$22K for Multiple Procedures Including Asian Eyelid Surgery! So Far, So Bad! - Beverly Hills, CA

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I had several procedures done all at once on...

I had several procedures done all at once on November13, 2012. The Asian eyelid surgery was one of them. I also had a facelift, browlift, necklift, lower blepharoplasty, liposuction of the front and back mid-section, the upper arms, inner and front thighs. As well as removal of breast implants with a Benelli lift (donut incision). I also had fat transfer to the butt and upper lip.

I am currently in my third month post-op and experiencing less than acceptable results in several of the procedures done, but this review is on The Asian eyelid surgery. I feel as though my worst nightmares have all come true. At first, I didn't realize that things were so bad and,at first, had high hopes and had very positive things to say about the whole experience. Now, in hindsight (of the surgery day),and after healing, I realize just how bad everything is.

My right eyelid is considerably more puffier than my left. I can't stand to look at my face in the mirror. I went in to look and feel better instead I leave looking and feeling worse than ever. But above that, I feel foolish for spending so much money. Now I have to live with this mistake and make my monthly payments on it, as well!

My doctor keeps saying I have to wait ,and his office manager and nurse keeps lying to my face saying that I look great, which adds to my frustration because I know I don't! On top of that, the doctor wouldn't return my phone call and has rescheduled my post-op appointments twice. Oh and he gave me free botox as a consolation for the very conservative browlift he did and although he used the entire bottle on me, it didn't work. When I called the office manager to tell her, she told me that my muscles were too strong, which is TOTAL B.S. because I have had botox before and I have never needed an entire bottle!

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