Dr. Hasan BBL

So after much research I have come down to the...

So after much research I have come down to the place I told myself no way on earth I'd have surgery at (ha!) God willing, I will have surgery by June of next year with Dr. Hasan at Eres. I know a lot of people may not like the place but I love the Dr's results and even though he is not a plastic surgeon he does amazing work! Have not seen one I do not like, and yes I am aware of the burns. I was looking into blinski but he is waaaay to scheduled, and I like Hasan's work better! Also Salama but I like Hasan better. I do not care about the price TRUST ME but about the results. I want hips that is my biggest concern Im build straight down and have a little bit of booty, so pretty sure Hasan can give me what I want. Also I am on IG @hasanbarbz Some facts: 22 years old, 5'6, 130lbs, 2 kids. Was quoted $5300 NO DATE YET.

Locking in my date!

Hoping to get date for the first week of June! Excited!! Will be having sx with my sister! They quoted me 5000 but Shirley said that because of the special there is no faja or massages included... bummer but oh well! What do you ladies recommend as a faja right after surgery?

Date set!

June 7, 2017!! Excited !!!

Recovery Homes VS Airbnb

Can you guys give me some good Airbnb? I was looking into a whole house/apt not just a room. I am also looking into an RH i am siding with dolls recovery instead of miami escape because i dont like those rh with a lot of drama. What do you all suggest I was thinking 4 days at an rh and 3 days at an airbnb

Weight gain

Drinking shakes which include an ensure ice cream and banana. I just need protein powder! Im at 134 pre weight gain I was 128.... 16lbs to go..... will be doing blood work soon to know where I'm at! I Pray to god I'm healthy to proceed with surgery :) Two pregnancies and no complications I think I'm fine. Still keeping fingers crossed.


Unfortunately due to the circumstances most likely I will be cancelling my sx & asking for a refund. :(

Dr. Luis Plazas Cali Colombia

So after the situation with Dr Hasan I cant find a doctor that will deliver on my thin frame. I am siding with Dr Plazas in Cali Colombia Ive heard good things only thing that has me off is the frequent blood transfusions... i know one death but no details, also the infections no details. It will be me and my sis having sx. If anyone can give me more info on them Id greatly appreciate it.
Miami Physician

N/A coordinator is Shirley so far so good.

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