No Surgery - Rhinoplasty and Lip Enlargement W/ Lots of Novacaine

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I wanted a better profile as A previous Dr botched...

I wanted a better profile as A previous Dr botched up my nose and shaved me way down. So I went to a brand new doctor years later and had restylane filler on my nose . I had my lips done to and the nurse gave me so much novacaine it was great but only on my lips . When the dr went to fill my nose It felt like hot fire was being injected into my face .... I was really wondering why i didn't get the novacaine there ???? i started crying for him to stop and he did and i said maybe i shouldn't do this it just hurt only after did i say that did he instruct the nurse to do a nasal block Novocaine on my nose . I never was in so much pain and i couldn't cry to move my lips as they were numb i felt so stupid and embarrassed . My Dr was great and gave me 200 dollars off of the cost of the whole thing .

i went home very swollen and felt like i had sunburned lips my nose is fine tho its been three weeks and the tip is still red . my nose is tender to the touch . My lips went down A lot but my nose still looks good .. it was great after he Novocained my nose i didn't feel a thing he should!!!! in hind site have done it before the procedure and he said he was sorry . yes id do it again and yes Ill go back to him unless i find it cheaper elsewhere.

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he apologized gave me money off for the pain and was very very sorry i am guessing it was his first non invasive nasal filling

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