Sweaty Hands and Hands and Feet Have Been a Nightmare Since my Teens - Berlin, Germany

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I have been plagued with excessive sweating of the...

I have been plagued with excessive sweating of the hands and feet since I was 16.The result has been that I found myself more and more socially isolated. I tried,everything from cold baths to powders and gels with no results .A few years back someone mentioned iontophoresis therapy to me ...my reaction was , what electric current in a tub of water ?? no way ! but reading about this therapy convinced me that it would be painless ,and it was !! I am now into my third year of therapy with my Idromed iontophoresis device and my hands and feet are dry. I never thought that this could happen . it has changed my life, I am no longer afraid of situations where I will have to shake hands with people and I no longer have to change socks five times a day ! I did not want to have ets surgery and I can recommend Iontophoresis to anyone suffering from Hyperhidrosis.
Dr. Schramm

I do the therapy sessions at home , with no medical supervision

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