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I had Lasik done about 5-6 years ago and am so...

I had Lasik done about 5-6 years ago and am so happy with the results. 

I am now in my forties and have had bad eyesight since childhood with over -5 in each eye.  I had researched this for YEARS before making the decision to go through with it.  I actually would interview patients in the waiting rooms who were there for their follow ups.

They gave me a valium to calm me down beforehand (thank God because I was a nervous wreck) The procedure itself was unbelievably quick and painless.  Just weird because there is a clamp that holds your eyes open.  I was so worried I was going to do one eye at a time, but decided to do both.

After the procedure I took it easy the rest of the day and rested my eyes.  When the alarm rang in the morning, out of habit I got up to put on my lenses and then I remembered!!  I didn't need to.  I was shocked as I looked around and could read the alarm clock and saw everything around me crisp and clear.

I did have bouts of dry eyes for several weeks but this did go away.  This procedure literally changed my life.  All these years later I'm still so grateful for it. I feel like I've always had perfect vision and can not imagine that I ever put little plastic lenses in my eyes daily!

Dr. Ken Moadel, NYC

Dr. Ken Moadel - I was impressed with the structure of his consultation. You are examined by different doctors in his office for different things,(they look at your pupil, retina, vision etc) then at the end, Dr. Moadel does it again for accuracy and thoroughness.

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