21 Year Old, One Child, Need to Feel and Look Like 21. Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello Everyone, I've been looking into BBL's for...

Hello Everyone, I've been looking into BBL's for about 2 years now and I think I'm finally going to take the plunge, over the years my body hasn't gotten better. I've been talking to several doctors here in Cali and in Mexico, I'm stuck between Dr Hazani and Pantoja in Tijuana. What are some good questions to ask! Please help!

Finally a Consult w/ Hazani

I finally had my consult with Dr Hazani this past Sunday, he's very nice and honest as to what my expectations could be for my body type, he had plenty of patient photos and mainly showed me pictures of girls that resembled my body to show what my best outcome would be which was a lot of help in understanding how I would look! Was forward to doing it as soon as possible, and asked for a date in November and was given a date, the only issue is I ran my care credit and apparently have a missing payments of my credit report that I thought I resolved but it wasn't tooken off my report which totally ruined everything. Does any one have suggestion on how they paid for their BBL? Please anything would help!

Consultation Prep

Here are all the questions I had written in my phone to help with the consult to make sure I covered everything. Hope this helps!
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

I've gotten ahold of both doctors, I'm goin to set up a virtual consultation with both doctors, I just need help with what questions to ask!

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