Do Not Do It in the Nose - Beverly Hills, CA

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I went to have Artefill Nose Job first with...

I went to have Artefill Nose Job first with Restylan which looked great but by the time the injection site bruising and swelling went away to be comfortable in public, it was time for another injection to start the whole process over again. So that lead me to want permanent results and went with Artefill.

I did not want to go thru a 3rd botched surgical nose job so I went with the cheaper easier method....WRONG choice! This time my skin became ulcerated and would not heal and still is not, but a little better after a year plus redness. I have not been able to go out in the sun even with the heaviest of sunscreens and hat as it just gets horribly worse!

I would honestly say, find the right surgeon and ask questions over and over and have a nose job done by a good surgeon (I know they are out there as I have seen some amazing work....) Just don't rush into anything and have a lifetime of regrets like I did.

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