Consultation review - Forehead Reduction. Beverly Hills, CA

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So I guess it is my time to write about my...

So I guess it is my time to write about my experience so far ( after reading all of yours ) I was searching the Internet for ways to shrink my forehead when I first found out about the hairline lowering surgery. I was beyond excited and pretty much told my husband I was doing this and booked my first consultation. My husband looked a little confused ... Said I was beautiful and to think about it ... But I didn't need any thinking ... I needed this !!!
Next week I met with my first doctor ... He said he could lower me 2 cm ... But continued to ask : have you always been like this ?
Leaving his office I felt a little down ... And after seeing only pictures of 1 girl having the procedure at his office I felt like it wasn't the right place for me.
I decided to take the drive to Beverly Hills to see Dr. Aharanov. Next week I was in his office ... I had my surgery deposit in my purse.... And was hoping to do the surgery 2 weeks later ( I had my mom coming to help me and thought I was set ) But Dr. Aharonov told me he thought I had continual hair loss and he could not help me ( he said I would not be happy with the outcome ) I pretty much went home crying .... But with a big respect and trust in Dr Aharanov .
Next step was going to my dermotologist like he suggested... We did steroid injections around my hairline and blood work to rule out any auto immune disorders ( waiting for results ) but from our talks and guesses my gradual hair loss around my hairline is from IPL treatments. I never knew when I started those that this could be a side effect.
I have even lost most of my eyebrow from doing IPL's. I will keep you all posted as I continue this quest for a solution. I was optimistic after talking to Dr Aharanov again today, and we agreed that if I have no more hair loss within the next year he might be able to help me.
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