Belotero for Nasio Labal Folds

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I had beletero about a month ago. I used to go to...

I had beletero about a month ago. I used to go to a salon in St Albans called Healing Hands for filler and get juvederm and realised the woman doing it was ripping people off by not putting enough filler in and offering me free top ups then charging when you had it done. So I looked for someone else ( I was naive).

I've found a wonderful woman who does it on her own. Shes a registered nurse and has had all the training and tells you the truth and advises you fully with a free long consultation about your needs. She cuts out overheads doing it from home. It cost me £300 for two 1 ml phials of beletero on either side of my nasio labal folds. The results are really good, my face looks so much younger again. But it was painful, I did bruise for a while afterwards, which I was old because she was using a thicker filler than what was used before. Within a few weeks the bumpiness has gone and its very smooth. Expensive salons are not neccesarily better! Do your research!

Michala Long, Ciley Beauty

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