32 Y.o, 280cc HP, Berlin, Germany

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I had breast augmentation in August 2014. I was...

I had breast augmentation in August 2014. I was about small 32B and wanted to get a full 32C. My purpose was to look natural so far as it could be possible. I was pleased with my boobs, but they didn't look like 10 years before.
To be honest I didn't much research about breast augmentation.
Unfortunately I didn't know this side bevor.
I read some positive feedbacks from german websites and thought "Ok, I'm 30. So it's on time."
In Germany we have two main pages, where you can read some information about doctors "jameda.de" and "estheticon.de". What I didn't know about this websites is: this websites are some kind of advertising platform for doctors. And a lot of negative feedbacks doesn't stay long online or they are unacceptable.
Yeas, stupid me.
I decided to go to Dr. Juliane Bodo because of positiv feedbacks, because of her main specialization in breast surgery and because of her appearance (she is really good lookig women), so I thought she has a good taste.
I told her my concern and we decided to take 280cc high profile + areola incision. I didn't ask about second-opinion. I just trusted her.
After surgery I saw my boobs and thought "Ok, they are huge, but they will become smaller. This is just swelling". I was 32DDD (german 70E).
Over the first year I got breast deformity and a dent on my left boob. My breasts stayed huge. And I hated scars on my nipples. They were plainly visible and sticky. This was the stupidest decision to go through areola. I don't understand why doctors say the areola incision is invisible.
I got really depressed. Why I did it to myself. I had several appointments with the doctor and have complained about the outcome. But she wasn't able to relate my concern. Yeas, she was able to do a revision, but for her I got wonderful results.

I desided to write my review on realself because I can't do it in Germany. Maybe my experience and my review will help someone.
Dr. Juliane Bodo

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