Recommend It for Temporary Melasma Improvement and Especially Acne

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I got a Cosmelan peel two-plus years ago. I came...

I got a Cosmelan peel two-plus years ago. I came across this site because my melasma and hyperpigmentation have returned, though not to the same degree, and I'd like to get another one. **However, I called the spa where I originally got the Cosmelan peel and was told they're no longer offering it because the formulation has changed. Does anyone know if that's true?**

Here's my original review, written right after I got the peel:

In general, it lightened the melasma/hyperpigmentation slightly but not as much as I’d hoped. Still, the results are noticeable and I would recommend the Cosmelan peel to anyone.

I used the Cosmelan 2 cream twice daily until it ran out; ditto for the Hydra-Vital Factor K. (I continue to use the Elta MD sunscreen religiously.) The great side effect of the peel and topicals was that my skin had never been clearer for such a sustained period of time. (Does this mean that my acne is caused by not properly exfoliating?) And when I did get a few blemishes, the Cosmelan 2 cream worked as a great topical treatment.

Day 1 post-peel: My face looked like I had a deep tan/sunburn. I was still able to go out in public that first day after the peel.
Days 2-4 post-peel: Skin started to peel on Day 2 and for the next three days I avoided being out in public. Peeling was not as severe as with other (e.g., VI Peel) peels.
Day 5: Most of the skin had peeled off by this point and I was able to go out in public, though there was still mild peeling.
Days 6 on: Skin texture is great. Cosmelan 2 cream seems to extend the exfoliation benefits of the peel and works as a great topical for blemishes. In general, melasma/hyperpigmentation is slightly, noticeably better but is still present. Skin tone is more even.
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