Hoping the Pain is Worth It - Bethlehem, PA

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I had my first cool sculping treatment yesterday...

I had my first cool sculping treatment yesterday for my upper abs, lower abs, and love handles. I'm not a fan of cold so I assumed the applicator would be the worst part. Honestly, the suction was a little uncomfortable but not bad. I had my left flank and right lower ab done first. When the left flank came off after an hour, I was not at all prepared for the amount of pain I felt during the massage and directly following. I felt light headed (from not breathing correctly) and almost cried, just overall awful. I was thinking, 'Shit! this is only the first part, how am I going to keep doing this?' The nurse had to apply extra pressure to the areas after for me to get to a point where I could handle the discomfort. But it does subside eventually. I did the right flank and left lower ab next, then I did each upper ab separately. Due to my pain reaction, I needed extra time between treatments, so from the time I arrived in the morning and the time I finally was able to leave, I was there almost 6 hours total. 4 of which were with applicators. I got better with breathing during the massages, a big breath then count 2-3 on the exhale. But the pain was still a lot. I'm not sure I can do a second treatment if I end up needing one, but I'll come to that path down the road.

The next day, my treated area is very swollen at first, and I can't really suck in my belly so I feel bigger than usual. It is certainly sore, mostly in the middle where there was overlapping of treatment sites. I'm taking ibuprofen and using a heating pad when I'm sitting still. I'm also wearing spanx most of the time to keep the area compressed. At work, I notice the soreness and numbness most when bending down and using the bathroom. I'm on my feet all day and the soreness didn't keep me from moving too much.
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