129 lbs 5'6 blinski salama help!!

I want curves and a bit of help with mybutt but...

I want curves and a bit of help with mybutt but mainly hips. I have absolutely none. After looking at reviews I think these three are my top ones however hughes doesn't leave much hips, but i like the fact that he does good work on girls like me. Dass I have not been quoted by him but ive read he's expensive but i love the way he shapes!! Hazani straight out told me no, but I do love his work and hope to gain some weight for him to be able to work with me plus his proces are reasonable! Can someone help me make up my mind

Salama or Blinski

I love their work on skinny girls but idk if im crazy by saying this but do miami drs have a bad rep because they are cheaper and California drs have better reps just because they are in Beverly hills? Hell These miami drs do way better however there is no way on earth that i will go to vanity thats a NO

Wish pics

Wish pics!!i want a dropped bum not a shelf!

Skinny Patient Bbl Salama or Blinski

So I have not had my procedure but I have contacted both Dr Salama and Dr Blinski I really like them both but I kind of like Salama more for his work on thin patients, Blinski is booked up until August 2017 any vets that could help me choose? I really want hips more than a butt I have zero hips which one does better work on hips? I know salama has had some bad reviews regarding burns but hardly any other complaint help anyone

Dr. Moises Salama

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