Heavy Chemical Peel from Bottom of Nose to Chin and Light Peel Under Eyes - Bethesda, MD

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After 5 weeks my face is still dark pink from...

After 5 weeks my face is still dark pink from bottom of my nose to chin where heavy chemical peel was done. I read on a review where Sudocrem , which is made in Ireland, after 5 1/2 hrs. reduced redness by 50%. This is NOT true! My face got redder and not lighter. I tried it twice to make sure it didn't work. The Sudocrem is good for something that itches such as a rash. The best thing I have found is Aquaphor which the doctor said to use. I have come to the conclusion that after a chemical peel, it will take months for the discoloration to go away. Concealers only make it worse too. You just have to be patient and wait. I have to cover my face with a scarf and a large brim hat on my head to go out in the sun. I cannot even use my facecream, sunscreen or anything else because it makes my skin turn red instead of dark pink. where I had the chemical peel. Even a light peel under my eyes takes a long time too. I don't think I would have another peel because of the down time.
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