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I am 13 and ive had very bad acne since i was 11....

i am 13 and ive had very bad acne since i was 11. it was so bad i wouldnt even want to go to school and it made me have a super low self esteem. i went to the dermatologist and he gave me all kinds of pills and creams and washes but nothing really worked. so it came to the point where he thought i needed accutane if i just wanted to get rid of it once and for all. of course theres the side effects.

for women: you cant get pregnant while on the pill or a month after you last dose because it will cause severe birth defects. to prevent that you have to go on 2 forms of birth control ( im only 13 so mine are abstinence and none) and get a blood test each month and answer questions online.

for everyone: i get nosebleeds all the time, sometimes more than once a day. i use saline spray to help with the dryness but i still get them but not as often. also, theres the lips. they get super dry but aquaphor is what i use to help with that. there is a warning of depression but not everyone gets that.

even with all these side effects, i would totally reccomend it to anyone who thinks they can handle all of that^. its completely changed my life. i like going out now and not having to wear tons of coverup and i cant stop looking in the mirror. i feel like a whole new person! sure its annoying with the nosebleeds and dry lips but i dont feel depressed, i feel happier than ever because my acne is gone!

i just finished my first month and i have no acne. its amazing how fast it worked for me, because the doctor said it would take a few months before i saw a big change, but my skin looks amazing. im so grateful for it!

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i love it so i rated it 5 stars!

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