the blue might be gone after one or two. I'm really hopeful that that's the case. I'm slowly started to feel more comfortable in short sleeves since the tattoo blends.

Trying to decide whether I want it completely gone or eventually do a well planned tatto.

10 days post treatment 2

Feeling good about the results after my second picosure treatment. I feel like the nurse did a much better job this time around when removing the blue. She moved the laser in a very controlled and uniform manner. I'm hoping that after 1 more treatment I will be able to get the new tattoo. I've already found the artist that I'd like to use. Hope everyone else is doing well! Patience is key

10 days post second treatment

10 days post second treatment

8 weeks post 2nd treatment

I've gone to see a tattoo artist I really like and he said that it has faded enough for a black and gray tattoo to go over it. He suggested I wait 4 more months before getting the new tattoo seeing as the skin is still healing and letting pigments go. I am happy with the results so far and am excited for the new tattoo which will be black and gray(decided against color).
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