21 Years Old Breast Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

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My got the idea of enhancing my breasts not that...

My got the idea of enhancing my breasts not that long ago and from that point of time (about 6 months ago) till now I am still questioning if it is a good decision. I already had 3 consultations with docs in my area, did tons of research and finally chose the one that I feel most comfortable with.
My breasts never really bothered my.. I mean they are small, but nothing terrible.. I actually find them cute. Although I think that BA will make me look more proportionate as I have some hips :) and I am just sick and tired of padded bras.. I like how I look in a padded bra, but at the same time I feel like I am trying to cheat lol. Because obviously my breasts do not look the same way without bra. And sometimes I am just daydreaming of buying cool sexy bras without padding (ladies, you must know what I am talking about lol)

Only 22 days left before the day X :)
Excited and scared at the same time

Pre-op day today

So in a couple hours I will be taking measurements and blood tests and whatever else they are doing on pre-ops haha.
In the meanwhile I was thinking if I need to buy that wedge pillow and silicone scar stripes. Ladies, do you have any considerations on wedge pillows? They look kind of ugly and I am pretty sure I will not use it anymore after recovery. So I was just wondering if it help me out a big time or there is no significant difference with regular pillows arranged on the bed.

Doc told me to stop taking any medications or vitamins or birth control 2-3 weeks before surgery. I already stopped taking birth control pills (what I am very frustrated about as it may cause hormones go wild :( ) And also I am on my period and I am in PAINNNNN and I can't take advil :( And my lower belly is hugeeeee. I was thinking of how unfair mother nature is to us. Wtf why do you need to bleed and suffer every month. Why there is no more pleasant way for your body to know that you are still functioning as a woman. Why we are not created the way that once a month you are feeling euphoria for a couple days. It would be so awesome "I am on my euphoria" or
--Why is she so happy?
--She must be having euphoria days.

Isn't the monthly check for your ability to be a mom is more logical to be something that you are enjoying, not suffering.

Second thing. I always thought and still thinking of myself as of small boobs girl. How does it change in your mind? How soon after my BA I will think of myself as of a c-cup girl? Does it happen over the night lol? Like you are wakening up and there is no confused feelings about it? I know I will adjust to it sooner or later, it is just interesting how it is going to work in my mind. (I know that everyone is different and it will vary greatly from person to person)

But all things consider I am still in a great mood and excited

Day after pre-op

Yesterday I had my pre-op. Which I though is going to be about lab tests and the size. They did take my blood, but my implants size is still unclear. The whole pre-op was super rushed, lasted like 7 minutes. He asked me to take the bra off and checked them. Said my nipples are a bit uneven, so we can leave it as is or : 1) cut out some skin under the areola during the operation (which will make scar on the left nipple longer) or 2)lower the crease of my right breast..
Both of it sounds scary. Ladies, have anyone had their nipples balanced out in any of this ways?

Then about the size. I still have no idea what size will be the best for me and the doctor is not very helpful because he says it depends on my preferences (which is true, everyone likes different things and the understanding of beauty varies) Either way, he just told me to bring the pic of wish boobs on the day of operation.

Also when I was at his office there was a girl, that had her BA done by my doctor and she said they were perfect after, but then she developed capsular contracture :( Poor girl. And now she needs them to be fixed, which is additional money and obviously another operation :( And it made me kind of sad =( Hope everything works out for her

1 week prior

It is a week before surgery and guess what, I "lucked out" to get a yeast infection 1 week before the operation (yikes, I know). And my doctor said no medications 2 weeks prior surgery. Talking about baaaad timing. Why right now? Whyyyy? So I am not exactly happy about it. On the other hand there are tons of great things happening to me now so I dont really want to complain. Hope all of you ladies are doing great and not having yeast infection as it is not much fun hahaha

Called doctor's office

Oh, I called my doctor's office and asked if I can take medications for yeast infection, and they said it is ok :) Yayyyyyyyy I am so happy I will not be suffering. Silly me =) About to shop online for wedge pillow and everything else I need for operation.

Choosing boobies

I've been doing nothing, but looking at boobs for today and yesterday. I need to make decision on which photo I will bring to the BIG day :) Of course I am super picky and question every single photo I like :) Here are some photos from my surgeon's site that I find very attractive and these photos are basically what I am choosing from :)

Sports Bra

One more thing. I've been to sports authority yesterday and they had only 1 option of sports bra with a zipper. And that one option was with some sort of underwire and was not easy to stretch at all, cant imagine it would fit my new boobies . Ughh I need to buy the bra ASAP :)))

It is going to happen now

I am just minutes away from operation :) yayyy. I am so excitedddddd

First post-op day

It happened! I still can't believe it though ( well maybe only pain makes the feeling more real )

I arrived to the doctor's office at 1.30. Nurse Cindy was sweet and caring, she made me change into gown and special panties, knee socks and smaller socks over ( something that makes blood circulate better) they took the urine and pregnancy test. Then me and another nurse went through standard questions about my health history and medications. By that moment I was laying in the bed (the picture I posted yesterday) nice and relaxed :)

At about 3.30 anesthesiologist came to say hi, he was breathing as if he just finished the workout. Not that it made me very nervous, but i def had "hope he will not kill me" in my head. Then doctor Kim came. Took a look at the pictures I brought and straight after told me we are going to take pictures of myself. He spent like 3 minutes with me before the operation. I don't mind it at all as long as the result is just as good as all of his before and after pics on the site. I mean I knew that his bedside manner is not the best in the very begging. So I was not expecting him to baby me.

