Getting my Body Back at 52 Years Old

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I am a African-American woman I am 52 years old...

I am a African-American woman I am 52 years old and I have four beautiful adult children and after having kids naturally my stomach extended my abs extended no matter how hard I worked out nothing would get my stomach flat. I did my research about Tummy Tuck and I came and I met Dr. William Bruno when I tell you this doctor is amazing he is not trying to get rich off of you whatsoever I met with Dr Bunro like two times for sure before I even had my surgery, my results are amazing I look good I feel good and I'm only five weeks out The swelling has gone down I'm still not where he said that I would be yet but I'm looking so forward to it back in the gym light cardio and light weight lifting and the best part I don't have to worry my stomach hanging over my va-jay-jay or looking not so sexy in my gym clothes or any clothes and as we all know ladies that is the hardest part of our bodies to get back in order if anybody want to consider changing their body making you feel good and Dr. William Bruno someone who actually cares about the outcome before after the surgery Dr. William Bruno is your doctor please don't don't sleep on this amazing doctor please go and have a consultation promise you will not regret this decision I don't.... I will post pictures in the next month or so and let you guys see the before and after thanks Dr. William Bruno.
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