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Gained lots of weight due to health issues and...

Gained lots of weight due to health issues and meds (prednesone) which caused my joints to swell which in turn made me unable to walk to lose weight which was my usual way to control and maintain my weight. Anyway, researched, found doctor, fought insurance and had RYN done 10/4/06 and lost from 240#  to 125#. Had breast reconstruction and augmentation done this past year and am now at 135# which makes my husband happier. He thought I was too skinny at 125#. Am going to have my face done this year as I've gotten wrinkles, crinkles and stuff from the loose skin I don't like and then I'll get my tummy tuck (maybe next year if the economy doesn't go into the crapper... :( Since I can cover up my loose skin pretty good, I'm putting this off but my stomach looks like "Jabba the Hutt". I'll probably lose 5# just from my skin getting cut off!)

This has totally changed my life. Got off my high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, got off c-pap machine. I was very dilligent in following ALL instructions. Quit smoking, fasted pre surgery, followed after-surgery schedule of introducing foods, eat high protein foods first, lots of water, started walking the day after surgery and continued when I got home. Have a treadmill and walked 15 mins 2 times a days EVERY day. Even now, when I gain a couple of pounds, I walk extra a lose it immediately. I'm very lucky as I don't have a very picky pouch (stomach)...I can eat pretty much anything except dryish food like scrambled eggs or chicken breast. Sugar doesn't bother me so I have to be careful but it helped when I was losing weight too much. I can eat more this year than last year and that kind of concerns me. I don't want to gain weight so that's why I watch it very carefully.

Dr. Thomas Brown

Has done a LOT of these, can do it laproscopically, is connected with a hospital which is right next door (VERY convenient), not overy friendly but very professional and to the point.

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