Assymetry, Looking Worse & Older, Saving $ is Gone - Bethesda, MD

I look very horrible but now I'm disable too! I...

I look very horrible but now I'm disable too! I spent so much money & time on this, I didn't money be the factor in the surgery, now every day I wake up, I hope it's all a bad dream but it's not. I cant even cry because of paralysis, i can't eat only liquid so I lost a lot of muscle too. What a nightmare! I can't laugh, my skin suffers a lot, cant sleep or move fast.

Horrible assymetry & paralysis! Feels like face is falling down

Painful & paralysis after cheek lift. I lost so much time & savings to get a droopy older paralyzed face. I was going to get a normal cheek lift but I got some other thing. Doctor didn't spend time with me to understand what I'm looking to achieve, he only talk to 10 minutes & i showed him what I wanted but my face looks very bad & droopy

I feel my face is falling down off my bone

Still look horrible & disabled. Paralysis & odd looking. I didn't know what I'm getting myself into. At 3 weeks quiting my job because can't go back.

4 weeks post op, paralyzed mouth nose & cheeks

I look worse or as bad as day 11. Be careful as you might think your doctor listening to you in your appointment but he decided about surgery before seeing you so he basically wasn't listening to your concerns! I paid to look odd, older & be disabled.

I hate my face

Temples are hollow & face is droopy!
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