Either way, nurse helped me get to the operation room and I laid down. The operation bed was warm and soft and the room itself cold. So it was nice as if you are laying under the covers with the ac on in the bed at home. The only thing I said in the operation room was " it feels weird in my vein" . I wasn't realizing that anesthesiologist had already gave me anesthesia. My sporty cunning doctor asked me what exactly feels weird. He knew he would not have the burden of talking to me for a long time. And next thing I remember is waking up with my caring nurse again. Not going to lie I liked her company more than all of the doctors rushing somewhere haha. Took a look down my boobs.. They are BIG. I feel like boob greed will not be the case for me. Lol :) either way, everything went well and it is morning now. my fist post-op appt is in an hour and I am super excited to check my new girls out without bandages :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful morning ;)

Doctor just removed the bandages

I can't understand my feelings.. I think they look great for the second day. At the same time I am scared if they remain as huge as they are right now. But either way so far so good. I honestly was not expecting them to look that good all things considered. I just wish they swelling will go down and the size too ;)

One more day

So today I am def feeling better and I got all of my appetite back ;) thinking of food all of the time :) I am still sore and verrrry tight in my chest. But that is normal I guess. I am adding one more boobie picture :)

First time massage

Starting from today my doctor asked me to massage them slightly. I was so scared to squeeze them, they are still sore and tight. Forced myself to do it and surprisingly I felt better afterwards! I also stopped taking pain killers ;) yayyy. feeling good!!


I just went massaging them again and I got so sad. They are like two watermelons on me. They are ginormous. They hurt. And I cant feel my right nipple at all. It is so frustrating. I am sorry for this negative energy.. I just feel so ugly now. I dont know where this mood swing is coming from. I was happy with them an hour ago.

Back to loving them

Healing is going great so far. I am about to finish my antibiotics. Pain is totally tolerable, it doesn't hurt to move arms and walk. Have been massaging them 3 times a day 10 minutes each time. I know, sounds boring, but I do it in front of mirror, starring at boobs.... And time flies :)

I think I know the reason why I felt that terrible couple days ago. I was sitting home looking pretty miserable: not being able to brush hair myself, nor to take shower myself, I was not even able to open fridge lol. Not that much fun, you know.

Today i did make-up, curled hair, changed pjs into normal clothing and I felt so much better instantly. And BAM back to loving my new breasts. I also think the swelling went down a bit. So they appear a bit smaller already - which is great :)

Ladies, what are you doing during recovery time? I am mostly eating when I am bored. And I am boredddd. So I give my fridge visits already disturbingly often. Feel so guilty about all of the junk food I am munching on. Grhhhh. I should just stop it immediately. Attaching boobie pic :)

Took the stitches out

As you can guess from the title, today I got my stitches removed. Scars look great and they are tiny. The only thing is that I noticed other tiny cuts on my nipples. As if doctor was going to do the cut higher and cut the skin in a breaking line and then actually decided to do the incision lower. And it is on both breasts. I hope it is no big deal and will heal over time. Other than that everything is great..

I love having boobs and apparently they are not as large as I though. 2 of my girlfriends didn't notice!! Lolll I swear!

I feel like they have also dropped a bit, which is great. Almost forgot to mention that I am applying Vaseline on my nipples as nurse recommended.


It has been a while since I have gotten my breasts done. I gotta say I wish I went a bit smaller and done the incision under the breasts, since I have scarred pretty damn bad and self-conscious about it. My right breast is bigger and tighter, I have developed slight capsular contracture. Also, my right breast is now a lot lower than my left one. Unfortunately, I will have to do the revision, since my scars turned out so bad and I want to even them out. Overall, I am happy with the operation, but sad to think I will have to go through another surgery (scar revision and possible readjustment of the implant) soon.

Reread my update

Reread my update and realized I made everything sound so gloomy and sad. To make it clear - I love my breasts, most people won't notice that they are assymetrical and most people don't see the scars, obviously. I did go though a stage of always wanting to cover my breasts because of the way my nipples look (scarring) with my boyfriend, but now I have gotten a lot more comfortable, it is no big deal. all of the clothes look beautiful on me, all of the lingerie too. My breasts look VERY natural in the clothes, people are usually surprised to hear I have implants. Attaching the pic wearing a bra :)

Hope everyone is having a great week
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

So far I only had my initial consultation with dr Kim. I really liked him - he was friendly, respectful and time efficient, answered all of my questions (I didn't have many of them.. Did a lot of research) He also looks like a knowledgable guy lol. Idk I just felt safe with him

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